"Cut! Everyone that's a wrap!"

Rubbing his shoulders irritably, an ebony haired male groaned, "Why'd we have to do that scene again? One of these days I'm gonna kill that guy…"

Laughing brightly and discarding of his forehead protector, "It was fun though, right?" He said energetically, following after Sasuke. "Fun, yeah, and so is hugging a Lion" he murmured sarcastically, "My shoulders are aching" he whined.

"Lemme help, Sasuke-kun" Naruto purred, bouncing up behind his friend and rubbing his shoulders softly, "Better?" he asked, leaning over and causing his breath to dance along Sasuke's neck. "Mmm, much" Sasuke answered, a malicious smile on his face for a moment before he faked one of innocence, "But, Y'know Naru-Chan, my back hurts also…you wouldn't mind…" he trailed off slowly. "Kay! I'll help!" Naruto said enthusiastically.

Sasuke grinned and led the younger male back to his trailer, striding over to his bed and removing his shirt, abruptly discarding it to the side before lying across the bed.

"Well?" Sasuke questioned after a moment, Naruto, looking flustered, quickly scrambled over to the side of the bed, taring his eyes from Sasuke's bare torso. "Ehe, sorry" he apologised, scratching the back of his neck before leaning over and beginning to massage the muscles in Sasuke's back slowly, the older male relaxing in the touch.

Glancing back at the blond, Sasuke watched him move with fascination, his eyes brushing lower than necessary before directing themselves back to his face and seizing both of his wrists, tugging him down and smirking. "S-sasuke-kun?" Naruto stuttered blushingly, "Your just too damn cute…" Sasuke muttered, manoeuvring it so that he had straddled Naruto's hips and was leaning closer.

Watching with wide eyes, Naruto gasped as fingers brushed over his body while Sasuke removed his clothing, hovering inches over him, Sasuke smirked, "Now this, Naru-chan, is fun"


"Come on! All hands back to the stag-Where the hell are Sasuke and Naruto!?" The director said irritably. "Erm…well, I'm not quite sure" Sakura said, scratching her head. "Well find them would you?" the director snapped, close to taring his own hair out. "Um, sir...I don't think that's needed" Kakashi sweat dropped, pointing towards Sasuke's trailer where noises (most obvious noises) were coming from.

"Oh that's just great! First Shino and Kiba, now this!! I need a new job!!" the director muttered, stomping off stage.