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Chapter 1


Hello my name is Isabella Marie Swan and i am 5 years old but I'm turning 6 tomorrow. I have brown hair (has a reddish tinge and is slightly curly) and brown eyes, i am also extremely pale. (Pic on Profile)I'm at home right now with mommy because daddy had to go to work. Mommy is talking to someone on the phone and i am cooking dinner. Yes i can cook, i am quite smart for my age. I'm in 2nd grade, i skipped 1st. I can also play the piano and guitar. I was just finishing the food when I heard the phone hit the ground and glass shatter.

My mom came funnig into the kitchen, looking terrified. "Hide Bella!" she whispered to me frantically, as she pushed me into the pantry. I wonder whats going on. I carefully peeked through the crack in the door. My mom was in the middle of the kitchen, on her knees, and a pale man with jet black hair was holding her there. He smacked her across the face and she cried out in pain. I choked back the tears that threatened to spill over.

"Any last requests?" he asked as he inched is mouth closer and closer to mommy's neck. "What is the name of my killer?" mommy asked in a shaky voice. His mouth was almost at her throat. My heart beat was erratic and tears were pouring down my face. "Alexander." he replied as he closed the distance of him mouth to moms throat. She screamed out as he bit down.

NO! I watched on in horror as i chocked back sobs that threatened to escape my throat. Moms body soon became deathly pale and went limp, she was dead. No! She cant die! No!Alexander turned to leave and as he did i caught a glimpse of his eye color, it was crimson. He's a vampire! My mother was murdered by a vampire.

1 Year Later

"ISABELLA, where is my dinner!" Charlie (My father) screamed at me. I quickly ran into the kitchen and grabbed his plate of food. "h h here, Sir" i stuttered as i handed him the plate. I watched cautiously as he took a bite, his face turned red with anger. Oh! No! I am so dead. "It's burnt BITCH!" he screamed as he threw the plate at me. It hit me square in the jaw. Owwwch!

Then he slapped me across the face, punched me in the gut (I fell to the floor in pain.), kicked me in the ribs, to finish it off he grabbed a knife, and cut open my shoulder. "Never speak again or i will kill you, you bitch. Just like you killed your mother." he spat as he started out of the room, beer in hand. Charlie blamed me for my mother's death. I told the cops i didn't see anything because i was in he pantry.

That was one of the worst beatings he has ever given me but it is probably because in is the anniversary of mom's death. I can't take this any more. It has to stop, i know i can't go to the police cuz Charlie's the chief so i guess it is time i ran away.

I stood up quickly ignoring the pain that shot through me and ran out the door. I didn't stop until i was a good 3 miles into the woods. I walked for hours until i came to the outskirts of Port Angelas. Might as well sleep in the woods until tomorow so i don't have to worry about being seen. I smiled as i layed down on a patch of ferns.

I'm finally free!

I fell asleep with that thought in mind.