"Over here!"

Snape's head snapped up from where his nose was buried in his studies, observing the group from across the field. James was brooding beside the tree, apparently oblivious of Peter's insistent whining on a recap of the latest Quiddich game. Remus and Lily seemed to be buried deeply into a conversation, and Sirius was patting the patch of grass beside him, motioning for Snape to join him.

With a reluctant sigh, the Slytherin boy strode over toward the group, settling down beside Sirius with a sheepish glance around the group, his History of Magic book rested in his lap.

"The dance was great, right?" Sirius grinned, flashing his smile in Snape's direction, satisfied at the flushed appearance that took it's place amongst Snape's features at the simple smile. "I suppose-Though, I should have been studying," The male complained, glancing down at the book in his hand.

"Me as well-But James insisted," Lily piped up, sharing an awkward glance with the Slytherin boy, as if wondering whether they'd be able to keep up the fa├žade of being friends once more, though apparently it wasn't as hard as thought to slip back into old ways.

He was surprised more so how easily the other Gryffindor students seemed to brush aside his house, at least, to his face, which he was more than grateful for. Apparently Sirius had more than enough influence to keep them in line around his latest choice of a date.

"Severus," Malfoy hummed, striding over and slumping to his backside, "You left me," He pointed out, "You were meant to come and eat lunch in the hall with me," The male snorted, unaffected by the clear dislike in most of the surrounding students eyes, though rather than glare, Remus seemed to turn red and glance away uncomfortably.

"Ah-Sirius asked me to join," Snape said with a weak smile, "I do get first rights to him," Sirius gloated, his arm slinging itself around Snape's waist and his lips pressing to the others cheek with a cocky grin amongst his features.

"Ah, some bonding time, no doubt?" Malfoy scoffed, "Remus," He regarded, the mousy haired boy groaning internally and glancing up obediently, "Yes, Malfoy?" He questioned coolly, causing the blonde Slytherin to grin widely, "Mind if I talk to you, Lupin?" Malfoy drawled, slipping back into last name terms with the other male.

With a helpless look toward Lily, Remus finally complied, getting to his feet and allowing himself to be ushered off by the older male, Snape quirking a brow. "Any idea what that's about?" He asked with a thoughtful expression, "No idea," Sirius snorted, preoccupying himself by toying with strands of Snape's hair, ignoring the dark-haired boys complaints toward his actions.


"You wanted something?" Remus asked after they'd gotten far enough away, his words almost lost as Malfoy's lips claimed his own hungrily, a hand sliding up beneath the Gryffindor male's shirt in desire, cold fingertips brushing his skin gently causing weak gasps to escape the brunette.

"Stop-Dammit, Malfoy. Stop it!" Remus protested, squirming away from the fingertips, looking uncomfortable.

"What is this, really-Last thing I remember you were interested in Snape-" "I still am. I can't be blamed for exploring while he's preoccupied with his pet," Malfoy spoke in a casual manner, "What? You seemed to like it. Plus, I've seen the way you look at Sirius. If either of them get jealous and call if off, you're welcome to Black," Malfoy spoke dismissively.

"You can't be serious-I'm not going to hurt my friend like that. And I'm not going to be some toy for you to occupy yourself with!" Remus snapped, taking a few steps back, "Oh?" Malfoy spoke bemused, raising a brow in a curious manner, "Is that so?" He chuckled.

"Yes. Definitely. I'm not going to hurt Sirius like that. No deal," Remus spoke firmly, watching Malfoy's expression change before settling on amusement, "Oh-Alright. I can wait, eventually you'll need my help if you want your puppy," He chuckled, not surprised to see a slight surprise in the others features, though not pursuing it.

"Whatever you say-But it'll begin to get to you soon enough. Breaking your poor little heart," Malfoy spoke dryly, striding back to the group, leaving Remus looking lost and feeling small.

Leaning over Snape's shoulder, Malfoy shot a grin at Sirius before ruffling his hair, "I'm heading in-See you next class?" He piped up, Snape nodding in surprise, "Sure-What did you want with Remus?" He asked curiously, Malfoy pausing and considering his words, "Just needed to talk about something. Nothing big," He chuckled.


Later that night, Malfoy wasn't surprised to receive an Owl signed by Remus. He was less surprised to have to meet the male, and predictably, his offer was accepted.

With a smirk, he nodded, speaking his goodbye to Remus and heading back to his common room while Remus entered his own, swallowing guiltily at the warm smile from Sirius and settling down to help the other study, regret seeping through him as he lost the ability to meet the others gaze, afraid he'd be found out.

What kind of friend was he?