By: Panther

rating: m

pairing: Kurama&Botan

Summary: Botan is asked to bring Kurama to the Spirit World when he dosen't show up for another mission, they take the new elevator that has been placed for the spirit detectives to take when they have to be in the spirit world for missions. But as they get on and push the button to go up, the elevator stops.

" Shut up Yusuke. " The love birds said, glaring at him and continued on their way to the portal to human world.


As the group came out, they noticed that they had ended up in front of Kurama's house.

" Well that saves us the walk. " Yusuke said as Kurama led the way to his front door and knocked.

" Why are you knocking on the door for Kurama? " Kuwabara asked his friend.

" I don't want to scare mother by our sudden appearance. I've done it before and mother nearly had a heart attack. " Kurama answered his friends question jokingly.

" Oh. " Kuwabara replied as the door opened and they saw a woman in her early 40's with dark hair and wear an appron around her waist and a dish towl in her hands, and she was smiling a kind smile at the group which they returned.

" Hello everyone. " Shiori greeted the group.

" Mother, this is Yusuke, you met him when you were in the hospital, and this is Kuwabara. " Kurama introduced his friends.

" Aren't you forgetting someone? " His mother asked as she pointed behind the group.

Kurama turned and saw his other friend, " Oh I didn't know you were coming Hiei. Mother this my other friend Hiei. You've heard me mention his name few times.

" Hello Hiei. Nice to meet you. " Shiori replied, she already greeted the other two.

" Nice to meet you as well Mrs. Minimino. The fox here dosen't stop talking about how nice his mother is. " Hiei replied in a surprisingly kind voice and a small smile, which caused a cold chill to go down his friends backs.

" Well don't just stand out here in the cold. Come in here and get some food in you. "


And Yusuke and Kuwabara were gone.

" You said the magic word mother. Those two eat continusly. " Kurama said as he, Botan, Hiei, and Shiori went inside and sat down at the table and got what they could before Yusuke or Kuwabara ate it all.

Dinner went well, if you don't count the food flying over the table that is, when dinner was over, Yusuke and Kuwabara, surprisingly, helped clean up the mess that they had made and then Shiori went to the kitchen and brought out, some ice cream ( It can be any flavor ya'll want it to be;) ), and then it was Hiei's turn to make a mess, because everyone knew how he just loved ' sweet snow. '

After another mess was clean, which Hiei didn't help with, naturally, the group left, minus Kurama and Botan and Shiori, saying they had to go do what their boss ordered them to do, but didn't say what.

When the others left, Kurama turned to his human mother, " Mother. " he said.

" Yes dear. " she replied.

" Is it alright for Botan to stay tonight? It is rather late out and her home is quite a long way from here. " He asked.

" Of course she can stay here! " Shiori said excitedly.

" Thank you mother/Shiori. " Both Kurama and Botan replied as Kurama led the way up to his room and when he heard his mother's door open and close, he gave Botan a wink and they went to bed, in each other's arms and made up for the lost time when they didn't get to snuggle with the other and went to sleep.

A while later, the door opened and Shiori came in and smiled as she saw that her son and, hopefully future daughter-in-law, Botan asleep in the others arms and quietly closed the door back, already planning the, hopefully near furture, wedding for her son and mentally making little outfits for their childern.


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