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Alice's P.O.V.

I was in my bathroom doing Bella's hair and make-up for the prom, though she had no clue that that's what it was. She probably thinks Edward is going to change her or something. But Edward is not easily swayed, so she has her work cut out for her if she wants it. But it will happen. Eventually. Sigh.

"Is there anything you want to talk about Bella?" I asked her before she left with Edward.

"No." She replied simply but I saw her sigh.

"What is it Bella?"

"You saw me becoming one of you. But Edward says your visions change sooooo…I don't know. Will I become a… vampire Alice?" She asked very eagerly. She really wants it. Wow.

"Well that's what my visions say, but it is up to you. Your path is your choice." I answered her back. "Is that all you were curious about?"


We talked some more and she asked countless times where they were going, but I couldn't tell. It was a surprise.

Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and me arrived about a minute before Edward and Bella. We got are tickets and entered the building. Everyone stared. And I mean everyone. Mostly they stared at Rosalie. What with her being the most beautiful of us, but they did stare at the rest of us as we spun out onto the dance floor.

Jasper whispered in my ear. "I can feel all the envy in this room toward you my beautiful Alice." He said smiling toward me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Sure it's probably all toward Rosalie." I stated back. I caught Rosalie on a spin and she smiled at me.

"I highly doubted that" He said very coolly.

Finally Edward and Bella were here took them long enough, I thought towards Edward. He looked over and grinned, then looked at Bella and back to me. Oh I got it Bella was being difficult like always. Poor Edward.

"It seems Bella gave Edward some trouble." I said under my breath for them all to here. They laughed to themselves.

Edward spun Bella out onto the dance floor and boy did she look terrified, but Edward assured. We all spun around the room happily. I caught Bella on a spin and grinned at her, she smiled back.

Then a boy with dark brown skin and long black hair- he was Native American- came up to them and asked Bella to dance. Edward left and went up to the wall and leaned against it starring at Bella.

The boy and Bella talked and talked, but then I heard something interesting. Something about his dad paying him to come and tell her to break up with her boyfriend. Yeah right but that's not going to happen and I'd hate to disappoint his father but no way in hell was it happening. Finally Edward shrugged away with from the wall and went up to them and the boy was gone. Wonder who… oh all well.

Bella and Edward left outside staring into each others eyes as I was starring into Jasper. He stared back. And that's how life was for us. Just love all around towards each other. I was so happy Edward found his happily-ever-after as I found mine and with that we danced of into Twilight.

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