Hello everyone, and welcome to my fanfic

Hello everyone, and welcome to my fanfic. It takes place right after the second volume ( after that coolio punching scene ;) ).

I based my fic around my theories about the truth behind all of the characters. This is my own ending to the OffBeat Trilogy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my work, enjoy.

Just so you know, it is labeled Chapter Thirteen because volume two ends with Twelve, and this is supposed to be the continuation


Chapter Thirteen. The Collapse

The sounds of the book striking the asphalt seemed to echo in his mind, combining with the shock of what had just happened.

Colin looked at him with a face full of disbelief, as if he could not comprehend what had just happened.

"I….have to go." Colin mumbled out, turning once again away from Tory, and moving towards his house.

"W-wait!" Tory stammered. He once again grabbed Colin's arm. "This can't be over, we aren't done he-

"I said let Let g-!" before Colin could finish his sentence he doubled over into one of his fits, coughing uncontrollably.

As Tory began to reach down to help him, Colin weakly swiped at him, missing completely, and sending him deeper into a crouch, huddling around his legs, and crouching into a ball, as his coughs racked his body.

Tory felt hope stir as Colin began to stop coughing, and watched as his body began to relax, only to have it drain away as Colin's eyes closed, and he stopped moving completely.

"Colin…..Colin? Colin! Wake up!" Tory began to yell, panic taking over his mind, "You have to wake up, if you get cold out here while you are asleep you could be in serious trouble." Tory looked around erratically, not sure what to do. It's getting late, mom probably won't be home until after five, but every minute I stay out increases the chance of her coming home to an empty house. I have to act quickly.

Tory looked around, and seeing no one, reached down and got his arms under Colin. He lifted him up, surprised that he could, and noted how light Colin was. It must be because he is always so sick. He knew he shouldn't be thinking about these kind of things at this time, but his brain was working on overdrive.

Tory walked the short distance to Colin's house within a few minutes, even with Colin's weight, but it felt like an eternity. What am I doing?! I can't just waltz up to Dr. Garretts with Colin in my arms. But what else can I do...Colin obviously doesn't want to deal with a hospital, he does anything to avoid calling attention to whatever he has. I guess we just have to see what happens.

As Tory arrived at the single outside door, he steeled himself for the worst. What if he thinks I did this? Wait, then why would I bring him here? And this seems sort of normal for Colin...right? Ahh! I just need to do it! He quickly struck out with his thumb, slamming the doorbell before he could lose his courage. For a few moments nothing happened, and all Tory could here was the somehow distant ringing of the bell, a chilling note that sent a shiver down his spine.

Then, the door opened, and there before him stood Dr. Garretts, seemingly unsurprised by the picture, but obviously disapproving.

Dr. Garretts, after taking a look around turned his back to Tory, and said, talking over his shoulder "Well, come in, I think it's about time we straightened this problem out."


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