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This story starts right when the car bomb scene at the end of season 1 happens. It is going to get a bit dark and ugly in places but I wanted to take John through hell to have him discover what really matters to him. I'm changing a few things, first is that Sarkissian isn't waiting for them and had only set the bomb. Others I will note in the chapters they happen.

"John, did you really think that I would forget your birthday?", asked Sarah.

"Not really. Where's Cameron?"

"I'm having her go and pickup your cake right now."

John turned and went out the front door spotting Cameron sitting in the Jeep. He started to run towards her to get her attention before she drove off. He wanted her to get him a few things while she was out and it would save him a little time.


John found himself flat on his back pain blurring his vision. He reached up to his face and felt that it was wet and when he looked down he noticed his hand was covered in blood. It must have been some sort of explosion. He stopped thinking about himself and forced his body to move with only one person the focus of his thoughts.

The Jeep had been torn to pieces and fire and smoke was still emanating from it but he didn't care about himself at that point. He reached out and gabbed the driver's door not caring about the burns occurring to his hands as he ripped it from the Jeep. He felt detached, almost as if someone else was doing it while he looked on. He could just make her out and it was a horrific site that greeted him.

Fire had engulfed her legs and the explosion had torn them apart. He could see most of her right leg but it was no longer attached any longer below the knee and her left leg had been bent and misshapen into a poor mockery of what it once was. The fires were still burning part of her torso when he tore his shirt from his body to smother them. Her left arm had been mangled and was bent backwards at an odd shape but her right arm was missing just below the shoulder. The only thing he was able to take comfort in was that her face had somehow mostly survived the blast intact but her hair was no longer present and instead burned skin covered her scalp.

He reached and grabbed her ignoring the searing pain from his arms and hands as the places where the fire consumed her flesh on her torso burned and seared into his flesh. He noticed his mom screaming at him but he didn't care as only one thing was important right now.

Sarah ran outside as quick as she could and the site the greeting her made her quickly break out in a cold sweat. The Jeep had been the source of a horrible explosion but seeing John digging Cameron out of it with the fires still burning terrified her. All the possibilities of how her son could still be in danger were running through her mind.


She ran forward still screaming but he ignored her. She stopped and watched as he finished heaving her from the Jeep using all his strength to carry her over to the other car. She quickly ran up and opened the door for him noticing the burns on his arms and seeing the huge gash that ran along the left side of face. It would require many stitches, but she ignored that for now.

"John, what were you thinking? There could still be another bomb. How could ..."

"Mom, grab the stuff we're leaving. I am going to get the rest of Cameron's parts."

"John no..."

She trailed off looking at his eyes that seemed so hurt right now. She knew, even though it was against her better judgment, that she had to let him do this. She took off to the house to grab only the things they would need before the police showed up while John gathered up the rest of Cameron.

Notes:Ok, here is the start to my other story that has been kicking around in my head for a while now and I was going to go insane if I didn't start getting it out of me.