Prologue.Notturno D'amore

"Welcome back." A thin manly voice was heard.

"Yunoki senpai" Kahoko said in recognition, as she saw the handsome senpai at the head of the staircase leaning on the rails.

"Looks like it's almost time for dinner." He said while coming down

"Yep. I'll come to eat right after I put my stuff away." Kahoko shoved her violin case. They were both standing now on the landing. Yunoki approached her and whispered to her ear.

"Come to the entrance hall right after dinner." As he walked down the stars he turned and with a smile added in a joyful-playful tone. "It's a promise!"

Kahoko was left bewildered wondering why – why did he want here there, why all this secrecy and why all of sudden such politeness.

But she soon was to find out. After dinner Yunoki led her to a secluded garden, which had a fountain with a beautiful woman statue in the middle.

"Ano… Yunoki senpai?" she still couldn't figure out what he has brought her there and where were they, for what purpose? When she entered the garden a smell struck her. What's this smell? It smells sweet.

"Have a look." Yunoki was standing few meters away. "Look at these white flowers."

"These are…?" she asked and leaned in to take a deep breath of the scent of these flowers.

"It's the Queen of the Night. It's a flower that only blooms for one summer night."

"It smells really sweet." Kahoko felt really glad that she was there to see them blooming. It would be like their own beautiful performance.

"It's a reward, Hino."

"A reward?" Kahoko didn't expect this word out of the mouth of this person.

"Because you made me enjoy myself during the concours, after all"

A light breeze blew making Kahoko's hair wave slightly. "I'll play a song especially for you, just for you." Yunoki stressed the last words subtly.

He played the first few notes and paused for a second to see her reaction. He had her full attention. His slender fingers were sliding gracefully from the one key to the other, playing Notturno d'Amore by R.Drigo

Hino, my rhythm always gets messed up when you're around. For me to oppose my grandmother and cancel the transfer… Yunoki thought.

Hesitantly, little by little the flowers opened their petals, like urged by Yunoki's music. Their beautiful scent permeated the air, alluring anyone that would stand close to them.

But thanks to that, my life from now on… seems a little more enjoyable. This is a reward for that… Kahoko.

Hino Kahoko, an ordinary girl without any special charms or wits, had managed to pull him out of his shell and settle in his heart. With her kindness and straight forwardness she had managed to touch him deep inside and make him open to her. That's why she was so 'annoying'. For the first time in his life, he couldn't keep his façade and self-discipline up when with her. Kahoko had triggered his interest and something more; a feeling he didn't want to admit and couldn't believe he would ever taste. Her cluelessness and naivety were traits which he found quite amusing and rare. They made Yunoki want to protect her.

For a few moments their eyes locked, Kahoko was totally mesmerized and her lips were slightly apart in amazement. A tint of red grazed her cheeks as the atmosphere didn't seem to be earthly – with the moon washing them in their pale light and her senpai with alabaster skin looking back at her seriously and gently. She could feel butterflies dancing in her stomach and the sound of the flute made her heart flutter like a tiny bird.

After the last notes faded into the air, Yunoki turned to her and asked

"How was it? Was it to your liking?"

"Y-yes." Kahoko replied with lowered head to hide her self-consciousness that had turned her face into a crimson rose.

"You sure are cute… Kahoko." He chuckled

Suddenly Kahoko realized that Yunoki was few inches away from her, because she could see his shoes and trousers. Then, the next thing she remembered were his fingers under her chin, his seductive glance and his lips crushed onto hers. His other hand rubbed the small on her back causing her to open her lips. That's what he was waiting for! He inserted his tongue and explored her mouth patiently. She showed no resistance; rather she let a yearning sigh escape. Kahoko shivered although the night wasn't cold.

When she opened her eyes, she saw him leaning in again, but this time he kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Kahoko." Yunoki said while heading back to the villa.

Kahoko's feet were glued where she stood and touching her lips, she understood that there was no way she would be able to even utter a response to him.

What was this right now? Was it a dream? An illusion, maybe?

And of course she couldn't have a wink of sleep for the rest of the night…