Chapter 6: Memories

Gabriella called her mom. She waited till someone picked up.

"Hello?" Ms. Montez answered.


"Oh Gabriella, hey honey is something wrong?"

"No it's just that I wanted to call and let you know what my decision is."

"Oh okay."

"Mom you worked every day of your life for this job, I think you deserve it so I've decided to move to California."

"Sweetie are you positive?"

"I'm sure mom."

"Okay, I'll let my boss know okay sweetheart?"

"Okay mom."

"Alright I got to get back to work, I love you."

"I love you too mom."

"Okay goodbye."

"Bye." Gabriella hung up and walked to the garage. She opened the door and turned on the light. She found a few old folded boxes. She took them into her room.

She refolded them and started packing a few things into them. She went to her closet and pulled out a shoebox. She looked at it confused. She doesn't remember having that shoebox in her closet. She took it and sat on her bed. She opened it.

She pulled out a picture of her and Troy at the opening night of Twinkle Town. She smiled as she remembered that night. They had a standing ovation that night.

She put down the picture as the tears began. She wiped them away as she pulled out another picture. She looked at the picture and remembered one of her classmates giving it to her. She had taken the photo from the crowd when she and Troy had their callbacks.

She started to cry again. She put that picture down then took out an object; a rose to be exact. She remembered Troy gave it to her on their first date. They were walking around the park after their dinner and Troy gave it to her to remember their wonderful night.

She put everything back as she couldn't control her emotions anymore. She started crying as she remembered everything she and Troy had been through, everything they did; then the painful image of him kissing the slut of a cheerleader.

She hadn't notice that she had knocked over the box. The box fell over and all the things in there fell out and scatter all over the floor. She kept crying at the memories. A few hours later, she had gotten the will to get up and wash away her tears as she started to pack again.

Her mom had come home and went straight to her room.

"Gabi?" she asked as she opened her bedroom door. Gabriella looked up with her tear stain eyes.

"Yeah mom?" she asked packing her books.

"Gabi, is everything okay? Why are you crying?"

"Just the thought of saying goodbye to my friends mom," she lied as she knew that if her mom knew she was crying over Troy, she would never move.

"Oh okay well my boss said we have three days to pack everything and move. We're going to be on the road for 2 days so I'm glad you're already packing. I'll go to East High and tell them you're moving."

"Okay mom."

"Okay I'm going to take a shower then start dinner okay?"

"Okay." Maria left her daughter's room and Gabriella just kept packing.

Next Morning

Gabriella had called her friends and told her she was moving. She told them not to tell Troy as she didn't want to deal with the pain of saying goodbye to him. Sharpay and Taylor had made plans of coming over to her house later on to spend every day with her.

She looked around her room, the shelves and desk empty out. Everything was packed except a few pair of clothes, her bed sheets, and her computer. She sat down at her computer and pulled up Microsoft Word.

She started typing, expressing her emotions. She typed for what seem like hours except it was just 10 minutes. She reread the letter over and over. She was satisfied with it and printed it out. The letter was for Troy.

She folded it up in a letter and put in inside an envelope. She heard her doorbell and her mom answering it. Taylor and Sharpay were here. She put the envelope under her pillow and walked downstairs. She spent the afternoon with them sharing memories and laughs, a couple of tears here and there.

They left around 10pm and had planned a sleepover on Gabriella's last night with them. She had told them not to tell the boys anything about her moving. They argued about it but eventually agreed with Gabriella.

As soon as they left Gabriella went back to her room and took out her letter to Troy. She reread again and then put it back in the envelope. She sighed and dosed off to sleep.

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