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Sakura's mind was filled with indifference as she could hardly perform well at the hospital. Her mind was lost, going through the motions of her work. Which was really bad. Really bad. Especially when she has to complete her rounds and the necessary paperwork, she had no time to be staring blankly ahead.

She sighed in annoyance, drinking yet another cup of coffee to shake her out of her stupor. It wasn't helping in the slightest. It just hyped her up, causing her heart to race a bit too much on the caffeine. She sighed, making her way to her office as she sat down in an attempt to calm down. She took off her white lab coat to reveal her jean skirt that hugged all the way to her mid thigh and the maroon sleeveless shirt she'd usually wear. She sighed, anticipating what was going to happen. She planned to find Naruto and just blurt it out, but she wouldn't have the nerve to face him, however. For some reason, it was still insanely hard to admit, even to herself, of the blatant fact that she wanted him and was in love with his stupid face.

She couldn't even begin to fathom how she'd be able to tell him. She sighed, looking at herself in her mini mirror she kept on her desk along with retrieving her make up bag. She'd at the very least, hide those dumb bags under her eyes, first.

Sakura's pace was rather quick, her heels making thumping sounds as she made her way towards Ino's office.

She gave a couple knocks, not intending them to be as loud as they were. She frowned, assuming it must have been from the coffee. She was too jittery for her own good. She ran her fingers in her pink locks of hair as she closed her eyes to steady her heart beat. She opened the door to reveal Ino shuffling through papers. She seemed rather annoyed as she stared down the pile of papers.

"It's messy in here. Haven't been organizing?" she asked knowingly. Ino eyed the girl as she glanced from one paper to Sakura repetitively.

"If you know what I've been through, then you'd understand why I had no time to do it," Ino told her. "And to think it was all for you, Forehead," she couldn't help but think. Sakura closed the door behind her, having the little light of the one lamp crowded on Ino's desk emit.

"I don't know if I'm ready, Ino," she started, looking apprehensive. She didn't know if her emotions showed so easily because of the caffeine, even though she was unsure if it even caused such a thing at the moment. She didn't really care or had the slightest thought of it anymore, however. "It's hard enough for me to admit it, as sad as it sounds. I'm just not sure how it's supposed to happen," Sakura told her. Ino continued to stare in silence as Sakura continued to talk. "And I'm not sure if I want it to happen so quick." Goodness, Ino must think she was exaggerating, crossing the line to an extreme measure of hyperbole. It's like she was going to ask Naruto to marry her or something along those lines. Ino continued to stare, crossing her fingers as she just looked at the girl, observing her many features. Sakura immediately felt self-conscious, backing away.

"Why do you keep on staring at me like that?" she asked flustered. After what seemed to be eons of continuous staring, Ino finally smiled knowingly.

"I'm observing," she merely answered. "I think it's kind of funny how you're making a mountain out of a mole hill." Ino giggled, causing Sakura to blush.

"Well excuse me, Pig, but in reality, I have no experience in this type of thing. I've never had a boyfriend," she told her, feeling a bit sad at the mere thought now. Ino laughed.

"But aren't you just going to tell him how you feel? I think you have plenty experience in that," she said. Sakura's face heated, knowing she was referring to her confession to Sasuke, but that was completely different! She was incredibly desperate at the time, and she didn't know what else she could do to try and get him to stay. She groaned, tugging at her skirt. "It's not that hard, Sakura. Anything you're feeling, just tell him so he won't be like a sad puppy. Just let it come from the heart." She wasn't even sure if that simile fit, but it seemed to work, in a way. Her smile seemed to reassure her and ease her mind. Sakura sighed, not caring at the very least anymore of her nerve and finally, finally her heart fell to a normal pace. She didn't even notice when that happened.

"Ino, if you see Naruto, tell him to meet me by our training grounds, alright?" Sakura asked, making Ino nod her head in agreement.

"Have fun," Ino said, continuing to write her reports. Ino stopped when she heard the door slam shut. Oh, she was holding it in when Sakura was there, but not anymore. She raised her hands in the air, yelling, "We're so close!" Oh goodness, she didn't even realize that it just sounded wrong to any bystander who just so happened to hear.

Frankly, she didn't care.

All her hard work was finally paying off!


Sakura sat on her bottom, watching the sunset. She sighed, unsure what she should do. She was wondering if Ino even relayed the message to Naruto. If she didn't, that was fine with her either way. She had made some effort to find him and ask him to meet her, yet she couldn't find him at all. She sighed, realizing he may not even show up. It would make sense, seeing as she was avoiding him for the longest time. Of course he wouldn't want to see her after everything she put him through. She moped, staring at the ground with regret.

That is, until she heard footsteps. She turned around.

"Sakura-chan." Her body stiffened at the sound of her name, and she couldn't believe she was acting like this; she was just so nervous. God, she didn't want to feel this awkward.

"Naruto." She sighed, figuring this was a good a time as any. "Just listen, alright?" Naruto nodded, sitting down beside her. "I'm sorry," she apologized a frown plastered on her smooth face. Probably one of the best places to start, she figured. Naruto grinned.

"You don't have to be sorry. I get you were angry at me and all before. I just, didn't really know why." He began to chuckle.

"Yeah, well, I'm sorry for what happened the night before," Sakura told him, averting her gaze.

"What did happen exactly?" he asked. Sakura's eyes widened, completely shocked. Silence permeated between them. She was just so... shocked. That was, until her anger settled in, and she raged.

"How dare you forget something like that! Erg, I kissed you and you forget? It's because you were drunk, see I told you-"

"Sakura-chan, take it easy. I was just kidding. I wouldn't forget something like that," Naruto laughed. Sakura sighed in annoyance, hating being fooled so easily. She blushed, realizing her reaction to this. Her face was heated and she turned away so Naruto wouldn't see her in such a state.

"Listen… Ever since Sasuke, I didn't want to date anyone. I feel I'm over him, but I'm scared… I'm not ready to be in a relationship, or I might get hurt just like before. I just don't want to feel that way anymore." Naruto was about to talk, when she covered his mouth. "Just listen… I've been feeling this way for so long, yet I still felt something for you. It was weird, I was so confused. I hated feeling that way again, and it was worst, everything was. With everything, my jealousy, everything." Sakura's mind was reeling, wondering how many times she was going to say everything. She was so nervous, panicking even. She took a deep breath, however, calming her nerves before starting again. "I wanted to forget about it, but it wouldn't go away the closer I was with you. That's why I didn't want to be near you at all. I was scared I'd do what I did that night. My feelings just flooded out and I couldn't control it. At first I thought I didn't need a boyfriend, and although that might be true… I don't need one, but, my feelings for you run deeper, so I'm willing to try if you want to- "

It was because this time, she was the one talking too much than necessary. Naruto didn't need to hear anymore. This time, he was the one who initiated the kiss, forcing her to shut up and have their lips meshed together, soft lips pressed against each other.

"Mmmm, Sakura-chan. Do you really have to ask?" Naruto chuckled crashing her body to his, wrapping his arms around her torso as he held her tightly. She gave a soft sigh of relief onto his neck, his skin tingling from the sensation. Their bodies smashed together in such a way, arms surrounding each other; it just felt so right. God, her feelings were boiling up in the pit of her stomach, and she felt such a tingly sensation all over her body. She embraced him tighter.

They did not need any interruptions, and yet...

They turned around to hear a squeal.

"Ino, shut it! You're too loud!" Naruto and Sakura's eyes widened as they heard the duo from behind a bush.

"What the hell do you two think you're doing? Shikamaru! I thought you said you weren't going to tell Ino!"

"I didn't, she heard from-"

"What's going on?" Sakura demanded, suspicion settling in. She was angry too, their moment completely interrupted.

"Read it and weep!" Ino smirked, shoving the magazine in the pink haired girl's face.

"What are you doing?" she asked, completely oblivious to what Ino was getting at.

"I won," she simply said, a smug expression plastered on her face. "Don't think I forgot, Haruno Sakura."

"Won what Ino-pig?" Sakura asked, making Ino's eyes widen.

"You mean you... forgot?"

"Forgot what?"

"Our bet! I proved you wrong!" Ino shouted with glee. Naruto tilted his head in confusion, and Shikamaru face palmed, inwardly groaning.

"For all I knew, it feels like she only did this to win that bet," Shikamaru deadpanned. Sakura's eyes widened as realization finally settled in.

"You see, Forehead, I devised a plan to show you just how wrong you were! I planned out everything, from the girls falling for Naruto to the drinking! Oh, with the help of Shikamaru and Naruto of course." The two boys waved their hands, trying to tell Ino to not, for fucks sake, tell her that they were behind this as well.

"You mean... all this time, everything... that was because you three?" Sakura asked her face hanging low so that a shadow appeared over her eyes. She was shaking. Naruto chewed on his nails, already knowing that nothing good could come out of Sakura knowing. He feared for his life.

"Well duh!" Ino exclaimed like it was the most obvious thing in the world. She rolled her eyes. "At first, you ended up putting a zero because you seriously believed you two had nothing more than friendship, but you scored the highest. See, an 18 is the highest score, and you scored a 21." Ino nodded, proud of herself. Shikamaru sighed, remembering she gave extra points when Sakura told Naruto how she felt. That Ino.

"You want to know what it says? It says, 'It's time you took a hard look at your true feelings. You're super possessive of him, and there's tension in the air when you're together. You may not realize it yet, but that best guy friend has a definite possibility of being a boyfriend.' Guess I'm right," Ino giggled. Sakura hands clenched in anger. She'd been tricked this entire time. Everything. She'd been humiliated, having her so called 'friends' observe and watch her as if she were some kind of experimental rat for their viewing pleasure. She felt so damn used, like some cheap Barbie doll that was played with and who they had on the tips of their fingers.

"So you humiliated me all this time, and they're to blame as well?" Sakura asked. Ino nodded. Her glares went to the three; the only one being unaffected was Ino, of course.

Both Naruto and Shikamaru whimpered.

They were going to get it...


"Da-da, o-ouch, Sakura-chan, that hurts! Why can't you just use chakra to heal me?" Naruto whined.

"Because we're letting the pain last as much as it can to teach you a lesson. You're lucky I even let you into my apartment at all," Sakura said standing up from the chair to read an article in the new issue of "Kunoichi Times." She went to sit on the couch, occasionally watching Naruto rub the ice on his cheeks and face. She shook her head, rolling her eyes."Naruto, you're supposed to blot it, not rub it against your face."

"Maybe you can help me?" he innocently asked like a small child. She rolled her eyes, standing up from the couch to heal him. Naruto for one was delighted she used medical ninjutsu instead this time. She guided him to the couch where they could both watch television. "Question: why did you only hurt me and Shikamaru? Ino was the one who really did everything! We were just pawns in her sick game!" Naruto exclaimed. Sakura's expression showed a smile that revealed she had something up her sleeve.

"Oh, she's going to get it. She's going to get it big time. I'd say you two are the lucky ones." Sakura smirked and gave a wink, which caused Naruto to chuckle.

"Alright. Well you already hurt me, now can you kiss me?" he asked. She shook her head, causing him to pout.

"Sorry, not when you associated with her in this mess." She smirked even more, watching him whine. "Stop being a baby," she said, sending a light pain to his arm with her clenched fist.

"Sakura-chan is really hitting hard," he whined. She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, right now you choose to be a delicate flower," she said skeptical. She sighed, deciding to caress his bruised cheek, giving it a small peck afterwards. Naruto's only response was the most heart whelming smile he's ever given anyone.


"Well, they're finally together…"

"And all it took was ruined training grounds, a destroyed restaurant, Naruto nearly being molested, getting beat up, Naruto's heart shattered by the pain of loosing his friends, almost getting killed by Tsunade's rage - we're going to have to do something about that sake, by the way - and the damn embarrassment of wearing those green spandex pants… Oh yeah, this damn bump in the head too that still hurts," Shikamaru sarcastically listed. Ino glared at him.

"Well, when you make it sound negative..." she trailed off, which only caused Shikamaru to face palm. "It all worked out in the end though, right?" Ino sheepishly laughed.

"You must be damn lucky to actually have everything work out." He sighed. Ino cupped his face, giving a firm kiss to the lips. She smiled gently.

"I must be damn lucky… I ended up with you." She giggled before walking off. Shikamaru's eyes widened in awe, feeling his stomach fill with butterflies.

"Wait up, Ino!" he called once recomposed himself. He ran after her, soon walking beside her.

Things were pretty damn lucky after all… if you can call it luck.


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Possible Preview? Sakura's Revenge!


"Sakura-chaaaaan," Naruto whined. Sakura glared, smacking him so he could shush. They were currently in the bushes, observing the unsuspecting Ino. Ino was currently with her team on their training grounds, doing some training.

"Naruto, what did I say?"

"But, wouldn't you rather be doing something else than just watching Ino?" Naruto wondered, hoping they would be making out right about now. It was their day off, after all. He knew that he couldn't get enough, especially now that he's gotten a taste. Sakura sighed, shaking her head.

"Is that really you, Naruto? What happened to wanting to get back at Ino for all the pain she's put us through? What happened to 'letting her know that we can't be messed around with?' What happened to the Number 1. Hyperactive Prankster, that I fell in love with? Don't tell me you're no good at pranks anymore?" Sakura asked, smirking as she eyed him. Naruto paused in thought. He stared blankly for a moment.

He soon began to grin mischievously.

"Number 1. Prankster, Uzumaki Naruto, is ready for the biggest prank ever!" He began to giggle impishly with the biggest Cheshire grin on his face. Sakura sighed, but soon smirked, wanting to kiss him right then and there.

So she did, not holding anything back.

"That's the Naruto I know," she began, pulling his collar so their lips could meet. Naruto almost yelped, Sakura never being this forceful and excited when kissing him. The idea of pranking Ino must have ignited a fire in her, one that was only ever witnessed in her Inner Sakura. She loved it when he was mischievous like this, and now, she would hide it no longer. Naruto soon smirked, realization sinking in that she really loved his pranks all those times in the past.

With Sakura's pure rage and Naruto's top notch pranking capabilities, there was no telling what the future held for the poor Yamanka, Ino.

"Get ready, Ino-Pig."


Author's Note (1-25-2017): Yeah, I thought I should do a little something for those who were worried Ino wasn't going to get something in return, or Sakura wasn't going to get her payback. She definitely did! As to what, well, I'll leave that to the imagination (or whenever I finally get around to making a sequel, heh). In the mean time tell me if you are even interested in a possible sequel (still haven't decided), I hope you guys enjoyed this! :) Till Next Time!