Title: A-K-U-S-O-R-A, Got it Memorized?
Author: Izzy-Lawliet (Rin)
Disclaimer: Let's go over this slowly so you can understand what I'm saying. I do not own this. If I did, do you seriously think that I would be typing a poorly written story like this?
Pairings: Axel/Sora
Rating: M
Warnings: AU, yaoi and whatever comes along with it.

Summary: They met online, met in person, and became friends, what's stopping thm from becoming more?

Author's Note: This fic is being written in reply to a challenge on 'Kingdom Hearts Fanfic Archive'.

SilentxxScreamer Has logged on

SilentxxScreamer: Got-It-Memorized Has sent you a private message request

Got-It-Memorized: hey, sxy

SilentxxScreamer: What have I told you? Stop calling me sexy.

Got-It-Memorized: i ddnt call you 'sexy' I clled u 'sxy'

SilentxxScreamer: whatev. how was school today?

Got-It-Memorized: Hrrible, we had this reprt due 2day

SilentxxScreamer: And you dind't do it?

SilentxxScreamer: didn't

Got-It-Memorized: rght, how bout u

SilentxxScreamer: the usual. went to skool, made fun of, pushed iinto a locker, and forgot my homework

Got-It-Memorized: srry, bt u no if i was ther id kik ther asses for u

SilentxxScreamer: thanks, but since your not here, it doesn't matter

Got-It-Memorized: its the thought that counts

"Sora! Roxas! Dinner time!" My mom yelled at me from downstairs.

SilentxxScreamer: ur right. but anyways, I gtg. dinner time

Got-It-Memorized: u btter come bck on

SilentxxScreamer: I will

SilentxxScreamer has logged off

I exited out of the instant messenger screen and sighed heavily. I pushed back in my rolly-chair and stood up. I left my room and stared down the stairs to the dining room. As I was walking down the stairs I noticed that mom had put up more of the family picture while I was in my room, which still had boxes piled on top of boxes that needed unpacked.

See, we just moved here from Destiny Islands, here as in Twilight Town. Twilight Town is a small practically uncharted place on the map. It's very small and most people haven't heard off, except those who actually lived here. How and why we moved here, I don't know, but we did, so here we are. In a place rarely heard of, away from the few people who understood me, and into a place where I was made fun of constantly.

It sucked, but mom said that it'd get better, and of course I couldn't argue with her, I just sat back, pouted and mentally cussed her out. But that was last month. This month I met this guy online who's really fun to talk to, I was enrolled into a new school and I became a loner on the first day of the new school. That's only 'cuz this school revolved around cliques, cliques that were started before school did, and never ended till school ended, where new ones began. So that left me alone, like the other old new kids, to become a loner. Not that I really minded, I wasn't really social, it's kinda hard to be when you're a mute.

Yeah, you heard me right. I'm a mute, no one at school knew that except for the teachers. They had to know, or otherwise they'd call on me and then I'd be unable to answer them. But, I think, no I know, that if the kids at the school found out, then I'd be in deep doodoo. Yes, I said doodoo.

I made it downstairs to the kitchen that was almost done being complete, which wasn't a surprise to me. Mom loved to cook so it only made sense that this was one of the rooms that needed to be unpacked quickly. It was also one of the rooms that was packed up last. Surprise, surprise.

"Hey, honey. We're having steak and country-styled potatoes." She said happily, scooping the potatoes and splitting it up onto three plates, one for her, my brother, and me. I jumped up in excitement and sat in my seat, ready to start chowing down on this delicious food once Roxas got down here.

Roxas came down like five minutes after she had called us the first time, or the first time that I heard. He sat down and I immediately started chowing down. And was it good. Okay, no it was delicious! I always loved my mom's cooking.

"So, how was school today?" Our mom asked after she chewed a few bites of food.

"Good," Roxas answered, while I just simply shrugged, again, not being able to answer. The rest of dinner was held in silence like most dinners were. It was kinda awkward, or at least it seemed that way, for me. I think mom wanted to tell us something important but didn't know how to get it out or say it. I shrugged to myself and continued to eat, finishing off my food. I grabbed the plate and took it to the sink, and rinsed it off, laying it in the dishwasher.

I jogged up the stairs and into my room, shutting and locking the door behind me. I went to my computer desk, spun in the chair a couple times before pulling myself close to the desk to start typing away on my laptop. I logged in on Yahoo! Messenger, clicking invisible, and looking at my contacts for the guy that I love…to talk to?

He wasn't there so I clicked on him anyways, sending a message that he would get when he came back online.

SilentxxScreamer: Hey…gorgeous, text me when you can.

Then I logged off, jumping on my bed, landing on my stomach. So, this guy. I don't know what he looks like, I don't know how old he is, and I don't know that he's not some old serial rapist. But, I get this feeling from him, like he would really kick some guy's ass just to protect me. I wish he went to my school, then I would be able to see him and talk to him like an actual human being. Maybe, I could arrange to meet him somewhere, public at least so then we can talk face to face…no. Bad idea, he could be a serial rapists and he could be a billion years old.

But…I wanted to meet him; he seemed really cool, and really fun, and down to Earth and really understood me. He's 17 and his real name is Axel, A-X-E-L, Got it memorized? That's what he said – typed - the first time we met. I told him my name and that's what he said back. It was funny, I typed in 'lol' and really laughed out loud.

I logged out of Yahoo! and jumped on my bed again, I just finished another conversation with Axel. We have seemed to have gotten closer over the past few weeks. We came this close to having cybersex. I was like whoa!, the way he was talking gave me a boner the size of Texas, I couldn't help it. I didn't expect him to go that far, I was like ohmygod! I didn't know what to say, beside going along with it.

So here I am, on my bed, with a boner the size of Texas. I shifted on my bed uncomfortably, wanting to get rid of this problem that I was having, that was sooo uncomfortable. I looked to my door, and made sure that it was locked before sitting up and slipping off my shirt. I started to undo my pants, when my phone started to vibrate next to me. I sighed and picked it up, and checked the text message I just received.

Yd u leave so soon. I wsnt done ; )

I would have groaned, if I could, and started to reply back, although my body, especially down there was telling me that I should ignore the cause of it and get back to taking care of it. Why do you think?

Aww, u wnt me 2 hlp u out? Jst thnk of me the wth u, kissng u, tuchng u and gvng u pleasure u hve nvr known.

I wanted to moan out loud, letting my hand that wasn't holding my cell, push down my pants and boxers, leaving me naked on my bed, my penis standing tall. Don't tease me. I'm……………hard.

Good, cuz I am 2

I didn't know how to reply to that. Was I supposed…what? What does he want me to say. Before I could even think of anything proper to say, my phone started ringing.

'I'm so addicted to
all the things you do
when your goin down on me
in between the sheets.
All the sounds you ma-'

I answered the phone, wondering who it was, when I really did know who it was, I gave him that particular song, cuz he said it was one of his favorites. I wonder why…everyone who had my number knew I couldn't talk, so there would be no point in calling me.

"Hey there." I could've sworn his voice got hotter than the last time he called. "Now, I know you can't talk, but just let me do the talking." I literally almost moaned out loud, if I could. His voice was all husky and…dare I say it sexy as hell. "Now, lay back…"

I was sitting in a booth at the ice cream parlor, sipping on a root beer float. I was so nervous. Axel said that he'd be meeting me here, alone. I was able to convince Roxas to drop me off, get me a drink, then leave and come back when I text him. So, I was waiting for him to arrive like he said he would. He text me earlier and said he thought it was time we met in person. I agreed right of th bat, but it was Roxas who I had to convince. He wasn't to sure about it, but he trusted my judgment, and told me to call him the first sign of trouble.

I was waiting patiently, Axel said when he got here, I would know, he was the sexy one with the red hair. I told him I was the one with the really spiky brown hair. He said he had spiky hair too, which made me wonder, how red was his hair? My back was facing away from the door, so every time the bell went off, I had to turn around completely. After three turns and no Axel, I was tired of turning around. He said he'd meet me here…I looked at my cell…ten minutes from now. Okay, maybe I was a little, only a little, impatient, but I really wanted to see him, then maybe we can be real friends.

I sighed and straightened out my notebook and red pen that I would use to talk to him. Without it, he would have to attempt to read sign language. I heard the bell ding on more time, but I didn't feel like turning around, so I started to scoop out some ice cream that was in my cup. I then heard some mumbles about a guy with weird hair. Could that be Axel?

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to look up at one of the hottest guys I think I'll ever see. His hair was like, wabam! and his eyes were this bright green that popped out, and true to what he said, he had red hair, it was like blood-red. I wonder if it's natural. Then there were also these upside-down teardrops under his eyes.

"Sora?" I nodded vigorously, smiling widely. "Good, I'm Axel, but you know that." I nodded again, and motioned for him to take a seat next to me. He smiles and does as I ask. "So how are you?"

I looked down, picked up my pen and started to write on my paper. Great, now. It's nice to actually meet you.

"You too. So you really are a mute?" I nodded slowly, looking down again, but this time embarrassed. "It's okay. I don't mind," He said to me, lifting my chin to look at him. "But I would've liked to hear your voice." He whispered huskily into my ear. My eyes widened in surprise, wow, didn't think you were so straightforward. I wrote on my paper after he released my chin.

"Sorry, it's hard to keep my hands off of you now I know what you look like." I blushed and didn't' write anything else. "You wanna get outta here?" I shook my head and regretted it after the look he gave me in return.

I told my brother I would stay here. He'd kill me if I left.

"Oh, that's it. I thought it was you didn't trust me." Axel laughed, and that one chuckle sent shivers up my spine. The way it resonated and hit my ears was like…whoa…

No, I trust you. I trust you with my life, but my brother doesn't…

"Then how about you introduce us so we cane know each other." I contemplated it and then nodded, taking out my cell phone and texting my brother, come meet Axel. He's awesome! "I'm awesome?" I nodded again. "Cool, so are you." I blushed. "Aww, you are too cute!" He leaned down slightly and kissed my cheek, causing me to blush even more.

Roxas and Axel loved each other, platonically. They're friends now; they hang out with each other even without me. It makes me wonder if something more is going on between them, but I think I'm just being paranoid. So, we're hanging out in the living room, playing Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness.

Roxas was intently paying attention to the game, while I was leaning against Axel with his arm around me. You could say we were going out, but then you'd be wrong. We're just friends…for now. I know we've had one-sided phonesex, and we actually completed a thing of cybersex, but that doesn't mean we're together, does it? Well, he hasn't said anything; he just kisses me occasionally, not on the mouth, only on the cheek.

I guess I was starting to fall asleep, because my eyes snapped open when Roxas started cussing at the TV because he died in the game. I jumped, then relaxed in Axel's embrace after he laughed at me. I pouted up at him and did a great big o' yawn.

"How 'bout we get you to bed?" I shook my head and crossed my arms after I pulled away from him, planting myself firmly on the couch. "Think that's gonna work?" I nodded, but didn't expect him to pick me up, bridal style. I would've shrieked out of shock if I could. "Yo, Roxas, I'm taking Sora up to bed." Roxas made this grunting noise to signal that he heard us while he ran through the Hall of Seasons from this undead skeleton thingy. I silently giggled at his antics and wrapped my arms around Axel's neck as he carried me up the stairs.

I was so scared that he would either drop me, or fall. Either one of those choices would include me being hurt. I hoped that he was strong enough that neither of that would happen. He opened my door without putting me down and entered my room. He kicked the door shut behind us. He took me to my bed and laid me down, or at least tried to. I kept my arms around his neck, keeping him close to me. He reached for my arms and gently pried them from around his neck. I sighed and then tugged on his shirt when he turned to leave.

"You want me to stay?" I nodded and patted the spot next to me. "You want me to lay with you?" I nodded again and smiled sheepishly up at him. "Okay, I can do that." He mumbled, more to himself than to me. He lay next to me, over the blankets while I was under them. I was freezing, for some reason, while he was able to stand being outside of the blanket. I then started to see him start to shiver. "Can I…never mind." I knew what he was about to ask, so I pushed down the blanket and covered him up, scooting into him to be closer.

He looked down at me and smiled, there was that feeling again. I had it not too long ago, the feeling where I had this huge urge to kiss him. To be close to him, to just be near him and closer than any two people could be…if you know what I mean. "Can I kiss you…?" I nodded quickly, before he could change his mind and take the question back. He chuckled at my enthusiasm and leant down, pressing his lips softly to mine. My first kiss…and it was amazing. I would've moaned if I could, just to show him how much I liked it, but alas(lol) I couldn't…

One of his hands was behind my neck, pulling me close to him, while the other was on the small of my back, rubbing little circles into my skin. I pulled away, needing air. Good thing I was laying down, that kiss would've knocked me right of my feet, it made me feel all tingly inside and especially…down there.

"That was your first kiss, wasn't it?" I blushed and kissed him again to show that I wanted it and he shouldn't feel guilty that he was my first kiss, because I wanted it. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you want this?" He sat up, pulling me up with him. His hands were on my shoulders, keeping me a good distance away from him. I want this. I want this badly. I mouthed to him, hoping he understood me. He nodded his head in understanding and kissed me again, wrapping his arms around my waist.

We somehow ended up standing on our knees, pulling each others shirts off. When he got the shirt over my head, his lips went to my neck, sucking and biting. I put my hands on his shoulder, digging my nails into his skin and opening my mouth in a silent scream. I couldn't help but writhe and squirm as his kisses went lower and he laid me down on the bed. I looked up to him with flushed cheeks and a smirk that I was hoping was sexy, apparently it was because he moaned and laid on top of me, laying kisses wherever he could reach as he started to undo my pants.

I was so far gone; I would've let him done anything to me. I would've maybe even let him rape me if that's what he wanted. But that wasn't what he wasn't. He just wanted to love me, I think. Wait, should we do this, we haven't even said 'I love you' to each other. And that's what sex it all avout, right? That's what my first time should be, done out of love, not lust, it should be lovemaking, not sex or…or fucking. Right? Right.

I dislodged our kiss and removed Axel's hands from my pants, which he was having trouble undoing. "What's wrong, my angel?" I blushed at the name but forced him to sit up anyways. I sat up with him, him on top of me with his legs on either side of mine. I reached over and grabbed the notebook on my bedside table, writing every question that came to mind down.

What are we? What are we doing? Is this just an attempt to get into my pants? Do you love me? Do you really want to do this? Do I really want to do this?

I turned the notebook around so he could read it. His eyes were wide open when he looked at me. "Wow, are you thinking about all that?" I nodded forcefully and kinda glared at him, waiting the answers to this question. "We are whatever you want to be, friends, boyfriends, friends with benefits, anything you want." Before he answered the next question, I wrote something on the paper. "Boyfriends? Of course. And, if you don't know what we are doing…I could always just show you." He pushed down the notebook and kissed me hotly on the mouth. I backed away from him and pointed at the notebook, signaling that he needed to answer the rest of the questions. "Fine. No, this isn't an attempt to get in your pants, if it was, I would've done this looong ago. And yes, I love you and I really want this and I'm hoping you want it to."

Then let's make love. I wrote on the notepad, then I threw it across the room to jump on him and kiss him fully on the lips, wrapping my arms around his neck, once again. The jolt I got when our bare chests met caused me to shiver again. It did the same for Axel, but he moaned out at the contact.

"Your wish is my command." He said, and laid me down on the pillow. He kissed me softly on the lips before he sat back up, undoing my pants and pulling them down and off. I blushed and looked away as I noticed he was staring at me. "Don't be shy…you're beautiful. Now, are you sure you want this?" I nodded for what seemed like the billionth time in less than an hour. He stood up and started to undo his jeans, pulling them down with his boxers before climbing back on top of me with the grace of a cat.

I sighed again at the contact, this time shivering uncontrollably. He chuckled at that and started to kiss me slowly this time, passionately, something I never thought would happen, especially with someone as hot and perfect as Axel. I wanted to tell him that, but obviously I couldn't, because I was a fucking stupid mute! It sucked, I was never able to talk, to tell someone I loved them, especially to someone who deserves it, like Axel.

"Baby! What's wrong? What'd I do? Why're you crying?" He asked frantically. I took one of my hands and wiped at my face to find that I was actually crying, and that only made me cry more. "Angel, don't cry." He removed my hand and started to kiss the tears away. I couldn't help but cry more after that. Axel then realized that it was his doing on why I was crying. "What'd I do?"

I shook my head and pointed to the notebook and pen that was on the other side of the room. He picked it up and tentatively handed it to me. I wrote on it, tears falling onto it with my words.

I want to be able to tell you how I feel, I want to moan, I want to say your name, I want to tell you I love you…but I can't. and it hurts. I just want to be able to tell you everything that's on my mind, but I…

"Aww, baby, sweetie, it doesn't matter to me. Just knowing that you do is enough. I know you can't talk, and that's fine with me, so don't cry Angel." I smiled through my tears at his words. I knew he meant them, the look in his eyes, and the serious tone in his voice gave it all away. I reached out for his hand and he grabbed it, taking it and coming back on the bed. "Now, do you want to do this? We can always wait…" He trailed off by kissing my lips gently; it was one of those barely-there kisses that left me wanting more. But his question really made me think.

Did I want this? The answer was no. I just wanted to be close to Axel, to feel his skin against mine, to hear his heartbeat, to feel his breath on my skin. That's wall I wanted, and that's all I needed, I didn't need to do it now, like he said, we could always wait. The thought made me smile, just knowing that he would wait for me was wonderful.

I shook my head. "Okay, but do you want me to take care of that?" He asked, pointing down to the problem between my legs. I shook my head again and curled up to him, kissing his broad chest. "Okay, you wanna just lay here though, right?" I nodded this time, loving the way he wrapped is arms around me.

Now, I was going to go all the way, but then I thought, there'd be no sequel! So there you go, now again, if anyone has any requests for a pairing, just tell me in a review!