Happily Ever After All

A Mystic Prequel

By: A J

(Standard Disclaimer Applies)

Author's Warning!: This work of fanfiction is a long-term look at the relationship of two adults, and as such, I'm not gonna pull any punches. This means Language, Nudity, Violence, and Sex! If any of those are not for you, turn back now, and read some of the gentler fictions by others and myself. For those with some fortitude, let's get on to the story.

Chapter 1: Will and Matt

Will Vandom rolled over, a sappy grin on her perspiring face. She was freshly sixteen, just out of work, and finally, finally, deflowered. 'Yup,' she thought, body still buzzing from her last orgasm. 'No turning back now.' Her grin widened as she looked back towards her long-time boyfriend, ('and first time lover!' she couldn't help but add to herself,) who was still panting heavily and smiling from his own release.

Matt Olsen, eighteen-and-a-half, also fresh from a hard day's work, and hopelessly besotted, watched Will's red hair fall into her eyes as she rolled back to face him. Propped up on her elbow, she trailed her free hand slowly up his side from hip to head, then tangled her fingers in his dusky hair as she surged forward to kiss him hungrily.

"Whoa," Matt gasped when they separated for air. "You mean to tell me one quick roll …"

"Two," Will interrupted with a smirk.

"Okay, two quick rolls in the proverbial hay have turned my shy, virginal girlfriend into a hopeless nympho?"

"Naaaah," she murmured airily, leaning close again and running her hand back down to grasp his most intimate parts. "But you know the old saying," she continued with a renewed grin and a flutter of her eyelashes – something she'd learned from her friend Cornelia. "Third time's the charm, Mister Olsen." She gave him a playful yank.

"Oh, babe," he moaned in resigned pleasure, leaning into their umpteenth kiss. Just as their lips touched, a door slammed somewhere downstairs.

"Matt? Honey, I'm home," echoed up from the kitchen. The two teens pulled apart in a hurry, panicking.

"Mom," Matt breathed in horror. Will swore quietly, her eyes clenching shut, then popping wide open as she sprang for the bathroom.

"Dress!" she hissed as she hurtled out of his arms. As she got to the door of his half-bath, she held a hand out and uttered "Quintessence!" Her own scattered clothes flew to her grasp from around the room, including her shoes from somewhere halfway up the stairs. She yanked the door shut behind her.

Matt meanwhile was frightfully yanking on the first pair of jeans he found on the floor, only noticing as he did up the button-fly that they were the ones he'd forgotten to wash after yesterday's painting job at the Lairs'. He took small solace in the fact that he did grab today's shirt. He slid into the chair at his desk in the corner, and flipped open the first book he caught hold of as he heard footsteps on the stairs.

"Oh, hey Mom! Will and I were just working on some homework …" He looked hurriedly at the cover of the book. "History homework," he said, as his mom walked in and the sound of the toilet flushing resounded in his room.

Will emerged from his half-bath, looking perfectly composed, and certainly not like she'd been nude in his arms mere seconds before. "Yeah, hi Missus Olsen. It's the curse of being the stepdaughter of the History teacher. Everybody wants me to be their tutor." She gave a smirk at Matt as her hand came to rest on his shoulder. "You so owe me, Matthew Elias Olsen." Her mental voice held the laughter – and panic – she was hiding from his mother.

He grinned back up at her sheepishly, and projected back a mental image of himself winking, then one of him bowing at her feet. "My life is in your hands, fair maiden," he sent, even as the pair of them were telling the greatest spin story about the French Revolution, EVER.

"Uh-huh, well, I think it's time you got Will home, son. The pet shop closed over an hour ago." (Will was now working every other night at the Olsen's Pet Store/Animal Clinic with Matt's grandfather.) Nancy Olsen gave the pair an appraising look, her 'mother-sense' giving her all the signs of 'kids behaving badly'.

"Yeah …" they both said distractedly. Matt stood, his eyes never really leaving Will's, and the pair slowly went down the stairs and out the door, pausing only long enough to grab Matt's shoes and Will's schoolbag. Nancy listened to them go with a funny feeling, and turned to survey her son's room after she heard the door shut behind the two.

The usual teenaged-boy disaster area greeted her seeking eyes, but it was the disheveled bed that caught her attention. A couple steps closer, and an unmistakable scent led her to an unavoidable conclusion. There was no missing the smell of fresh sex. 'Oh, boy,' Nancy thought, surveying further. A brightly colored square of foil halfway under the bed caught her eye, and she let out a sigh at its torn condition. 'Well, there's one less worry … Now I've just gotta decide whether to tell Sue or not tomorrow.'

The worst thing about the long-time relationship between her son and the bright young Vandom girl was the fact that Nancy Olsen now worked at Simultech … alongside Will's mother, Susan Collins. She mulled the question over a late microwaveable dinner and a couple glasses of wine, but by the time Matt came home an hour later, all she'd managed to do was force herself to go to bed with a headache.


During their walk to Will's house, she and Matt started a new tradition. Whenever they got to an intersection, the two would kiss. At red lights, they would see how long they could hold the kiss before they had to resurface to breathe or the light changed. They held hands the entire way, and by the time the pair reached the Collins' residence, Will was softly bumping her hip into his as they walked.

Kissing on the front walkway, Matt slowly worked his way down her neck. "I can't believe your mom married him before moving in," he said, leaving a trail of kisses from her collarbone to her ear, where he paused to murmur sweet nothings. Will squirmed against him at the feel of his breath by her ear.

"I can't believe I waited this long to #V© you," Will whispered back, grinding their pelvises together. "Soooo, when do you think we can manage a repeat performance?" She was about to drag him back for a French Kiss when he abruptly coughed, stood away from her, and stubbed her toe with his.

"Hey, Mister Collins," he said in a too-cheery voice over her shoulder, at which Will swore softly and turned around. Her new stepfather was standing just outside the door, putting something in the mailbox.

"Matthew, Will," Dean Collins returned, sounding overly formal to the pair. "I hope you're ready for that test tomorrow, you two. I went back through the book myself to add some extra credit questions for those who need it." The two teens both cringed, wishing they actually had studied for at least part of their evening together.

"Nuts, and Taranee won't help us out, either," Will said telepathically to Matt.

"Just means we'll both be waking up early for a cram session," Matt returned, holding his fake smile up as they walked to the porch, and Will climbed up the first step.

Turning around, she gloried in the naughty view she was presenting to him. His eyes were mere inches from her bustline, thanks to their height difference after her step up. "Better hurry home, so your mom doesn't worry." She leaned down and pressed her forehead against his. "If you want, we can meet up at school before homeroom, and try to study together."

"See you tomorrow, Will. Good night." They kissed, chastely, one last time. "Good night Mister Collins," Matt said, peering over her shoulder at their history teacher. "Better not, babe. That early in the morning, it'll be hard enough to concentrate on the book without you there to distract me." He gave her a wink as he stepped back, their hands still clasped. "But I do appreciate the sentiment." Letting go, he sauntered down the walk and into the night, and a few second later, Will heard him clearly whistling 'The Will to Love', the song he'd written back when they first started dating three years ago.

Will sighed, listening 'till his song was lost amid the nightly cricket chirring. "Someday, I'm gonna marry that man," she said with a grin. Turning, she found Dean still standing at the top of the porch, looking down at her with an unreadable expression.

"Well, maybe we'll study the history of weddings next semester, so you can pick one you like," he said with an evil gleam in his eye. Will just rolled her eyes, climbing up the steps to go inside.

"I'd ask how your day was, but I saw you for most of it," she said with a grin. "So let's go ask Mom how hers was." The pair walked inside, and into the kitchen, where Susan Collins, Will's mom of sixteen years and Dean's wife of sixteen weeks was just taking her reheated dinner out of the microwave.

"Ahhhh, there's nothing like the smell of leftover roast beef and vegetables. Again." The raven-haired woman looked up from her plate as her family entered. "Hey, Will! Happy Birthday! Again, in case you actually heard me this morning before school. How was the pet shop tonight? D'you want a plateful? There's enough left for another." Susan waved a hand at the fridge.

"No thanks, Mom," Will answered with a grin. "Hay Lin and Irma stopped by with eggrolls around eight-thirty, and I kinda stuffed myself. The store was actually really crowded today. Mostly people looking for kittens, strangely. Fortunately, Ol' Jim just got a big bunch from the rescue program at the pound, so the first fourteen shoppers were happy, at least." Will grabbed a can of Root Beer from the fridge and sat at the table with her mother and Dean. "So how was the high-tech wonderworks of Simultech? Nancy just kinda walked in on Matt and I studying and sent me home."

Susan chewed slowly for a few seconds, letting the question hang between them. She'd known Will was working on her birthday, and was surmising that the other girls were planning something for after the pet store closed, since they knew, and relished ignoring, the fact that Will never liked making a big deal out of her birthday. If the gang hadn't managed to cart off her daughter for a late movie or fun night of games and dinner at the new Dave & Buster's that had opened over the summer, Susan could only suspect that this upcoming weekend was going to be an even bigger bash than she'd already planned for her little girl's sweet sixteen.

"Simultech is in the process of negotiating a merger, which is why Nancy pushed you out the door so fast. Her head was probably killing her after today's merry-go-round of negotiations." Susan put her fork down and massaged her own temples, sympathizing with her coworker. Susan worked in data management, which meant she had very little to do with people. Nancy Olsen was unfortunately in the unenviable position of executive personnel director, so she was literally in the frontlines of the merger madness, as the two companies tried to keep as many of their employees as possible.

Will, who'd learned a bit about corporate operations in a beginner's business elective class the previous year, and Dean, who just plain knew too much, both just "Ooooh" in sympathy.

"Wellll," Will said after a minute, pushing her unopened soda over to Dean. "On that note, I'll see ya both in the morning. Got a big test tomorrow, so I better get plenty of sleep." With a grin, she took off for her room, and she could hear Dean and her mom chuckling the whole way.