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T.K. was helping his mom wash the dishes after their dinner when a loud knocking on the door nearly caused him to drop the plate he held in his hands.

"Goodness, son, be careful," Nancy Takaishi gasped, making sure T.K. had caught his bearings before she went to answer the door.

"Hi, Ms. Takaishi—is T.K. home?" Kari asked hopefully. She really needed someone to talk to right now—Tai's depressive behavior was beginning to scare her, and who better to discuss him with than T.K.?

"Of course, I'll get him for you," T.K.'s mom smiled, letting Kari into their apartment. "T.K. Kari's here—I'll finish up these dishes if you'd like to have some dessert. I bought a pie at the bakery today, and it looks delicious." She lifted a decadent cherry pie from the refrigerator, and set it on the table.

"Thanks, Ms. Takaishi!" Kari grinned, taking her place at the table while T.K. brought out plates and silverware.

"So what's up, Kari, you look a little upset," T.K. commented in a low voice as he cut them each a slice. He slid into a seat across from her, and looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes.

"It's Tai," Kari muttered. "He's still grieving over Sora, and I don't know what to do about it. I tried telling him that he needed to move on, but he got kind of agitated with me, I probably made things worse."

T.K. frowned, listening to the water rushing in the sink. He had a feeling that his mom was listening in on their conversation, and wondered if maybe she could offer some advice. "Hey, Mom?"

"Yeah, T.K.?" Nancy asked as she put the clean dishes away.

"If you knew someone who was upset over his two best friends getting together because he was in love with the girl but didn't tell her until it was too late…what would you do?" T.K. wondered.

Nancy smiled. "You might be surprised by this, but that sounds an awful lot like how your father and I ended up together," she said, a hint of fondness evident in her voice. Despite their divorce, T.K.'s parents still loved one another dearly.

"Really?" T.K. raised his eyebrows.

"Your father had a secret crush on me throughout our middle school years—in high school, I began dating a boy named Trevor. Our senior year, your father asked me to the prom, but I was already going with Trevor. Your father was heartbroken," Nancy said, a faraway look in her eyes.

"What happened after that?" Kari asked curiously.

"I continued to date Trevor until my sophomore year at University…we had this terrible fight, and then your father asked me to date him, and I said yes," Nancy recalled, her eyes shining at the memory.

"Wow, that's a beautiful story," Kari sighed.

"You never told Matt and me this story before, Mom," T.K. commented, taking a bite pie. "I'd have thought you would mention the fact that you were Dad's secret high school sweetheart."

"Well, now you know," Nancy smiled. "But the thing you have to understand is that it doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. Sometimes it's best to accept that the one you love is with someone who will make them happy—even if that person isn't you."

"That makes sense," Kari agreed. "I guess I can try to talk to him again…"

"Honey, you can't make Tai see the truth. This is something he has to find out for himself," Nancy said gently.

"You're right," Kari sighed, looking down at her plate. "I just hope it happens soon, I hate to see my brother so unhappy…"

"Don't worry, Kari—he'll come around," T.K. insisted. "Thanks for the advice, Mom."

"You're welcome—it's up to you two now, to be there for Tai. Love is a bumpy journey, and it helps to have friends supporting you along the way," Nancy gave T.K. a quick kiss on the cheek, and went upstairs to her office.

"Your mom is awesome," Kari said, putting their dirty plates into the dishwasher and following T.K. into the living room. They collapsed onto the couch, and Kari laid her head on T.K.'s shoulder.

"Yeah, she's something else," T.K. said, slinging and arm around Kari's shoulders. "But you'll always be my Other Woman."

Kari giggled. Suddenly, she jumped as her Digivice started beeping. Grabbing her D Terminal, she discovered a message had arrived.

"Oh no…" Kari gasped.

"What is it?" T.K. demanded, sitting up and reading over her shoulder. Fear gripped his chest as the words sunk in.

"The Digital World is GONE?" Kari shouted. "We have to meet at Izzy's house right away."

"Let's go," T.K. grabbed Kari's hand, scribbled a quick note to his mother, and hurried out of the house. Patamon…I can't lose him! He tried to keep the panic from rising as they ran down the street.