"You've seen it all, done it all, you survived. That's the trick, ain't it, to survive?" Jack asked Captain Teague as the other pirates started to leave.

"The trick isn't about living forever, Jackie. The trick is, living with yourself forever." Teague said as he got up from his chair to walk up to Jack.

"How's Mum?" Jack asked.

Teague didn't really know what to say, so he just lifted up the shrunken head and handed it to Jack.

Jack looked at his Mum's head, then back at Teague. "She looks great."

"Right now is not the time to be making jokes, Jackie."

"Right, so I'll be seeing you tomorrow morning?" Jack asked, trying to leave.

"Actually, I've got some papers for you to sign." Teague said. "They're in the study." Then he started walking away, followed by Jack.

"What kind of papers?" Jack asked.

"You'll see."

When they got to the study, Jack couldn't help but to sigh. "Nothing's changed." He looked at the dusty desk, three-legged chair, handful of books with missing pages, and dozens upon dozens of half empty rum bottles.

"Sit, I'll get those papers."

Jack sat down the best he could on the broken chair, grabbing some books to help support the legless corner.

"I didn't really look through these papers, but I can tell you, from the looks from the first few, that they're death certificates that must be signed you, since you are the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean." Teague said, walking in with a stack of papers. "I told Joshamee that you'd be in here for a while, so you can finish before you 'mysteriously vanish' again."

"Thanks Dad." Jack grumbled. "How did these papers get here any ways?"

"Got an employee in Port Royal." Teague said. "He's disguised as a blacksmith. You might've met him. His name is Mr. Brown."

"He works for you?!" Jack shouted. "The bloke what saw fit to smash a rum bottle against the back of my head works for you?"

"Oi Jackie, papers."

"Fine." Jack said, looking at the huge stack of papers. "So what islands are those from?"

"Port Royal."


"Just Port Royal."

"You mean all of these certificates are only for the pirates in Port Royal?"

"Yes boy, I meant that." Teague asked. "It seems that, after the Company came, they had a pirate extermination. As far as I heard in the letter Mr. Brown wrote, he's the only pirate left in Port Royal." He grabbed a rum bottle, then he gave Jack a stern look. "I heard a rumor that the Black Pearl was pull to the Locker, with you."

"And yet, here I am." Jack said, smiling. "That rumor is true, and it wasn't fun. Actually, it was an interesting experience, but I could've done with the saliva, the sharp teeth and the rotting flesh."

"You're really something." Teague said, pulling up a chair for himself and sitting down, propping his boots on the desk. He looked over and found Jack in the exact same position, reading the papers, causing him to smile. "Oi, where's Captain Swann? She'll also need to sign-"

"You can't be serious." Jack said, looking at a paper.


"According to this, Roxxi was living in Port Royal, but I heard that she died four years ago after jumping off of a waterfall." Jack said. "This certificate says that she moved in four years ago under the name 'Roxana' and went missing months ago."

"Wonder what that girl's up to."

"Probably terrorizing some poor island with her habits." Jack said. "You know, breaking and entering in the middle of the night, stealing from random places, leaving red roses as her signature." Then he placed the papers on the table and walked up to a painting of a sun set. "You moved it."

"Aye, figured since I wont be sailing any more, that the painting should be taken out of my cabin on the Lady."

"Why did you have a painting of a sun set on the Misty Lady?" Jack asked.

"Your mother thought that the cabin was too dark and gloomy." Teague said, smiling at the memory. "So she spent two months painting that."

"I miss her." Jack said.

"I do too, Jackie." Teague said. "But sitting around isn't going to help anything."

"Dad, I just found out that my mother is dead." Jack said. "Do you expect me to be happy?"

"No, but act like a man." Teague said. "Good god. At least you didn't have to watch her die!"

It was silent for a few moments as Teague just watched Jack, who was doing anything but what he was supposed to be doing. Then Teague noticed that Jack was acting very different, like he just found out about something disturbing. Teague reached over and grabbed the top paper off of the pile.

"'Peter. Age 9. Male. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair skin. Born on June 9, 1710. Died on April 29, 1720, by hanging.' Poor lad, only nine years-"

"Shut up." Jack said, before taking drinking out of his rum bottle. "He wasn't supposed to die. I promised him that I'd come back after I settled my debt to Jones."

"Was he a friend?" Teague asked. "A student?"

"No, he was more then that." Jack said. "He was my son."

Shocking, wasn't it?

'Peter' in the story is the boy from AWE that sings 'Hoist the Colors.'

Just in case you don't know, Joshamee is Mr. Gibbs.

I don't plan to continue this story, but I might.