A/N: I know this chapter's short, but I have a limited time span on the computer I am on. I only have an hour and a half on the library computer, cause the person I'm staying with is a bit twitchy about me being on the computer. :growl:

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Mine and no one else's

Hiro blinked his eyes wearily, trying to decipher where he was. "umm," he moaned, shifting around, the covers sliding down his shoulders, revealing his bare chest. The previous night's activities returned to his memory soon enough and Hiro soon blushed with a slight grin plastered on his face. "Good morning, Carp." Arms slid around Hiro's waist, turning him to face Adam's intensely light blue eyes. "Good morning," Hiro replied sleepily. "How did you sleep?"

"Very well," Hiro yawned, his eyes squinting against the sunlight shining over the blue ocean. "Are you hungry?" Adam's hands made circular motions on Hiro's skin, giving the younger male goosebumps. Hiro's stomach growled, giving his reply for him. "Does that answer your question?" Hiro questioned innocently. Adam's lips curled into a grin and he couldn't resist bringing his mouth over Hiro's. Hiro melted under the kiss as he opened his mouth to allow Adam more access; which the immortal took advantage of.

Hiro's arms came up and wrapped themselves around Adam's bare shoulders, hugging tightly as the blonde's tounge explored his mouth. Hiro gasped in delight as Adam moved his hands from Hiro to explore on their own. "Mine, Carp," Adam breathed into Hiro's ear. "Mine. And no one else's." And Hiro agreed in silence. He couldn't think of anyone else's he'd rather be.