"Demyx," Axel murmured against the Nobodies lips, "Mm, I'm sorry-…" He whispered, brushing his fingertips down the soft skin, watching the male relax into his grasp. There was something there though. Something different. Though that couldn't be right. Nobodies had no feelings, so surely he was over reacting.

Though clearly nobody had informed Demyx he wasn't supposed to feel because soon the blonde's shoulders were shaking and his eyes were watering as he broke into pieces, unable to keep whatever they were doing going. His body brought itself back from Axel's and his arms wrapped around himself, shaky breaths leaving him as he apologized under his breath.

"Sorry for what-Dem. It was me who screwed up-I didn't realize you wanted me-I mean, I would have never if I knew," The fiery haired Nobody spoke cautiously, not used to the tears, nor dealing with someone who was crying.

"What about Roxas?" Demyx mumbled under his breath, watching Axel struggle for words, "Well-I mean…" Axel mumbled awkwardly, "You're still with him aren't you?" Demyx questioned in a knowing tone, "No-I understand. We don't feel so it shouldn't matter," He spoke quietly, Axel raising a brow curiously.

"Demyx…What happened?" He asked, watching the other intently, crawling over to his side with a thoughtful air about him. "I…I hurt Saix because I thought I could feel-I'm an idiot!" Demyx cried into his hands, Axel nervously bringing his arms around his friend, supporting him as the other began sobbing into him.

"Aw…It's alright-I'm sure he'll be fine…" Axel murmured, attempting to sooth the blonde by stroking his hands through his hair, making quiet noises, attempting to calm him.

"Am I interrupting something?" Saix spoke dryly from the door, Axel glimpsing the other and shaking his head, "No-Uh…" He murmured, "Good, now get out," Saix spoke in an orderly manner, Axel reluctantly following the instructions, shutting the door behind him, leaving the room to he awkward silence and the soft sobbing of the blonde male.

"Saix, I'm sorry-I didn't mean," Demyx struggled, coughing on the tears, Saix sighing and sitting on the bed beside him, wrapping an arm around his waist and bringing him into his side, "Shut up," He muttered, pressing a kiss to the others forehead, watching Demyx's eyes fall closed.

"Pain in the ass," Saix muttered, laying Demyx down and bringing the covers around him, resting at his side atop the covers.

He wasn't sure when it happened, but hours later, he awoke with his arms around the blonde, both of them curled up amongst the mess of covers.

Listening to the younger Nobody breath sleepily, Saix kissed his forehead, bringing him closer and closing his eyes tightly, trying to ignore the possibilities of anything else that could happen. Ignoring the fact he couldn't manage to tell the other how he felt, because he wasn't meant to feel. Simply enjoying the warmth between them for the moment, knowing if he could, he'd give the other his heart.

Was that love?

Who knew. But it was good enough for now.