Deep in the mountains

Deep in the mountains

On a dark misty night

Where the moon shone

The stars filled with light

A hoot from an owl

A flap of the wings

The coyote that prowls

The cricket that sings

The wolf that howls

To the moon in the sky

The cougar that yowls

A high-pitched cry

But out in the distance

A shape draws near

A jet black stallion

A creature to fear

As if on wings

He moves with grace

His head held high

He belongs in this place

With a toss of the mane

And a flick of the tail

They flow out behind him

Like the wind in a sail

He dares the strong

To protect what he earned

Fight to survive

A lesson he learned

He rears up boldly

Showing of scars

From the past battles

Under the sun and stars

From the time of the Indians

To the cowboys of the west

Wild mustangs have roamed

From the fields to the mountain crest

Mustangs are a symbol

Of the way life used to be

The freedom to run wild

The spirit to be free