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Things you should never do at a Death Eater meeting

1. I will not force Voldemort and the Death Eaters to go to anger management classes

2. I will not hum a bit of the Imperial March when Voldemort talks.

3. I will not ask if Potter is still alive after one of the plans fail.

4. I will not tell them that Evil Wizards and Death Eaters are out of style and Wicked Witches and Flying Monkeys are in.

5. I will not ask Voldemort if he wants help getting laid.

6. I will not randomly laugh during the meeting.

7. I will not show them the Star Wars movies and comment on the similarities between Darth Vader and Voldemort.

8. I will not redesign the Death Eaters outfits.

9. I will not ask for the name of Voldemort's plastic surgeon because you want to sue him.

10. I will not keep commenting how Voldemort has no nose.