Disclaimer: JE owns them. I do not – except for Annie, who is my own. This is a Lester/OC sequel to the Ranger/Steph distraction story, "Third Time's a Charm." This chapter is a rewrite of Lester & Annie's points of view from the original.


Casanova's Angel


Chapter 1
Lester's POV

Walking into the club, I started a quick glance around the place, needing to locate our target. I didn't see him at first, but one of the waitresses caught my eye. She was really sexy and looked like quite the little spitfire. I watched her pass by a group of tables and booths and hoped that was where I'd be heading. She reached the bar and glanced at me. I gave her a big smile, pleased when she smiled back.

When I looked around the room again for Nichols, I spotted him back in the section I thought the hottie had been working, and as my luck would have it, there was an open booth near him. I quickly moved over to grab it.

The booth I was now holding for Bossman and Beautiful was only a few feet away from our badboy skip and was going to be the perfect place to put on a show for him.

Suddenly, I heard Ranger's voice over the mic, telling Steph where everyone was located.

I heard Tank, Bobby, and Hal confirm their positions, and I muttered affirmatively when he asked if everyone was ready.

Looking in the mirror on the wall, I watched them walk in, Ranger's arm possessively around Steph's waist. They didn't hesitate to head out to the dance floor, like they'd done this a thousand times. Who knows, maybe they had. The guys and I weren't totally in the know about what they did on their time off.

Steph always looked beautiful, but tonight... Damn. I knew she'd been putting on a show for Ranger, but she'd gotten me all tied up in knots, too. That damn dress was sexy without making her look slutty, which she sometimes did for a distraction. Granted, that was what was needed sometimes, but tonight, she looked hotter than I'd ever seen her look for a job. It was like she'd pulled out all the stops. Fuck me if it wasn't working. I would bet money I wasn't the only one who'd had a solid hard-on since she walked into the first club tonight. Not that I'd ever admit that to the boss... We joked about getting shipped to a third world country, but even I knew when not to press my luck.

I kept them in the corner of my eye while they danced, but mainly focused on the beer in front of me so I could keep an eye on Nichols, who was off to my upper left. After two songs, I saw he couldn't keep his eyes off the two of them.

When I told Ranger and Steph they already had the skip's attention, they ignored me, continuing to dance and make out in the middle of the dance floor. I chuckled to myself. I sure hoped Steph wasn't embarrassed about this later. It looked like it was going to be a fun couple of hours. I was going to have to find a date if they kept that up!

From the corner of my eye, I caught a movement from the door, and when my brain processed who it was, I growled in disgust. I hissed the new intel into my mic. Even though they didn't even pause their actions, I heard Ranger make a noise to show he'd heard me.

I watched Joyce and her date head out to the floor and saw her surprise when she caught sight of Ranger and Steph. She shot them a look of pure hatred mixed with...jealousy, maybe? Then she grabbed her date and began a dance that, had it been anyone but the whore of Trenton, would've been sexy.

I motioned to the sexy waitress for another beer. When she brought it over to me, I grinned. "How ya' doin'?"

She laughed. "I'm good. You here by yourself, handsome?"

"Yeah, just needed to blow off some pent-up tension. Been a long night."

"Well, relax. I'll be back with another beer if you just give me a sign." She smiled a sexy grin and walked off.

Damn, her ass was perfect. As I watched her walk back toward the bar, I just wanted to get up, follow her, and squeeze it.

After a few more songs, I saw Ranger lead Steph off the dance floor to the bar. Once they'd gotten their drinks, they stood there, as close together as they'd been while dancing, as they drank them for several minutes. I could see Steph watching the "Joyce Show" and worrying.

Joyce's dance was admittedly pretty hot, although I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole. I wondered how much she'd had to pay the dude she was out with tonight. That thought made me chuckle to myself, and I told myself to remember to ask Tank that later.

Steph told Ranger she'd come up with a plan to get the skip's attention back on them. She led Ranger out the doorway in the back that led to the bathrooms. They were out of my viewpoint, but I could hear them over my ear piece. Steph said, "Wait here for me."

Not even a minute later, I heard the bathroom door open again and then Ranger's voice. "Everything okay, Babe?"

"I'm good, thanks. Can you do me a favor? I don't have anywhere to put these, so can you put them in your pocket until later, please?"

I wondered what in the world she'd given him. Maybe her earrings were bothering her and she'd taken them out.

Ranger's voice was low when he answered her. "Babe, let's go dance. I want to feel you up against me."

Then...I knew.

Somehow, I just knew that Steph had gone into the restroom and taken off her panties. Fuck me with all that is holy, she was now naked under that damn dress. I thought I couldn't get any harder, but suddenly, I felt like I was hard enough that I might split my pants wide open. I slipped my hand under the table to adjust myself, feeling like shit because I couldn't do anything for relief at the moment.

When they came back into the main room of the club, Ranger's hand was down low, probably at her ass. Nichols couldn't take his eyes off the two of them.

The first song slipped into a second, and then a third, and after thirty minutes, one of Ranger's favorites came on. I knew he loved "Un Beso," and one of his favorite dances was the Bachata, so it didn't surprise me that he started dancing that. To my surprise, Steph slipped right into the dance with him. He had himself pressed right up against her pussy, and I moaned loudly. Fuck me, it just kept getting harder to watch them.

The hottie waitress interrupted my thoughts to bring me a new drink. "My treat. You looked like you needed a new one."

I felt my cock stir. "Thanks, gorgeous. My name's Les. What's yours, and what time do you get off tonight?"

She laughed, answering in a melodic voice, "Annie, and two o'clock. Why?"

"I'm just wondering if you'd be up for a late dinner or early breakfast after your shift. I noticed you when I first came in and want to get to know you."

"This have anything to do with the couple on the dance floor? They're pretty damn sexy, and—" as she peeked at my lap "—it seems like you're definitely getting worked up watching them."

Oh my fuck. I think she's my angel! "Just food, Annie, I promise!" I grinned and winked at her, enjoying the blush that spread across her cheeks.

"Two o'clock, then. See you in a while, Les," she said over her shoulder as she walked away, shaking her ass for me.

Hot damn.

I looked back at Ranger and Steph and then at Nichols. The guy couldn't keep his eyes off them. I told Steph that the skip hadn't looked at Joyce once since they got back into the room, and she didn't respond. Ranger did, though.

"Shut up, Santos," he said, and then I watched as he removed both his and Steph's ear pieces.

Hah. We could still hear them, but now, they wouldn't hear my reactions. I opened up my cell phone, pretending to talk on it. "Tank, Bobby, Hal...you guys are missing out. Hal, too bad you aren't behind bar in here. You'd flip. They're all over each other. It's like they've forgotten there's anyone else in the room."

Bobby and Hal laughed, but Tank cursed. "I hope Ranger knows what he's doing and doesn't forget where he's at and why."

"Nah, man, I think he's cool. Ranger knows what he's doing. Not so sure about Steph, though..."

Finally, the song changed and I saw Ranger and Steph heading my way. I waited until I knew they could claim the table before I hopped up, leaving them the booth, and headed over to the bar. I grabbed a seat where I could still see Nichols and my favorite couple. By the time I looked back over, Ranger had pulled Steph down beside him in the booth and they were kissing.

I saw Annie get stopped by Nichols. She glanced at Ranger and Steph and then headed to the bar. I smiled at her when she came up beside me.

She told the bartender she wanted a margarita and a Corona. As she turned, she brushed her breasts against my arm, causing my cock to tighten even more. "See ya later, handsome," she whispered.

She walked over to Steph and Ranger's booth and set the drinks down. "Compliments of the man at the table over there," she said, her voice clear over the mics they were wearing.

Ranger and Steph silently thanked the skip and took a drink.

I thought I'd come in my pants when I saw Ranger lift Steph suddenly up onto his lap, facing her away from him. I knew Nichols was in for a show now.

"Holy shit," I told the guys outside in a low voice. I proceeded to describe where Steph was. Then I watched Ranger's arm moving slightly and knew where he was moving his hand. "I think Bossman has his fingers up Steph's—"

I was cut off in mid-sentance by Tank's commanding voice. "Santos, finish that sentence and I'll personally pound you into the ground for Ranger."

I gulped and shut up, watching as I heard soft moans coming from Steph. I heard Ranger's breath catch, and then Steph said in a rather loud voice, "Ranger, fuck, I'm going to come again!"

It was like a car wreck. I didn't want to watch. I knew I shouldn't. But fuck if I was going to look away... I watched Ranger's arm move a bit faster and heard both of them breathing harder than they had been. Finally, Steph gave a loud gasp, and I almost thought I could hear it even without the mics. I turned to look at Nichols and saw that he was watching them so intently that he wasn't even blinking.

A minute later, I saw Ranger sliding their ear pieces back in place. As he nuzzled Steph's neck, he said, "What's the latest on the skip, Santos?"

"Uh, yeah. Boss, he'd follow you anywhere right now," I said after clearing my throat. I lowered my voice and mumbled under my breath, "I think all of us would."

"Ready to go, Babe?" Ranger asked Steph.

It was one thirty by that time and the crowd had thinned out considerably since the club was closing at two. I watched them pass by Nichols, and Steph gave him a little smile and wave goodbye. After they'd gone a few steps, Nichols got up to follow, tossing a handful of bills on the table.

"Skip is up and following, Boss," I told the team. I waited until they were almost to the door before I got up, mouthed to Annie that I'd be back in a few minutes, and headed out myself.

I got to the door just in time to hear Tank's spiel and the noise of a scuffle.

After making sure he was secure, I said, "We got this guy, Boss. You guys take off. Oh, and thanks for the show!"

Ranger growled for me to meet him on the mats in the morning as he pulled Steph toward the car.

I laughed, knowing what he was going to be doing in a few minutes. Within seconds, their mics were off and ear pieces were out and they were inside Ranger's car.

I turned back around to see Tank and Hal beginning to haul Nichols up off the ground. "Hey, Tank, you guys mind all going back in one vehicle and leaving me here with the other? I made a new friend tonight. Hottest little waitress I've ever seen. Boobs to die for, ass I just wanna grab onto and squeeze..."

"Fuck, Santos, I didn't wanna hear that. That's fine, man. See ya back at Haywood," he grumbled, tossing me a set of keys.

"Thanks, man. See you guys," I said as I turned around to head back into the club. I switched off my mic and took that and the ear piece out, placing them in my pocket along with the keys.

I made my way up to the bar and ordered a club soda, smiling at Annie as she passed me, heading back to the booths across from the bar. I watched her hips sway as she walked over to them, admiring her curves. She was short, especially compared to my height of six feet. Her hair was a gorgeous mix of blonde and brown, cut short at her jaw. That just made her hazel eyes pop out from her beautiful face.

I was still watching her as she walked back to me.

She leaned in, pressing her lips to my ear, and whispered, "I'll be right out, Les."

She nipped at my ear before moving away, and I nearly messed my pants. I was so fucking turned on from the show Ranger and Steph had put on that this gorgeous little thing nearly made me come undone.

C'mon, Santos, I ordered myself. Get it together, man. Think of anything. Locker rooms. No, the men's locker room, dammit. Old ladies. Ugh, Grandma Mazur. Yeah, that's the ticket.

By the time Annie came back out with her purse, I'd calmed myself down enough to walk.

She came up beside me and put her small hand on my bicep, giving it a soft squeeze. "Hey, handsome, you ready to go? The diner I'm thinking of is two blocks to the north. We could walk."

The diner sounded perfect. "Do you need to tell—" I motioned over to some of the other waitresses and the bartender. She didn't know me from Adam, so I thought she might want to give a head's up to someone to let them know where she was going and with who.

She laughed. "Why, Mr. Santos, are you worried about my safety?"

I raised an eyebrow, wondering how she knew my last name.

Shrugging, she said, "I asked around. Someone recognized you and said you were a good guy. She said you were some kind of cop?"

"Smart girl," I praised, smiling down at her. "I was actually working tonight, so I'm glad you agreed to get a bite to eat. I really wanted to sit and talk to you earlier, and I couldn't."

"Working?" She laughed. "What kind of job do you have where you can sit in the bar and drink?"

As we walked out of the club, I explained, "I'm a security specialist for a private security firm. You ever hear of RangeMan?"

"Oh! I've read about you guys. You played some part in helping after the Stark Street crap last year, didn't you? What were you doing at the club tonight?"

"Yeah, that was us. We were there tonight picking up an FTA. Bad guy jumped bail and we were hired to find him and bring him in. The hot couple on the dance floor was Steph and Ranger. The guy that ordered them the drinks was the bad guy."

"Steph," she said, her forehead scrunched up in concentration. "Wait, Stephanie Plum? Seriously? Wow, Trenton's own Bombshell Bounty Hunter in my club. Cool!"

I laughed.

"Did you guys get him?"

"If you asked anyone on our team, the answer would be the same. Bomber always gets her man."

"So besides helping clean up after drug dealers and picking up bad guys, what else do you do, Les?"

"We install security systems, dabble in real estate. A little bit of this and that. I enjoy it. Not a lot of downtime, which is why this is a rare treat for me."

We arrived at the diner, and I opened the door for her to duck under my arm. Annie snagged a booth toward the back, and I slid in across from her.

I really wanted to learn more about her, so after we ordered, I asked about her life.

"I'm twenty-four, single, and just finished getting my degree in Computer Information Systems."

Excellent, she was a smart girl. I liked that.

"I took some time off after high school and spent a year in the Peace Corps. I've always been a whiz at computers, so I spent the year helping set up new computer systems in lower income schools. Then my dad got sick, so I moved in with my mom for two years to help with my little brother and sister. He passed away a few years ago, so my mom forced me into school, telling me it would be a good example for Todd and Amanda."

Smart and caring... Sweet!

"So here I am, waitressing at night while I look for a job during the day. What about you?"

It took me a moment to realize she had asked about me, and I quickly pulled my thoughts together. "I told you most of what I could about work already. There's a lot that's classified or protected that I can't share. Sorry about that."

"No worries." Her smile made me think she might really be cool with the secrecy that was forced on me because of my career.

"So anyway, I graduated high school and went straight into the Army. That's where I met Ranger and a few of the other guys I work with. After several years, I joined the Special Forces, and about four years ago, I got an honorable discharge and joined up with Ranger and our friend Tank, who'd started RangeMan together about six months before. Both my parents passed away while I was in the Army."

I paused, lost in my thoughts and memories for a moment before I felt her hand as she reached across the table and put it softly on top of mine.

I took a deep breath and smiled before continuing. "I'm twenty-seven, and I have a twin sister, as well as an older sister who's twenty-nine. Maria, the oldest, is an attorney in New York City, so I see her every few months. Lenora, or Nora as she likes to be called, lives in Miami. She and her husband Martin have a little boy named Ricardo. They moved down there after Martin's company transferred him, so I don't get to see them as much. RangeMan has a branch there, so I go every so often and work from there to spend time with the family."


Annie's POV

We spent the next several hours eating and talking. I excused myself to use the ladies room. When I got back to the booth, Les grabbed my hand before I could sit down across from him and pulled me down beside him. I fell into the booth, landing half on his lap. We laughed and I smiled to myself when he pulled me the rest of the way up onto his lap. It gave me the perfect advantage point to still be able to see him as we talked.

We'd been talking for hours by the time the sun came up, and it was finally catching up to us, as we both began yawning uncontrollably. Les paid the tab, and we set out back to the club to get our vehicles.

As we left the diner, I felt his warm hand reach for mine, and I slipped my fingers through his. We walked quietly, just enjoying a few minutes of the gorgeous morning.

When we got back to the club, I led him to my car. "I had a good time, Les," I said, smiling up at him.

"I did, too, Annie. Definitely the most fun I've ever had after a distraction. Can I call you?"

I got my cell phone out of my bag, handed it to him, and snagged his from his belt. He laughed and started putting in his phone number into my phone. I programmed my number in, setting my ringtone to "It's a Hard Knock Life," which was hidden in amongst all the other ringtones. Someone was a closet Annie fan... I chuckled before handing it back to him.

I felt Lester's arms go around me, and I tilted my head back to look up at him. He pulled me closer to him as I closed my eyes. Soon, I felt his lips soft on mine. We broke away a minute later, breathing hard.

"Wow," I whispered.

"Yeah," he breathed out. "Wow is a good word."

Then he leaned down, and this time, his lips were more forceful against mine. I leaned into him, my hands moving up his back, feeling his strength. When his tongue snaked out and slipped between my lips, I moaned and wiggled my hips against him for a minute.


Lester's POV

Before she could put it in drive to leave, I knocked on the window. Once it was down, I leaned in and gave her another quick kiss before patting the top of the car and shooing her away. As she drove away, I saw her wave over her shoulder. I watched her for a second and then trotted over to the truck on the other side of the lot.

I impressed myself. I gave her ten minutes before calling to make sure she'd gotten home safely.

"Hey, Les," she said, laughing. "That was fast!"

"I just wanted to make sure you got home okay," I admitted sheepishly.

"I did, thanks. That was sweet." I swear I could hear a smile coming through the phone. "Gotta get some sleep before heading back to the job hunt. Talk to you again soon?"

"Sure thing, gorgeous. Bye." I hung up.


Annie's POV

I couldn't resist. I immediately dialed his phone. When he answered, he was laughing. "You found my hidden stash, huh?"

Laughing, I said, "I couldn't help it. I love that soundtrack. I didn't really have a reason to call other than to tell you to stop by the club the next night you have off and I'll get you a beer on the house."

"Thanks, Annie, I will. See you again soon, okay?"

I agreed and then hung up and went to lie down. I fell asleep immediately with a smile on my face, knowing what my dreams would consist of this time around.


Lester's POV

Two minutes after talking to Annie, I was back at RangeMan. I nodded to the guys in the control room and was just about to go in my apartment, when Tank's door opened.

"Santos, just getting home?" he asked with a grin.

"Yeah, man. Long night."

For some reason, I didn't want to share yet that I'd spent hours talking with one of the most gorgeous women I'd ever met. And I really didn't want to share that the kisses with her had nearly been my undoing. There were just some things that the nosy "RangeMan gossip vine" didn't need to know.

I smiled at Tank and closed my door. Within five minutes, I'd taken a cold shower and pulled on a clean pair of boxers. Finally, I passed out on the bed from exhaustion, thoughts of Annie flitting through my head as I fell asleep.