No secrets remain in the castle. Word spread like wild fire.

The word broke her heart.

"Uchiha Sasuke is good…no, amazing in bed." They were spoken proudly as if a badge worth showing.

She heard it from one of the maids she had confided in once long ago.

Immediately, she had dismissed the maid from her position, not caring the woman lost her job. She was furious.

How dare she say something so vulgar about Sasuke?

She felt mad delight as she let go that maid. She ignored the questioning look on her maid's face and scowled at the words that kept playing over and over again like a broken record.

Sasuke and her in bed? That would never happen

She knew what she did was downright awful but she was angry.

At him? At her?

She knew he had held no feelings for her, but she had been comforted by the slight fact that he would never hold feelings for another woman, and as far as she had known, she was his closest female companion.

Apparently she had assumed wrong.


She had locked herself in her room. The vast amount of treasures could not distract her from the hurt. She didn't open the room when he knocked, once, asking if anything was wrong.

She held the priceless vase in her hand, ready to throw, how could he be so stupid? Of course there was something wrong.

She flung the vase to the side, not caring if it cracked. Curling into a small ball she fell asleep.

Why hadn't he asked her? She would have given herself to him.

Karin laughed at her sister. She was pitiful. Sasuke was a man like any other. What made her think that any man, including Sasuke, could hold in his lust?

She herself had been down to the guard's quarters when day became night. There was much laughing and drinking; she had seen the way the guards had acted. Her own had advanced upon her, stopping only when Sasuke grabbed his forearm muttering an apology to her.

She watched him after that, sitting in the corner, watched as women advanced towards him.

She frowned at the memory, she was more than willing to offer her body to him. She had admired him for quite some time now, and she really wanted him.

From the very moment she set her eyes on the raven haired she had seen hearts.

The only problem was that he was sooo...antisocial.

Chewing on her hair, she decided that she didn't mind the cold attitude.

She actually thought it was kind of attractive. And it never kept her from throwing her arms around him every chance she got.

Sakura had looked at her, annoyed, but she was taught, All is fair in love and war.

She flipped the pages through her book, sighing, annoyed that her tutor left her to herself. Idly, she pulled at the red strand of string that lay unraveled from her bodice.

She was avoiding him. It was painstakingly obvious. She would walk the other direction if he came within her sight. She told him to leave as soon as she didn't need supervision. She didn't talk to him.

During the day he had Kakashi watch her from afar and \was told that she didn't do much. She locked herself up in her room with her books. That wasn't like her. He knew of her feelings towards her guard and she never acted that way around the Uchiha.

He scowled as he remembered the adoration seen in her eyes every time she set her eyes on him. He would have prisoned him, but he was too valuable too lose.

Knowing it was his duty to do something, he called for the Uchiha. He had come in with his emotionless face and the king had been direct and straight forward, "What did you do to her?"

They both knew who he was referring too and when the boy said, "I am not aware of the reason behind her actions," the King scowled. He knew what the boy said was the truth, but he wanted a reasonable reason to keep him away from his daughter.

Bonds between the Chosen and a Princess could never happen.

The King called for her.

"Sakura, what is wrong? You look as if you have been moping?" he looked at his daughter fondly. Dark circles bagged beneath her eyes and there was no twinkle of happiness.

She shook her head softly, "I have been tired." she was lying. Her eyes had averted from his face.

He peered at her face hoping to find the truth, but she turned away saying quietly, "It is time for dinner."

She looked like her mother. He sighed heavily and waited for the counsel to rejoin him.

Enough was enough. She had avoided him talking to him for a week…and she missed him.

It was sorrowing avoiding his dark eyes; it was sorrowing not hearing his voice, and though he was a man of no emotion, the very presence of him made her feel as if every thing would be okay. She knew she was in love.

She crept through the halls and found him walking towards her. Her heart beat faster and color stained her cheeks. Her eyes were transfixed upon his face.

His eyes widened for a brief second before returning to his stoic face. He inclined his head in respect, "Hime, your father wishes to see you."

The sound of his voice did wonders for her; she no longer felt angry or sad. She knew he would never inquire about her queer behavior and smiled as if she had never felt angry towards him.

"I shall be there," she said. He nodded and turned, but paused when she called out, "Sasuke-kun! Will you stay with me? I wish for your companionship." She made sure her voice held no tremor of anticipation.

He stared at her and she nodded, "Come," she tilted her head in the direction of her room.

They approached her room and he paused at her door. She walked in closing her door, calming her beating heart. The very presence of him had sent her head spiraling with unbearable emotions. She threw off the gown she had on and put on one heavily decorated. She called for him, "Sasuke-kun! I need your help."

She stood in front of the mirror, her hair pushed to one side. He walked in and she turned her head slightly. "Could you lace up the back for me?"

He continued towards her. She shivered when his hands brushed her shoulders.

She felt his hands continue down her back, tying the lace neatly. Her breathing was loud and embarassing. If he noticed he hadn't mentioned anything.

His hands dropped from her back and she turned slowly.

He was impossibly handsome, and so close. She leaned in close, her lips nearly touching his. She felt his breath mingle with hers. Her eyes were on his. Forlorn eyes stared at each other.

He averted his eyes and stepped back, "Come, your father is waiting."

He left her, waiting outside, leaving her feeling disappointed.

He was still outside, waiting for her. She couldn't look him in the eye.

She met his eyes for a second and before she could open her mouth, to apologize maybe, he turned away.

She walked through the great doors with Sasuke by her side and saw the room empty with only two other men, her father and…

"Sakura," her father greeted her with a smile, he turned towards Sasuke and nodded.

"You called for me?" she spoke.

Her father held his hand for a moment, signaling her to wait, turning to face the young man. She saw him smile and laugh at something he said.

Who was he? His hair was dark, his eyes sparkled with amusement, he was almost attractive.

The young man turned and crossed the hall, passing her, pausing to place a kiss on her unsuspecting hand. She flinched when he turned his back and wiped her hand across her dress.

Her father laughed hard, when the door closed, "That, my dear, was a suitor! He was looking for your hand in marriage!"

Her blood ran cold, "M-Marriage?"

"It is time I start looking for someone for you, you have grown up now. You remind me of your mother so," the King held a wistful look, "and now it has come time for me to let you go."

She was speechless. She turned towards Sasuke with wide eyes.

Her father laughed at her expression, "You have no need to worry, my child, you still have months left before it comes time, but in the meanwhile I shall look for someone suitable for you! Come, let us join your sisters for dinner!"

Sasuke was blindfolded as he threw the kunai at the target. Bull's eye.

He heard clapping and tore the fold off. It was his ex-sensei. "Kakashi," he acknowledged.

"Is this really the same boy who refused to leave the training area when he couldn't hit the eye with the fold off?" teased Kakashi.

Sasuke glared at him lightly, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He drank in the water; his eyes staring at the sun.

Kakashi grew serious, "Sakura is getting married, you know?"

"Aa," he dropped the rag on the floor and stood in front of the target and pulled the kunai out.

"You broke the rule," Kakashi stood next to his student staring at the same kunai lodged into the target.

"Which rule is that?" commented Sasuke in an indifferent tone.

"You formed an attachment."

There was a pause, and then his voice rang out, "I did no such thing."

Kakashi chuckled, "Don't lie to me, I've known you since you were seven, you, Uchiha Sasuke, have formed an attachment with the Hime." Kakashi took the grunt as his cue to leave, but before disappearing he muttered, "Don't do anything stupid."

Sasuke stilled his training and looked up.


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