Summary : Hiro has amnesia, and one night in a dark alley, he is discovered by none other then Adam Munroe. Once Adam realizes the situation, he plans to take full advantage of this opportunity. A/U Season 2

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Chapter One:

Amnesia and Discoveries

Hiro Nakamura struggled to his feet, as he watched his opponent from the corner of his eye. His glasses slid down the bridge of his nose, and absentmindedly, Hiro pushed his glasses back up. He had been walking, alone, and suddenly he'd been attacked by a blonde girl. The man she'd brought with her Hiro recognized as the Haitian from when he'd gone to the future. His powers made useless, Hiro had to try to fight his way out. Needless to say, his fighing skills had not helped as he had little fighting skills to begin with.

The blonde girl's hands crackled with electricity. "Come on, Hiro," She jeered. "You're making this too easy." Hiro had no doubt what they were here for. Weeks ago, people with special abilites began disappearing. Peter, having recovered from blowing up, had been the first to vanish. Then Matt Parkman had gone missing. Claire Bennett had been next. Hiro didn't know where Nathan was, either. So he was on his own, it looked like. The Company had finally tracked him down and now they were going to take him, just like they took the others.

Hiro ran forward again, his fists clenching. He had been brought up to never hit a girl, but this one was different. She was a villian. And she held his friends hostage. Seeing him coming, the girl smiled before she let a huge blast of electricity fly in his direction. Hiro realized his mistake too late before the electricity swallowed him up and he was screaming in pain and darkness overwhelmed him.

Elle lowered her hands when she watched Hiro slump to the ground, unmoving. "OK. You know what we're here to do." Elle told the Haitian who nodded at her. Retrieve and Extract. Elle shivered, looking around her surroundings. The Haitian kneeled down next to Hiro and placed a hand on the younger man's forehead. Elle watched as rats scurried down the alley into the darkness, trash fluttering in the wind. The dark sky made a perfect cover here. No one would see them. The Haitian knelt silently for moments, his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes, he spoke quietly. "It is done." Elle smiled. "Good." But before she could say anymore, her phone rang. Elle took it from her pocket and flipped it open.

"I've got it daddy," She said into the phone. The Haitian watched his companion silently. Hiro lay still on the ground, ignored by both. Elle frowned, then disconnected the call. "We've got to go back. We have a problem." The blonde looked unhappy about this. "What about him?" The Haitian asked, gesturing to Hiro. "We'll come back for him later." Elle said, impatient. "Come on. Daddy says it's urgent." The Haitian shrugged, watching Elle as she started walking away. He turned to stare down at the hero lying on the ground. He hadn't permanently erased the boy's memories as the Company wished him to do. He had only locked them away. The Haitian frowned, wondering why the Company thought this boy a threat.

"Come on!" Elle snapped over her shoulder. the Haitain turned and quickly walked after her, not looking back.

Adam walked down a dark street. He had only escaped the Company hours before, thanks to help from a certain someone he had in the Company. Now, where to go? He had to hide for a bit, just until the Company convinently forgot about him. Then Adam would recruit help. After all, what good would releasing a virus do if you didn't have any help?

Hours had passed. The moon rose into the sky, large and full. Hiro still lay on the alley ground, unconscious and cold as rats crept close to the human, sensing food. But they scurried away when they heard footsteps. A tall, thin, male figure stepped out of the shadows into the moonlight. The man's piercing blue eyes studied the motionless figure on the ground. "Hiro?" The crisp, british accent questioned. Adam Munroe hated the younger male in front of him, but he wondered why Hiro was in a dark alley alone and unconscious. Kneeling down, Adam checked the base of Hiro's skull, and frowned. he didn't seem to have a concussion of any sort. "Hiro. Can you hear me?"

Hiro stirred slightly, alleviating Adam's concern that someone might have killed Hiro before he had the chance. Hiro's eyes opened partly and he asked, "Who is Hiro? And who are you?"

Adam blinked, shocked. He knew it had been a while since they had last seen each other, but Hiro really should know better. Unless... "I'm Adam," Adam told Hiro sternly. "I was a friend of your father's. Don't you remember me?" Hiro shook his head. "No. I'm sorry. But I don't remember much of anything." Adam could see the genuine confusion in Hiro's dark eyes and felt a spark of joy dance along his mind. This was better then he could have imagined. Adam knew the Company had been going after the Heroes as of late, and siccing the Haitian on them.It hadn't occured to Adam that Hiro would have been one of them.

"Look. Why don't you come with me and I'll try to help you remember?" Adam inquired. Hiro stared at him suspiciously. "For all I know, you're the one who could've taken my memories. Why should I trust you?" Adam nodded. "Good question. Alright. Do you remember a sword that belonged to a hero of yours?" It was a long shot, but maybe Hiro remembered that small peice, at least. Hiro's face scrunched up in concentration. Adam found it cute the way Hiro's lips parted slightly as he tried to recall his past. "I think so," the hero said at last. "It belonged to a... a... Kensee... Kensah? Candou?" Hiro questioned, tryng to remember the word. Adam frowned. The Haitian had done a thorough job on Hiro.

Well, easier for him, then. If Hiro didn't remember his past, then perhaps, Adam could help his former friend out. Of course, Adam wouldn't be doing it for his own evil gain or anything. Adam grinned mentally. This was too easy. "Yes." Adam said at last, pulling the sword out. "It's my sword. Tazeko Kensei used to be my name. I changed it with the times... but I remember well when you helped me to become a hero." Adam explained, smiling when Hiro's face lit up with wonderment. "I did? Really?" Adam nodded. "You were always supporting me." And then you betrayed me , he thought furiously. But the Hiro in front of him was exactly the friend he remembered.

"Wow! So you and I are friends?" Hiro asked. Adam nodded. "That's right. Together, we shall hlep your memories return." Adam placed a hand on Hiro's shoulder, helping the younger man up. "Thank you. I don't know what I would've done if someone bad had found me." Hiro thanked his "friend". "Nor would I." Adam said, trying to contain his smirk. "Nor would I."

End of Chapter One

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