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Extended Summary: Touched by a vampire, Princess Isabella Swan was cursed in the form of a V shaped scar just below her collarbone. Banished from her own country at age seven, she is captured by a slave dealer. Sold into the royal palace in a new kingdom, she is forced to work in the dungeons, away from all but the head of slaves. But she must keep her secret, else she be punished severely. But Prince Edward takes no notice of this. In fact, once he sees her, he never ceases on his journey to unravel the mystery that is Bella. Will his desire for truth ultimately lead her to the death of his new love? Or will he find some way to save her…

Chapter 1 - Third Person POV – Shattered by OAR

Walking. Walking. Walking. What else can she do? Tears mingle with raindrops as her feet plod against the wet ground. Slap. Slop. Slush. At home, her parents would be finishing the banquet, going to bed in their lavish bedroom. She'd be in her own room, cuddled with all of her dolls and having her hair brushed by the nice maid who takes care of her. If only her parents hadn't told her to stop acting like a child. Princesses weren't supposed to be immature, they told her.

Tumbling along, she thinks of the palace. It was her home, but no more. You lose a home when you run away.

She keeps going as the night turns darker and the rain lets up a bit. The buildings around her are dark, and the forest looks dangerous with its scratchy branches and dark shadows. She takes a deep breath. The girl is freezing in her soaking nightgown. Her bedroom slippers have all but torn apart, and her braids have long fallen out. Breathing irregularly from her tears, she peers into the forest. Was that something? Did something just move?

She's shuddering from fear now, not from the cold or crying. Goosebumps sprout all over her thin, pale arms, and her red eyes stare widely into the darkness. She could have sworn she saw something.

And then eyes. Yellow eyes. A man walks out of the forest, and stalks up to her. Petrified, the girl cannot move an inch. When his sloshing footsteps pause in front of her, he bends over to her ear.

"You'll make a nice snack," he said evilly. His breath was foul and he stunk off sweat and something awfully rusty. Her mouth opened to let out a scream, but in the split second that her vocal chords failed her, he knocked her unconscious with a blow to her head.

She awoke in sack, much like a potato sack. She could tell she was in the forest, and judging by the heavy breathing above her, the man was carrying her. She was still frozen, unable to move. Her mind whirled quickly, but she was only a child, and she couldn't think of anything in her seven year old mind.

After what seemed like forever, the sack dropped to the floor. In his rough voice, the man called to a group of people. "I have brought fresh blood," he chuckled in a dark voice. "We will drink well tonight."

A high and reedy voice rang from a few feet away. "Why only one?"

He grunted. "You go out and find blood, then. No one but me ever tries."

This time the voice was deep and even more malicious, if that was possible. "Why don't we just slit the pretty little throat and have our fill before dawn breaks?" He called calmly. The girl stopped shaking inside of the bag. She knew what these people were now. Vampires.

The bag opened, and calloused and rough hands yanked her up. Standing with her feet still inside the bag, the girl looked around, fearfully. A group of ten individuals, all with yellowing teeth and horribly frightening grins, stood in the small clearing. A gleaming blade rested on a gnarled stump, waiting for her. In her last moments, a growl brought her attention to the side. There, a man, possibly the most beautiful yet terrifying person she had ever seen, stared at her with red eyes.

"She smells wonderful," he said, telling her that this was the third person who spoke. "Let me start," he said, licking his lips. He was different than the others, and pure fear coursed through her as he stalked closer. In the blink of an eye, he was just a breath away from her. Smiling, he took her hand, as if to kiss it.

Whispering so that only she could hear, he said "Good evening, Princess, I shall enjoy your blood while you wither away into death."

On the last word, he twisted her arm with a snap and shoved his razor sharp teeth into her wrist. Blood pulled from her veins at an alarming rate. The man, if he wasn't in such a hurry, would have probably injected venom. But he didn't have the time tonight, nor the patience, and he just drank greedily.

And then there was a shout, just seconds after he began to drink. Hundreds of men on horseback surrounded the clearing. But the true vampire, the one sucking the life from the young princess, did not take notice, too caught up in the blood. With a roar, five men ran towards him with burning clubs and lit his clothes on fire. After a moment, he seemed to notice that his abnormally flammable skin was burning, and that's when he pulled away and started shrieking. Falling to the forest floor, the flames engulfed him in seconds, shocking the entire group of men, even the other "vampires". The girl fell to her bottom, crawling away from the flames and the horrible man.

The soldiers started on the other men, then. They tied them up, and loaded them onto a cart. Even the girl knew that they were to be burned at the stake.

And that's when the captain caught sight of her. "Hey! There seems to be a young girl o'er here!" He called to a group of men. They approached her while she cowered. "Doesn't seem to be a part of this group, just their 'meal'. We cannot burn her for that." He stared thoughtfully at her, not recognizing the princess through the dirt, blood, and tears. "Robertson!" He called, not even looking over his shoulder.

A short, burly man with a burning torch stood nearby. "Give me the brand," The captain said.

The man called Robertson gave the captain one glance before handing over an iron V. It was about two inches high and an inch in width at the top of the V. It was intricate, in a fancy calligraphy. The girl stared at it with confused eyes.

Then the captain held the V over the flames for a few moments before it turned red with heat. Nodding to two other soldiers, he bent closer. They grabbed onto the girl, holding her still and brushing her hair off of her left shoulder. Pulling her nightgown down a bit, a few inches under her collarbone, they prepared her for the brand. Still confused, but fearing the white hot metal, the princess stood still.

Until the burning metal, mesmerizing as it drew nearer, touched the skin just below her collarbone, burning and branding her. Screaming, she tried to pull away. The pain was unimaginable to the pampered girl, only second to the feeding that had occurred just minutes before.

And then it was over. The metal was pulled away and stowed in a bag while the horrible stinging and burning continued. She began crying again from the pain.

Examining the bright red V etched upon her skin, the captain stood up and the soldiers walked away. With one last glance, he gave the girl orders. "Do not come to the kingdom again. You have been touched by a vampire, and all shall know it. If you are found in the land again, you will be burned at the stake." He finished harshly, and turned away. As the pain faded a bit and the sound of horses hooves disappeared, the girl looked up at the lighter sky. Dawn was breaking, and this was no new day. She could not go home. She had just wanted to get away, but now she was forced to. There was no going back now.

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