Original Naruto Shippuden Story

Written by Mark Jemmett, a.k.a Kankokage

First conceived: 9-13-08

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Greetings! Welcome to the story! Let me first explain what is going on. This first section is merely an introduction to the character around which the story revolves. It began as a simple character creation request on another site (), and it kinda bloomed and blossomed into this.

So you know, this story incorporates elements of the manga, so if you are an anime-only Naruto fan, it might be a good idea not to read this. But since I want you to read it, may I recommend reading the mangas and getting caught up on your stuff. Also, it is important to note that this story is available here and at under the storyteller forum. It is not copied by some loser who wants to make himself look talented – it is uploaded by me, the writer. As a procedural note, I upload the story there first, then here. I have already finished 12 chapters as of 10-15-2008, and they are released every Wednesday and Saturday (unless I'm, like, dead or something). Anyway, without further ado, here is the first installment.


Per request, I have decided to create a new thread devoted to a post I wrote in the thread "Build a New Naruto Character: Friend or Foe!". I hope you guys don't think I'm too lame, but seriously, I love to write . I figure if people like it, I will continue this little story I made here. If you guys have any awesome suggestions, I will definitely consider weaving them in. Anyway, here goes!

Ah, the nerdiness inherent in my being is beginning to fluctuate...a response is coming! Okay, I know this is kind of lame, but here goes:

My character would be known as the Kankokage (I know that's my screen name, but please, hear me out). His real name is Akira Sugiyama, and he is in his early twenties when introduced. He is the head ninja of an new, unknown village (the Hidden Village of Three Mountains) in a country to the north of the Demon Country, known as the Country of Brine. It is a rather odd country, riddled with high, arid deserts, huge pine-forest mountains and large saltwater lakes. The name Kankokage literally means "Shadow of the Salty Lakes".

From outer appearance, he looks no different from anyone else you might encounter in the ninja world; instead of elaborate clothing, he wears regular peasant garb, as well as a forehead protector denoting the symbol of his village: three triangles, each representing a mountain near his village. Beneath the garb he keeps a large array of kunai, caltrops, scrolls, and other various ninja items. Four items, however, set him truly apart from any other ninja outside his village, and more specifically his clan.

First, a small black and green scroll kept on his belt is used to summon the guardian creature of the Country of Brine: the dreaded Dire Osprey Kyodaimokin (i.e. giant bird of prey), upon which he travels the expanses of his country. Akira is the only member of the village who Kyodaimokin honors, but will support others if Akira so orders.

Second, third, and fourth are Akira's rings. He wears three rings on his hands: two on his left hand, and one on his right. These rings are integral to his strength, and are connected to both his body and soul. These rings are the Ring of Earth, the Ring of Wave, and the Ring of Dragon.

In the Sugiyama clan, ring making has progressed to the point where a ninja can focus his powers into rings, allowing him or her to use them to greatly enhance both stability and intensity of chakra formation. Chakra is continually gathered into the rings while the wearer is inactive, building up a literal storehouse of power - thus allowing the wearers to expend only a fraction of the chakra normally called for in various jutsu.

Akira is blessed with two elemental chakra types: earth and water (similar to Tenzou a.k.a. Captain Yamato). However, Akira cannot use these to make wood or any other living or organic matter. The Ring of Dragon is associated with the Sugiyama blood-line limit: the Dragon Transformation. Unlike a jinchuuriki, the Dragon Transformation is not related to the presence of a demon or other creature, but rather the intermingling of human DNA with that of a Dragon deity named Koryoujin. When activated, the Ring of Dragon unloads all its stored power into Akira, temporarily giving him attributes of a dragon: nearly-impenetrable scales, fierce claws, eagle-eye vision and heightened senses, dragon wings, and fireball jutsus similar to the Uchiha clan. When combined with the Ring of Stone and the Ring of Wave, Akira can temporarily achieve a state of near-invincibility combined with unheard of strength and chakra, but not without price - once the chakra is used up, the effect on Akira's body would leave him frail and immobilized, and in most cases would exhaust him to death.

The main weakness of the Sugiyama clan is their dependence upon their Chakra Rings. If a ring is forcibly removed by an enemy, the shock to the wearer's system is 75 fatal. Additionally, if a ring not made for an individual is put on, a period of temporary power is attained, but after a matter of seconds that person will succumb to a similar potentially fatal shock.

The Country of Brine is headed by a wicked feudal lord who commands the ninjas of the Three Mountains to assault the five great countries in a foolish attempt to grab power, making their first attack upon the Country of Lightning. A group of powerful, rogue ninja, planted by the feudal lord in the village carry out assassinations on any and all detractors, and a coup is staged when Akira, the Kankokage rejects the king's command. Akira escapes the village with Kyodaimokin and a handful of his followers, but the other ninja in his small village decide to follow orders rather than be killed.

Akira flees the country of brine and sends word to the Raikage of the impending attack, but the Village in the Clouds ignores the warning. Akira then sends word to Konoha, and Tsunade-sama takes it seriously. She decides to send Shikamaru as the leader of a group consisting of Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura to assist Akira in stopping the war. What will happen when Akira and Naruto meet? Will Hinata finally make her move, or will things get dangerous between her, Naruto, and Sakura? Will Sakura finally drop her misplaced love for Sasuke and move on to better and brighter things? How many cloud patterns will Shikamaru recognize? What about these rogue ninja?? The story continues to develop...