Fai started off his explanation by going into detail that Touya most assuredly did mean truth in his words when he admitted his defeat. And, that the Higashi and Nishi came to a standstill agreement of peace. What exactly convinced the prideful Touya to so abruptly end his quest of the capturing all of Piffle, and having still ultimate domain of the feather's awesome power…? None could decipher, for he, would not say a word of it. But it was conclusively obvious that all began to become wrought and bitter with the seemingly never-ending war. So a plot of final peace to end the strife once and for all, was issued. Every citizen (mostly Tomoyo and Touya) agreed, and did not mind of Piffle went back to the very same country it was before the feather made it's daunting appearance; which started the whole conflict. Consequently, while Syaoran was unconsciously asleep from collapsing of exhaustion, Fai and Kurogane, well mainly easy-going Fai, explained their dire situation to Tomoyo and Touya of their quest of retrieving all of Sakura's scattered feathers. If the feather was to be disposed of, why not give it a useful disposal of returning it to it's owner where it rightfully belonged? So accordingly, it was decided and agreed upon, and Sakura's feather, her precious fractured piece of memory, was given back to her to reclaim. The Nishi also, lastly, abandoned their westward home—which was already being consumed by debris and crumbling—and took home felt occupation in the east side of the city, also known as the "Higashi." The two names were obviously disposed of also. No use in keeping something that has no further purpose. Thus, this…long-sought-out-after destruction known as "war," came to a close in the world known as "Piffle."

Fai ended his tediously semi-long explanation as Syaoran secretly brimmed with sheer happiness of Sakura being able to regain her feather back safely.

"So it looks like we no longer need to stay in this world…" Syaoran concluded as he, this time, stood up with a strong composure.

"Looks like." Fai agreed wistfully.

"But…there is still something…" He paused troubled as if trying to fight back at a battle that was clearly inevitable to win against. "This world…I guess it really was not the same one we knew."

"That we never uncovered the full truth…does that bother you?"

"…Yes." Syaoran quietly answered as he looked down at his hand. The very hand that has fought against so many endless battles and wars of bloodshed…

"Well, just as long as we got Sakura-chan's feather back, that's all that matters, right?" Fai remarked brightly.

Syaoran looked up as the magician spoke with a smile, as if to comfort, upon his lucid face.

"Yes." Syaoran said with a small smile of his own. "Thank you, Fai-san." He formally bowed lowly, as such was his nature and manners.

"I didn't really do anything, though." Fai said with a now reproachful smile. "Oh, yes. Tomoyo also wanted me to give her thanks and full gratitude to you."

"Eh…? For what?"

"Because she believes, somehow, that we all helped to end this war."

"We did…I suppose."

"Well, anyway! Let's go find Sakura-chan and Kuro-sama."

"Right." Syaoran nodded as Mokona jumped now onto Fai's shoulder as the two, three, left the strangely homely now room.

Finally, when they found their searched-for companions, Syaoran expressed Sakura his relief of her taking possession of her feather with a (rare) warm, sincere smile. They all also spotted many of the used-to-be-named-as-such Nishi, mixed in with the also formerly named Higashi. To see everyone working once more together in simple tranquility was quite a burden-lifted received feeling of bliss. Tomoyo was nowhere to be seen at all though, amidst the crowed of people; being busied with affairs of her own. The five travelers, though, slipped away unscathed to the outskirts of the city, when they had first arrived scarcely a few days ago. Mokona's wide vacuum-like mouth opened in the usual state when transversing between worlds, as the world of Piffle disappeared from the eyes of all of the travelers in a mere split second. Respectively, each story must, undoubtly, and most certainly, contrive a happy ending in the dire end. After trials of prove-yourself events and tiresome victorious battles, such is such of this tale also, as the give feather-seeking-world-changing travelers landed into their next dimension. Yet again another adventure to unfold itself before them in the searching companionship quest of Sakura's lost, scattered feathers.


Okay, okay. I know. The ending is horrible. And, I know, the whole fic is probably…iffy. But honestly, this is the first fic I've ever written—first long one, anyway—so it's not exactly the best, and my ideas are still a bit sterile. (Needing development!)

But to those who read it all the way through till the end…thank you! ^-^

Im really bad with writing stories that involve fighting battles. Swords, hand-to-hand, etc. But I really wanted to write a fic that could have ALL of the characters in it. So I tried this…(did I fail? *sweat drop*)