It was a warm day in Port Royal as, oddly enough, Teague walked through the streets. For any other pirate, this would be suicide, but since he is friends with the Governor, Teague had no problem.

Actually, compared to his last visit, it was too quiet...

Teague sighed, bored. He was expecting soldiers to be chasing him by now, which was the whole reason for coming to the 'Anti-Piracy' town, as Jack likes to call it. He'd even come with both pistols loaded and his sword sharpened.

Then he noticed that the reflection of the sky in the stores' window wasn't right. Teague looked up at the sky, and his jaw dropped: the whole sky was blood red.

Curious as to what was happening at the Fort as a result of the odd weather, Teague walked in, but was stunned with what he saw.

Dead bodies, of pirates, pirate hunters, and the town's folk, littering the ground. Teague eyes fell on one person: Jack. The younger man was on the ground as well, bleeding from a wound across his chest. The only difference was that Jack wasn't dead, but dying. Teague ran over to his son and kneeled down next to him. "Jack, what happened?"

Jack opened his eyes. "I couldn't stop her."

"Stop who?"

"I couldn't lift the curse."

"What curse?" Teague asked as Jack closed his eyes. "Jack, what curse?"

Jack opened his eyes again, but not all the way. "I'm sorry Dad." He managed to say, before his eyes, and his breathing stopped.

Teague, very close to tears, looked up and saw a figure on an alter. He could make out the figure, but he could the figure standing in front of it very well. It was the Death Goddess. She turned to look at him, with pupil-less icy blue eyes. Then she jumped up, the scythe's blade pointed straight for his head...

Teague woke up, shaking from his dream. 'Why was Roxxi acting like that? Was that really Roxxi? What curse was Jack talking about?' He thought as he got out of bed. 'I don't know bout Roxxi's behavior, but maybe I can find some information bout that curse in a book.'

When he got to his office, he had a surprise: his crew waiting there, with pistols and swords pointed at him. Teague looked at them. "Where's Robbie?"

"With the fish." One man said. "With a bullet in his head."

Teague then drew his sword. "This is mutiny!" He shouted. "I could have the lot of you hanged!"

"Not if you're dead first."

Meanwhile, Barbossa walked over to the helm, trying not to laugh at Jack, who was steering the Pearl half wake. Jack was pretty much sleeping upright, the wheel being the only thing keeping him up. "Long night, Jack?"

"You have no idea." Jack said, waking up a little. "Roxxi did it again."

Barbossa nodded, knowing exactly what Jack meant. Ever since she got poisoned in Atlantis, Roxxi hasn't been able to wear her fire necklace with out going into a coughing fit. She was told not to try to wear it but, being her stubborn self, she keeps trying...

"Hasn't she been getting worse, as of late?" Barbossa asked. "Usually, if she was like that last night, the crazy lass would be up in the crow's nest by now."

"Yeah, she has." Jack agreed. "Don't call my wife 'the crazy lass' again." Then he thought of something. "And if I hear one more person call her 'Foxy' I swear I'll-"

"Don't you think you're over reacting?" Barbossa asked, feeding Jack the Monkey a peanut. "She can hear that, and I don't see her threating people."

"She just kills the person." Jack pointed out. "I rather have the men mad at me then dead, and so unable to work, savvy?"

Barbossa couldn't help but to roll his eyes at Jack's yawn. "Don't you think you should get some rest?"

"And leave you alone at the helm of my ship?" Jack asked. "I don't think so!"

"Then how bout you go check on your wife?" Barbossa asked. "That would only take bout a few minutes. Then you can get back to the helm, savvy?"

Jack cringed at the way Barbossa said 'savvy'. "Please, don't say 'savvy' again, ever." He said, as he started walking to his cabin. "Don't get too comfortable, Hector, I'll be right back."

As soon as he entered the sleeping quarters, Jack looked over at the book self, and pulled a random book out. "'Sleeping Beauty', why did I even buy this book?" He asked himself, before looking over at Roxxi, who was still asleep. "Let's see if a kiss will really wake a person up."

Jack walked over, sat down next to be bed, and kissed Roxxi. Suddenly, he was punched in the face. His hand flew to his cheek as he looked at Roxxi, who was now half awake. "Good morning Luv."

"Oh, it's just you." Roxxi said. "I thought it was some one else!" Then she looked out the window, and saw the bright blue sky. "My god, how long was I out?"

"About five hours, luv." Jack said. "Did you really have to punch me, again?"

"I'm sorry!" Roxxi said. "I didn't know it was you!"

"Who else would it be?"

"Never mind." Roxxi said. "Did I miss any thing out on deck?"

"Nothing interesting, if that's what you mean." Jack said, sitting on the bed and holding his wife's hand. "Nothing interesting happens when the Wicked Wench isn't on deck herself!"

"So that's why you and Beckett named her the Wicked Wench! I knew it was a practical joke, but I didn't think it was to insult me!"

"Sorry, but I couldn't resist."

"Figures." She said, leaning closer to him. "Neither can I."

Just then, Barbossa cleared his throat. "That's very nice." He said. "Jack, your son found a wrecked ship."

"And?" Jack said, not phased by the news. They were out at sea, a wrecked ship isn't big news, unless it was your own or...

"We pulled up this." Barbossa said, throwing a piece of wood at Jack.

Jack's jaw dropped when he looked at the wood. It was reddish, and had 'Misty Lady' painted on it.