Brennan shut the door of the cab with her foot and stumbled to the front door of her building. She barely made it inside the elevator before she nearly collapsed. As the doors closed, she clutched the evening's program in tight hands as great sobs racked her body. Tears staked themselves on her eyelids threatening a full assault. She tried to hold them back. Her body curled inwards like she'd been punched in the stomach. She felt like she might throw up. She heaved out violent gusts of air willing herself to calm down. Once inside the apartment she collapsed on the couch, not bothering to change out of her dress or take her shoes off.

Her head was squished between two pillows, her hair blocking one eye, but she didn't bother to move it. She focused on the glass of the coffee table and noticed how it reflected the cityscape from the windows. She saw the lint captured in the folds of the couch. She tried closing her eyes to block out the evening's events, but it seemed impossible to keep them closed. They kept popping open. The humiliation fresh and inescapable.

Her face flushed as she thought of how she appeared on Booth's doorstep like an early Christmas present. All tarted up and willing to throw herself at him. She hadn't expected the greeting she got. Cecily, opening the door, smirking at her, Booth marching in from the bedroom, looking guilty. He tried to explain what was going on , but all she saw was Cecily's haughty look of triumph. Brennan couldn't hear anything Booth said to her, the rushing in her ears was so loud, although she did remember he was quite animated and pretty steamed. At her, she wondered? Had she really interrupted Booth with someone else? Those words backstage earlier in the evening were what, she wondered? The words of a horny teenager? Was he just looking for sex and when she wasn't available he took the next best thing, an available blond bombshell? She stormed out after Cecily draped a possessive arm over Booth, cooing something in his ear.

She tried to think of something, anything else. The CD's need rearranging, she thought. Must remember to do that tomorrow. That was her last thought before exhaustion and the evening's turmoil overtook her and she fell fast asleep.

She awoke later to a constant buzzing sound, not sure what it was. My alarm, she thought groggily, then sat up, startled, realizing she was in an evening dress and high heel shoes on the couch. The buzzing was coming from the doorbell. She made her way over to the front door and looked at the entrance way camera to see Booth persistently hitting her buzzer. What does he want now? she said to herself grouchily.

She buzzed him in and stood next to the door waiting. She glanced in the entryway mirror and gasped. She was a fright, makeup smeared, updo in total disarray. She wiped the raccoon paint from under her eyes and shook out her hair. No use compounding the humiliation, she thought. She would make this quick and as painless a possible. Goodbye is only one word. Shouldn't take long to utter.

He knocked softly on the door, and she opened it trying to look calm and professional. "Yes?" she said though gritted teeth, as if he were a pesky neighbor. Booth shoved his hands into his front pockets and looked steadily at her, his expression unreadable.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

Wordless, Brennan walked into the living room and sat down on the chair across from the couch. She really wished she had changed clothes. She felt a little too romantically dressed for such an awkward conversation.

Booth followed her and sat on the couch. For the first time she noticed he was still wearing his tuxedo, the tie undone, jacket missing, the sleeves rolled up halfway.

They sat in silence for almost a minute before Booth spoke. "Why did you come to my apartment tonight Temperance?"

Brennan looked at him, one eyebrow arched, "I would have thought that was obvious."

Booth's eyes narrowed slightly. "For sex?" he asked.

"Yes," said Brennan, looking away.

"Is that all?" His voice was taking on a mocking tone she didn't like.

She looked back at him unsmiling. Best to try and sell this, she thought. "Yes. That's all."

She saw his eyes go dark and troubled as he looked away. Suddenly he looked back at her, his expression grim and determined. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he spit out venomously.

"I..." she said. She realized at that moment she had painted herself into a corner. She either admitted everything to him, how she was starting to think this was something beyond pure physical attraction, how upset she had been when she saw Cecily at his apartment, how she thought of him almost every minute of the day. If he rejected her, it would be hard to come back from that, she thought.

Or she could play along, getting whatever little piece of him she could get and hold onto for whatever time he allowed. Her body made the decision for her. She stood, kicking off her heels and padding across the rug to stand in front of him. He looked up at her, his eyes suspicious and full of questions. "I want you," she said huskily. She reached down, picked up his hands and placed them on her hips. With her hands on hers she lifted up the gown exposing her long legs. He looked down at her legs, swallowing hard, then looked back up into her eyes.

"Temperance. I..."

She shushed him, placing a finger on his mouth. "No more talking." She leaned down, her long hair covering him and placed her soft lips against his. The electricity was immediate. Her tongue bypassed his lips and intertwined with his, making them both growl at the same time. She drew her head back slightly, "We're so fierce," she said laughing softly.

"No more talking," he said with a voice thick with passion. He grasped her hips, drawing her down onto the couch to straddle his lap. His hands moved from her hips up her back to her hair. He wrapped his hands in the long tresses and pulled hard, simultaneously drawing her deeper onto his lap and exposing her throat. She ground against him, reveling in his hardness she already felt there. He lavished kisses on her throat and shoulders, kissing softly in some places, nibbling in others, and snipping with his teeth in the most vulnerable spots.

She pulled away momentarily and unzipped the dress. He helped her tug it over her head. Now she was almost completely exposed on his lap, clad only in tiny lace panties and matching bra with him still fully dressed. She slipped a hand inside his shirt to feel his chest, but he swatted her hand away, lifting her up onto her knees till her breasts were even with his mouth. He pulled the bra down and caught one nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, a hand reaching up to keep the other one company. She gasped in pleasure, folding over him, hugging his head with her arms. He let go with a resounding pop and moved to the other one. His hands cupped both breasts and he drew them together to suck on both nipples at once. She cried out softly, half embarrassed at almost coming from him simply kissing her breasts.

She disengaged and stood up. "Come."

She led him by the hand to the bedroom, her hips swaying in front of him so gently Booth's mouth watered. She lit a candle while he stood in the doorway watching her. She moved quietly to him and began unbuttoning his shirt. He let her undress him, watching her intently, making no move to disturb her. She slipped his shirt, then his undershirt up over his head. Her hand moved to his belt buckle and she looked up into his eyes, her passion clear. She unbuckled the belt, then slid his pants and boxers down this legs and helped him step out of them. His cock looked thick and ready. She moved to him and they wrapped around each other so tightly they appeared to be trying on the others skin. Their hands roamed, avoiding the hottest spots, afraid of rushing things too quickly like last time. She explored his shoulders and back, his tight ass, and the tops of his strong thighs. Her hands roamed his chest, his taut stomach, her fingers trailing over the six pack bulges. She breathed in his scent, heady and masculine and detected her own muskiness indicating her readiness.

His hands moved to her slim, brown shoulders wandering down her arms to stroke her fingers and the palms of her hands. He moved to her hips, moving his hands around her to cup her ass, drawing her closer to him. Their mouths met again in a wondrous explosion of want and need. She reached down grasping his cock, stroking it up and down, making him suck in his teeth. "Wait. Can't go much further if you keep doing that." He backed her up to the bed. "And there is something I want to do first."

The back of her knees hit the bed and he playfully pushed her down, her legs still dangling over. Kneeling down before her, her spread her legs. She rose up on her elbows and watched him place both hands on either side of her pussy. He leaned in, gently licking the length of her pussy. Her head dropped back, her body vibrating with each slide of his tongue in her slit. He avoided her clit, lavishing all his attention on the soft folds of her opening. His hands came under her ass, squeezing her like a ripe melon, fully eating her out. Her breath became labored, her eyes were rolling back in her head, she could barely stand it anymore. She was so close to orgasm, but she stopped herself, pushing his head away. "I want you in me when I come," she said huskily. She tried to pull him up to her, but he resisted.

"No, I want you to come in my mouth," he said firmly, looking into her eyes, "I have to taste you when you come." He lowered his head and began again. She relaxed and decided his way was a win/win situation. She watched him feast on her, her fingers intertwined in his hair, pushing him further into her, her tide starting to rise. And still he hasn't touched my clitoris, she thought. She reached down to do it herself, and his hands came up and caught hers, pinning them together on her stomach with one hand. "Uh uh," he chided. He looked into her aching eyes, so close to exploding, completely at his mercy. "Is this what you want?" he leaned down brushing her clit with his tongue lightly.

"Oh God," the atheist named Temperance Brennan uttered with complete sincerity.

He licked again. "Again?" he asked. She looked at him furiously, she would not beg for him to continue and yet that was just what he wanted. He held her arms firm, and leaned down close to her pussy again, his eyes locked on hers. Her eyes betrayed her, begging him to continue, to end her agony. "Just say it, Temperance. Just say please."

After a furious moment of her pride battling the sensations in the lower half of her body, she collapsed in need and she surrendered herself to him completely. "Please," she begged, her voice cracking.

He slowly lowered his mouth to her clit, took the whole of it in his mouth and sucked hard, the stiff peak rolling under his tongue. Brennan climaxed, her body nearly ricocheting off the bed, her voice climbing higher and higher as each wave overthrew her. "Oh God, Seeley", she cried, "Oh my God, oh my God." A rhythmic finger replaced his mouth on her clit as his mouth latched onto her opening, his tongue lapped up all her juices as they poured out of her.

He held her in his mouth until she stopped shaking. Crawling up behind her, he gathered her in his arms, rocking her. They stayed like that for a minute, just holding each other gently, rocking back and forth, until her body seemed to recover and she felt a fresh fire of passion kindling. She turned towards him, locking her mouth onto his, wrapping his legs around his torso, her need for him to be inside her burning within her. She rolled on top of him, sitting up. "You were very naughty before," she said with a wicked smile. I don't think you know who you're dealing with." She raised her hips, one hand on the bed beside him, grasped his cock and led it to her opening. His hands went to her hips and he tried to guide her onto his hardness, but she resisted, running his cock up and down her slit, avoiding penetration.

He could feel her wetness coating his cock, allowing him to dip into the shallow end, but then dragging him back out again. He groaned. Over and over she did this, starting at the bottom of her pussy she would slowly slide him along her opening until she reached her clit, then would stop and wiggle his cock back and forth over it, pleasuring herself. Sometimes she would let him dip in, but would guide him out quickly, continuing the same figure 8, all the while stroking his cock firmly and confidently, pushing him further and further over the edge. He tried a few times to force her down on it, but she was strong enough to hold him off. She laughed, saying half-seriously, "Beg."

"Never." He flipped her over with an unexpected ease and held her legs in the crook of his elbows. Her womanhood was now completely exposed. With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he guided his cock to her opening, his eyes locked on her. "You are mine," he growled, entering her, pushing up to her hilt, burying himself alive in her. They began to move together slowly, their bodies overwhelmed by the passion created, their rhythm mounting, each one crying out in their turn. Their eyes revealed everything to each other. Their coyness and games exposed for what they were, their undeniable rightness for each other crystal clear.

He shifted back onto his knees, pulling her along with him. He tore into her, his eyes locked on hers, his features tortured but his expression plain to read. He loves me, she thought, her mind and body whirling on an unstoppable rollercoaster of rhythm and want. She raised her hips to his and he grabbed her ass, squeezing her around him, his eyes closing in ecstasy. He pounded into her until she felt herself break free and soar again, crying out in passion again and again, "Seeley! Seeley!" She came over and over, each time her body become more and more in tune with his, their separateness become smaller and smaller until there was no way to tell one from the other. After so many orgasms she lost count, she felt him buck uncontrollably into her, his cock surging into her, his face crushed with the weight of feeling.

"Temp..." He cried out loudly, shuddering into her, her body convulsing with his for a final time. She felt his seed shoot up into her, felt her womanhood open like a flower to take it in. He collapsed onto her, both of them panting and slick with sweat. They laid like that for a long time, still locked in the position of lovemaking, fused together.

In those moments of quiet she came back to herself. She couldn't deny it anymore. As she clung to him, she felt devastated, like a city rampaged, completely undone by this one man. She didn't know what love was, or if it existed, but she knew she had never felt anything remotely close to this before. She shifted him off of her and they lay face to face on the bed, quietly trying to read each others eyes.

She spoke first, "Seeley, what was Cecily doing at your apartment tonight?" The words were wooden and hard to utter.

He sighed. "She just appeared on my doorstep when I got out the car and wouldn't leave. I told her earlier in the day it was over, that there was," he paused looking at her with a cautious expression, "that there was someone else, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She came in and wouldn't leave until I blew my top. Then you showed up, and I couldn't seem to stop her from trying to destroy the one thing in thing in the world I care about." His eyes searched hers, looking for answers. "She should be an interrogator. She's very persistent."

She smiled wanly. "I wanted to kill her," Brennan replied. "And you, by the way. I thought I had interrupted something."

Booth ran a hand through his hair, breathing out loudly through his mouth, "I knew you were angry," he said shifting onto his back slightly, staring at the ceiling. "I just got caught up trying to be the nice guy. I should have just told her to hit the road."

"Booth. Seeley. There is something I want to ask you."

"Shoot." He picked up her arm, stroking the soft flesh near her wrist.

"Are you in love with me?"

He stopped and put her arm back down. He pushed himself up on an elbow and leaned into her, inches from her face. He took a big breath and spoke, his voice ragged and full of emotion. "Temperance Brennan, I am so in love with you that if you kicked me out right now, I'd simply curl up on your doorstep and die." He kissed the tip of her nose. "I love you, your obstinacy, your uniqueness, I love the way you bought a gun bigger than you could really handle, I love working with you, eating with you," he paused laughing, "eating you" he moved to her cheeks, kissing softly, "I love your brain, your huge huge heart, your legs" he reached down and squeezed for effect. "There isn't one thing about you I don't love." He stopped suddenly, his eyes growing troubled, feeling like maybe he said too much. "So how do you feel about me?" he asked quietly.

She kept his gaze. "I'm not really sure what to call this thing," she said. "I can't concentrate, I can't eat, you're all I think about, the only person I want to be with. I was so upset at your apartment tonight, I really thought I might die from the feeling. In a four hour period I went from boredom to elation to anger to complete devastation." She felt herself near tears.

"Don't forget more elation at the end."

"Right," she wiped her eyes, laughing. "What is it Seeley? What is this feeling?"

He laughed, drawing her to him, kissing the top of her head. "Temperance, this is love. This is what love feels like."

"Well I don't like it," she said grumpily. "I feel too crazy, too out of control."

He smoothed her hair, holding her gently. "It's not always like this," he said. "Passion fades a bit, then real love kicks in. True, steady love."

She suddenly wiggled out of his embrace. Propping herself up on an elbow, facing him she said, "Seeley Booth. I love you." She tried on the words for size.

"How does that feel to say?' he asked.

"It feels," she said, "very natural. I love you. I am in love with you. I am in love with Seeley Booth."

He laughed. "Stop. You're sounding a little like Rain Man." His hand crossed over to cup a breast, his fingers grazing the nipple. She felt a stirring begin again inside her. He leaned over about to take her mouth into his, but she pulled back.

"What is it?" he asked, his eyes searching hers.

"I have to remember to change the ending of my book," she said.

"Why?" he began to nuzzle her throat, stealing little kisses up the side.

"Because I killed Andy off in the end."

Booth reared back, his voice shocked with mock indignation, "You did what?"

She laughed, falling into his embrace. "I just thought of a better ending," she said. "I think he just get his legs chopped off by a wood chipper."

"You minx," he said chuckling. "Killing me off like that. Bad girl. You're gonna pay. Starting now." His mouth lowered onto her skin and the torture began again.