Right from the moment when I met him, saw him,
I said "he's gorgeous!" and I fell.
In the world there's only he
Who is beautiful as me
So I think I'll let him woo and marry me.

The dry sobs of hysteria wracking my form soon passed, my obliging lord holding me in his arms until I calmed against him. I was almost ashamed as I spoke, but I could not stop the words that bubbled up my throat and out my lips. "Caius, I am thirsty..." I husked, surprised by the soft growl I heard in my voice. It sounded as though I had not spoken in days, and had not had a sip of water even longer.

"Then you will have more to drink, my love," he whispered into my ear. Before I could blink, another body was shoved through the door and trapped with no hope of escaping the savage thirst which had consumed my mind. I pounced on him- this one was an older boy fated to never reach full manhood- and plunged my teeth into his neck again and again and again. He tasted divine, but not nearly as sweet as the last two women. With more blood painting my pale skin and hair crimson, I finally felt nearly sated, although there was still an irritating little niggling at the back of my throat. I turned back to my lover, but before I could reach him he was already before me brushing my sticky and drying hair back.

Seeing all of his glory right before my face now that I could focus was overpowering. He was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen; my new enhanced vision showed all the little hidden amazing details of him that my human eyes had never caught. His eyes seemed to be full of twisting burgundy clouds, so stormy and complex were they, the thick white lashes framing them causing my mind to jump to untouched snow. His skin was more flawless than any I had ever seen, the tendons in his neck taught and his cheekbones handsomely sharp. And his lips... They were thin yet impossibly luscious, even when he was not forming any expression. I not quite fleetingly wondered if they were as soft as they seemed to me.

The gentle press of his slightly-cooler-than-mine skin brought my attention back to his long hands. They felt loving and gentle to me and I could not help but lean into them. I closed my eyes in pleasure as both of his hands cupped my neck, tilting my face up towards his unconsciously. I know now that if I had looked up at him, I would have seen a slight victorious smirk curling his lips; it was not smug or mocking, but pleased. Only I know him well enough to tell the difference.

Still, although I was horribly dirty and very much in need of a good bath, he ran his long fingers through my hair and pulled me into a kiss that strongly questioned my ability to breathe. In fact, I did not breathe for a good three minutes until it finished, leaving my chest heaving. Caius smiled down at me, his wicked lips smeared with the crimson life of my victims; even then he looked like a benign and glorious angel. "You should get washed, my love," he murmured, his sweet breath assisting in the hazing of my already unfocused mind. I nodded without hearing him. Realizing my current state, his smile grew and he turned my body 'round, leading me out of a door I had not even noticed. I paid no attention to anything but the hand on my shoulder and my side pressed to his.

We said our goodbyes at a large marble door, where he pressed a kiss to my hand and departed as cold hands pulled my form inside the room. After a moment of wistfully staring at the closed door I was behind, I turned to my new companion. Her beauty simultaneously astounded and enraged me.

The woman before me stood with the posture of a royal, her golden-yellow hair curling to the middle of her chest. Everything about her proud frame seemed to sing of her beauty and regality. However, unlike the dispassionate or simpering face many noblewoman would wear, her ruby lips beheld a sweet smile that promised friendship. I would have returned it, perhaps, if I had not been so mindful of the blood coating my front. Surely smiling with drying blood cracking on my face would have been quite the macabre picture. Not discouraged by my lack of pleasant greeting or smile, she stepped forward, gorgeous grin widening. "My name is Sulpicia," she supplied, curtsying to me in a show of respect. I returned the gesture, telling the white-skinned woman my name. Her smile widened, and she grasped my hand in her colder one. I was led over to the large bathtub filled with water, Sulpicia chattering away as though I were her long lost sister. For the most part I turned my attention elsewhere: admiring the enormous marble bathing chamber I had been pulled into. However, I did happen to catch a few choice snippets of information from the woman.

Apparently I had just been entered into a powerful coven of vampires who wanted to control the world from the shadows. The Volturi coven was designed to keep the vampires around the world under reign, meaning generally out of the humans' sight. Sulpicia was married to "Aro"- one of the men accompanying my Caius at the ball (I didn't know when I started thinking of him as mine, but it felt right). All three men ruled over the coven, Aro focusing more on keeping track of histories, Caius on guiding the Volturi guards and distributing punishment, and Marcus on keeping the little home kingdom of Volterra safe. Then she fell into talking about dresses and makeup, and I tuned her out at the sight of a mirror. She continued chattering as I walked over to it and gasped. "Yes, you really are a sight to behold, aren't you?" I could hear the smile in Sulpicia's voice without looking at her.

I had thought this many times in my life, but now I was positively certain: there was no woman upon the earth more positively heavenly than I was. Of course that was many many years ago, before our previous appearances weakened. Now I am not as glorious as I once was, but I do believe that I am still comparable to Heidi or that Cullen girl, Rosalind or whatever her name was. My bright red eyes, although disconcerting, did little to distract me from the rest of my body. The blood covering my face and torso like a second skin seemed like a minor detail. I stood, enraptured, not daring to move lest the picture of perfection disappear. I do not remember how long it took me to gather the courage to move my hand to touch my face, but the moment seemed to last a lifetime. My reflection moved with me, long fingers hesitantly pressing against a soft red-stained cheek. I whipped around, walking quickly over to the bath which was filled nearly to the brim with water, soaps, scents, and oils within reach. I thanked Sulpicia quickly and she bowed out. The only thought on my mind was to clean by body completely until I could not see a single speck of red- I needed to admire myself wholly, of course.

Oh dear god, I was so vain and conceited. Still am.

That was where Sulpicia found me again some hours later. I had robed myself in the simple dress she had left me and was lounging in front of the mirror, watching myself brush my hair adoringly. She smiled and shook her head, as though she had been expecting it. "Yes, it takes a while to get over, doesn't it?" She stood behind me and patted my shoulder, and my smile widened at how brilliantly my beauty outshone hers. "Caius is waiting for you," she added. I was surprised by how quickly I stood, whirling around to face her.

"Caius? Please take me to him," I requested almost desperately, laying down my comb. Ah, so I had finally found something more important than my appearance: my love, a man I hardly knew but adored for no apparent reason. Even more, the itch in my throat had developed into a burn and I was thirsting for my new food of choice. Sulpicia smiled knowingly and handed me a shining black pitcher. The smell of fresh blood drove me mad, but I was still careful not to soil myself with it as I tipped back the pitcher and my head, pouring the exquisite drink down my throat. I felt better afterwards as I handed Sulpicia the now-empty vessel, waiting impatiently for her to stash it and take me to my husband. She smiled knowingly at me again and I resisted the urge to slap the smirk off her face. My anger ebbed as she pulled me out of the room and through a labyrinth of halls, pausing to think a couple times, before we stopped at a pair of large double doors.

"These will be your and your husband's chambers," she announced, stepping back. "If you need anything Caius will get it for you." I nodded in understanding, waiting for her to relocate herself. She did not move. After a few seconds of Sulpicia staring at me expectantly, I opened the doors and stepped inside, closing them after myself.

"... Caius?" I called, my eyes scanning the luxurious chambers. I could only see the richest woods and the finest fabrics adorning the room, especially appreciative of the large four-poster bed- a bed that could surely hold two... Before my musings could take a more wicked turn, my white-haired god stepped into the room from a connecting door. He flashed a smile, at my side in a moment. I was completely overwhelmed by his beauty, the flash of his white smile. I stared wordlessly for a moment like the fool I was before breaking into a smile and wrapping my arms around his neck. He seemed to appreciate the expression and snaked his own arms around my waist. I sighed softly as I was brought against his tall frame, feeling his body against mine. It was a pleasant feeling; comforting. "I've missed you," I spoke honestly for once. His smile widened imperceptibly.

"Is that so, my dear? I must say I return the sentiment." I beamed at hearing the words. Funny how he really did not need to do anything to please me. "You have been taking your transformation quite well," he stated, sharp eyes scanning my face. "Are you sure that we are alright?"

"Yes, I've never been better!" I said, with much feeling placed in the words. It was true, but he still looked a bit doubtful.

"If it helps, you are quite a sight to behold," Caius said, and back then I couldn't see how calculating his eyes were as he spoke the words. But he saw me melting and it affirmed the suspicions of what my greatest weakness was. "I've never seen such a vision of loveliness as you, Athenodora." He smiled charmingly, and I was sure that if he hadn't been holding me up I would have swooned. His sweet smile became a slight smirk, but I didn't notice back then.

It would have been unsettling, surely, but I do know that there is not any ill will behind those smirks he sends me, just smugness. I don't mind. He's allowed to be a bit smug at how easily he enraptures me, especially since I have absolutely no right to speak. Honestly, the enormity of my ego could eclipse the sun, and I have no trouble stating it. We're two such horribly flawed people that we had to end up together. But I am veering off-course, aren't I?

Caius and I fell into a comfortable routine after that day: he and I laid in bed together, talking for hours and hours and hours. I loved the sound of his voice, like the smoothest of silks wrapping sensuously all about me. He and I spoke of anything and everything, and within days I knew him as well as I knew myself. He had a sharp sarcastic side, cruel and biting, but it was never directed at me. He was surely the most intelligent man I had ever met, and well-read to be certain. He seemed to know everything, a trait that stopped disconcerting me after a few days. Sometimes instead of lying in bed while we spoke, we would walk together or we would run. I needed constant breaks between our talks to feed, but it never bothered Caius.

And then there were my favorite times, when I dragged him over to the mirror. We sat together before it, I in his lap with our cheeks touching, and I stared adoringly at our reflection together. He looked as well, his eyes memorizing my face easily. He was as pleased as I was at our appearance together, but it didn't enrapture him as much as it did me; I couldn't seem to get my fill of staring at us together. He was just so perfect, so beautiful... I had never found someone before who I would rather stare at than myself until I met him. I spent our hours talking privately enjoying the chance to just stare at him, his pale skin and hair against the red silk sheets. And when we sat together before the mirror, my heart was filled with so much love for him! We were simply so perfect together; I couldn't get enough of the icy perfection of seeing us, it was like a drug to my system. And Caius, oh, my Caius...

In the world was only he who was as beautiful as me.

To be continued...

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