On the Pearl, Serenity saw Mr. Gibbs watching the kraken and used the bottom of the scythe to knock him out. Just then, a long boat came flying at her. She ducked just in time, but Jade and Phebe -two of the three would be surprise attackers-got hit. Megan jumped out of the way and threw a thunder bolt at Serenity. "So, we finally meet, Serenity." Megan said, holding two thunder bolts.

"You must be Megan. It's a shame you look so manly. If you looked more like your sisters, you wouldn't have been reduced to the cross dresser you are now." Serenity said, holding her scythe.

"I became a cross dresser to be able to provide for my family."

"Then it's a real shame that you couldn't protect all of them then."


"Roxxi is dead."

Megan fell to her knees, remembering the night before...

It was a cool night as Roxxi and Megan stood on the deck. "Hey, Meg?"

"Yeah Cici?"

Roxxi looked up at the sky sighing. "You know that, even though I'm not always your best friend, I love you, right sis?"

Megan looked over at her younger sister. "Roxxi, I know that tomorrow is going to be the day, but no saying your good byes."

Roxxi looked over at Megan with a sad smile on her face. "Meg, there's no way we're all going to make it out alive, and I just-"

"Roxxi, you'll see, by the end of the day tomorrow, we'll be laughing this off, watching as Jack and Hector climb all over the bloody wheel!"

Serenity smiled, knowing that she managed to hit the right nerve. She raised the scythe ver Megan's neck...

Jack shot the scythe out of Serenity's hands. "Your fight is with me."

Serenity glared at him. "Actually, it was with your wife, and I already won."

Jack smirked. "You killed my wife. You threatened my son. You're trespassing on my ship. I think the fight is between you and me, savvy?"

Suddenly, the scythe was back in Serenity's hands. Jack thought she was going to fight, but she ran into the captain's cabin instead. Jack swore under his breath, following her...

Amara and Kate were sitting at the desk, reading and eating a sliced apple, when Amara heard footsteps coming towards the door. "Kate, get into the other room now!" She said, before pushing her little sister into the room. Amara grabbed a pistol and whipped around, just in time to catch Serenity by surprise. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot."

"You'll be wasting your shot, brat." Serenity said, smiling.

Amara held up the Sun-And-Stars amulet. "Not if I turn it to gold first."

"You know, if you kill me, you'll never have a chance to see your dead mother again." Serenity said. "If you give in, I'll-"

Jack ran in. "Amara, give me the amulet and get out of here!" He shouted.

Amara turned to him, with tears running down her cheeks. "She can bring Mom back." She said, before turning back to Serenity. "I give-"

Jack grabbed the amulet from his daughter as he pulled the bronze gem out of his pocket, stuck it into it's place. After the sword was turned bronze, Jack placed the other two gems in their rightful places. He then spun around on his heel, stabbing Serenity in the process.

Serenity started bleeding liquid gold. She took a few steps back, holding herself. "As long as there's life on Earth, there will never be peace! I will come back, to bring true peace to the World, by destroying all life! Just you-"

"Good bye, Serenity." Jack said, smashing the Sun-And-Stars amulet with a cannon ball that was rolling around on the floor.

Serenity screamed, before exploding into a mess of golden ribbons...

On the Flying Dutchman, Will and Elizabeth heard an explosion and ducked behind the desk in the captain's cabin. The shock wave from the explosion blew a hole in the wall and destroyed the dead man's chest. Will saw that and held Elizabeth closer to him, thinking that it was the end...

"Will!" Elizabeth said, looking up at him and smiling. She grabbed his hand and placed it on his chest. "What do you feel?"

"My heart." Will said, before realizing what it meant. They both stood up and look at where the dead man's chest once stood...

In it's place was a red rose with a golden ribbon...

Teague opened his eyes, and saw nothing but whiteness. After looking around, he sighed. "I was actually kinda looking forward to the flames. Not so much to meeting my Mum, but at least it'd be something different."

"You're not dead, Teague." A familiar voice said.

Teague turned around and saw the Death Goddess herself, standing there with her eyes closed. "Serenity?"

She shook her head, and opened her eyes. "Serenity is gone, thanks to Jack." Roxxi said, smiling sadly at him. "He's reached the end of the lover's curse."

"Are you dead, Dearie?" Teague asked, using his pet name for her.

Roxxi sighed. "Technically speaking, we're both dead, but I can bring one of us back."

"Then go!"

Roxxi smiled, hugging him. "I already made my choice." She whispered, before kissing his cheek.

The whiteness around them began to increase in brightness. It got so bright that Teague had to close his eyes...

When he opened his eyes again, Teague saw the brown ceiling of the Pearl's captain's cabin. He got up, ignoring the headache that was telling him to lay back down, and walked into the office area. Jack was sitting at his desk, with a distant look in his glossy eyes...

In Jack's left hand was a golden ribbon...

On the beach of a golden city, two men were talking about the weather-mostly about how the sky when form blue to red and back- when they saw a woman laying on the beach wearing a foreign-looking dress, holding a golden ribbon...

One explodes into roses, the other to ribbons...random enough?

Finally moving on to the last story...