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Chapter 6


I finished eating my pizza and turned to Edward. I am done, we can go now. Edward nodded stiffly and stood up. I followed suit and grabbed onto his hand. He smiled down at me but I could tell it was strained. What's wrong? He sighed and started walking towards the exit doors. "You know that friend I told you about?" He started. I nodded. "Well he is also one of my kinds only he doesn't follow my diet. He drinks from humans but he is also one of the leaders of our kind. You could say he is royalty." He continued.

He won't hurt me will he? What color are his eyes? What is his name? Is he a good friend of yours? You said one of the leaders so who are the others? Edward chuckled. "Slow down Bella! To answer your first question no he will not hurt you. As for the rest of them you will have to ask him yourself." He answered. Fine. He chuckled once again. We walked out of the mall and started towards his really pretty car. Right as we passed some really old cars, I spotted a cop car.

I froze, dropped Edward's hand, clutched the wallet tighter, and ducked behind the car next to me. Please don't be him. Tell me I am wrong; please tell me I am wrong. I quickly peaked up at the cruiser and read the side. I ducked back down, shaking. It was him. No! Please tell me he didn't see me! Edward had stopped as soon as I let go of his hand and was watching me with worry apparent on his face. "Bella, what's wrong? Why are you so scared?" He asked with a panicked voice.

I gazed up at him and raised an eyebrow. So you haven't figured it out yet? He shook his head, no. The man who hurt me, Charlie, is my father. I shuttered slightly at the thought. He nodded still slightly confused as to what I was getting at. As in Charles Swan. Horror, anger, and realization washed over Edward's face. Is he gone? He nodded and then scoped me into his arms. I gripped his wallet tightly. Don't you dare drop me. He chuckled slightly. He walked up to his car and set me down on my feet.

Thank you.


I set Bella down on her feet as soon as I got to the car. Thank you – Bella. I smiled at her in reply. Now where is Aro? I sniffed the air and found his scent leading into the woods next to the mall. "Bella, do you mind if I carry you because we have to go find that friend of mind?" I asked her. She shook her head so I scooped her up, walked into the forest, and took off vampire speed after Aro's scent.

Bella clutched onto me for dear life. Don't drop me! Please don't drop me! Edward do you hear me, don't you dare drop me! – Bella. I chuckled. "I wouldn't dream of it." I whispered in her ear. Good – Bella. I followed Aro's scent for about 5 miles before I slowed down because the scent was fresh which meant he is close by. "Aro!" I called. So that's his name. – Bella. "Over here Edward!" he replied. What is he doing out here?

I walked in the direction his voice came in and soon arrive in a small clearing were I found Aro leaning against a tree. Bella had her head buried in my chest as we approached him. "Edward! How lovely it is to see you again!" Aro chirped. Oh dear! "Aro, it has been a while but I must ask what did I do to earn the pleasure of this visit?" I asked politely.

Aww don't be so stiff Edward I just wanted to come and visit my dear old friend since I heard he was all alone at the house. – Aro. I rolled my eyes but quickly glanced down at Bella, who was tugging on my shirt. Put me down, I want to meet Aro! – Bella. I set Bella on her feet and she immediately latched onto my leg. Who's the child Edward? – Aro.

"This is Bella!" I stated.


I looked up at Aro and waved shyly. He smiled back at me. I turned back around to Edward but almost immediately turned back to take a second glance at Aro. It can't be! A picture of Alexander flashed in my mind. I scanned Aro up and down. Black hair. Check. Red eyes. Check. Pale. Check. White teeth. Check. Malicious gleam in his eyes. No Check, they have a more exuberant look to them.

Edward gave me a weird look and Aro looked confused as to why I was staring at him with wide, scared eyes. I could feel the flashback coming but I was fighting it off with everything I had. Please don't have the same voice. "Are you okay little one?" Aro asked.

No! I could no longer hold the flashback at bay; his voice had sent me over the edge. I gripped onto Edward's leg tighter as I felt my eyes glaze over. I could feel Edward's and Aro's eyes bore into me as the flashback started.


Mom was talking to someone on the phone and I was cooking dinner. I had just finishing the food when I heard the phone hit the ground and glass shatter.

My mom came running into the kitchen, looking terrified. "Hide Bella!" she whispered to me frantically, as she pushed me into the pantry. I carefully peeked through the crack in the door. My mom was in the middle of the kitchen, on her knees, and a pale man with jet black hair was holding her there. He smacked her across the face and she cried out in pain. I choked back the tears that threatened to spill over.

"Any last requests?" he asked as he inched his mouth closer and closer to my mom's neck. "What is the name of my killer?" mom asked in a shaky voice. His mouth was almost at her throat. My heart beat was erratic and tears were pouring down my face. "Alexander." he replied as he closed the distance of him mouth to moms throat. She screamed out as he bit down.

I watched on in horror as I chocked back sobs that threatened to escape my throat. Mom's body soon became deathly pale and went limp, she was dead. Alexander turned to leave and as he did I caught a glimpse of his eye color, it was crimson.


I felt tears flow down my cheeks as the horrible memory passed and I choked back sobs. Edward's body was tense under my grip and I could feel Aro's calculating eyes watching me.


I watched as Edward set down the child, Bella. She looked up at me and waved so I smiled back at her. She turned back around to face Edward but almost immediately turned to face me once again. Her eyes were wide as she looked me up and down. Edward gave her a weird look and I am sure mine looked quite confused. What is wrong with her, Edward?

He shook his head, indicating he did not know. Bella's eyes soon had a scared look and a slight glaze over them, which no human would have ever been able to see. "Could you ask her something?" Edward asked me in a whisper. I nodded. "Are you okay little one?" I asked but as soon as the words left my mouth the child's eyes completely glazed over and her grip on Edward tightened.

It was if she was watching something that wasn't happening. I could see Edward's eyes widen at either what she was thinking or seeing. A few minutes later I heard him gasp and watched as horror washed over his features. What is wrong? Bella began to cry. Edward was in a bit of shock but he did manage to utter the one word that made my venom run cold.


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