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Bella: Edward?

Edward: Yes, Bella?

Bella: Might I ask a … question?

Edward: I don't know; what else you would ask?

Bella: Edward, don't make me cry, you know how easy that is.

Edward: Sorry, Bells, ask away.

Bella: Well, my question is; Because you suck blood and all out of little bunny's and doggies…

Edward: Yes, Bella?

Bella: Well, what happens when you eat human food?

Edward: Do you really want to know?

Bella: Yaha. Cause, remember when you ate that slice of pizza, I wanna know what happened to that sacrificed little bite? Cause if you digested it then did a poop, that means that you're just a Meany, cause really, tofu isn't that far from dirt…(this is referring to when Edward said that eating animals blood is the equivalent to humans eating tofu, and that human food tastes like dirt to him.)

Edward: Well, what happened to that pizza? I had to go home after school, dig a hole in the backyard and cough it up.

Bella: Really? Like when a frog eats a nasty and has to puke its guts out?

Edward: I suppose, but I wouldn't quite use that analogy… More like when… um… Well, there really isn't any way to make that sound romantic. But, yeah, I just spewed it up when I went home.

Bella: Did you eat it again, like a dog??

Edward: Bella, I am not a dog. No, why would I spew something up then eat it again? That is idiotic.

Bella: (poking her tongue out) Well, obviously it wasn't that smart to eat the pizza in the first place!

Edward: But Bella, don't you see, I would do anything for you. Even eat something the equivalent to dirt upon your very whim, before going home and chucking it up in the back yard. Anything Bella.

Bella: Your sooo dreamy… Wait, no. Don't you blame this on me! OMG I just had a mental image of you throwing up a tiny bit of pizza. Eww, Edward… Eww.

Edward: You don't mind me killing innocent animals before sucking out their warm blood from a tooth sized incision in their necks, but you mind the mental image of me throwing up?

Bella: It is true Edward. So true.

Edward: Your mind doesn't work…

Bella: I know… cry.

That's actually what stephenie Meyer said happened to the poor pizza. Not in those words, obviously...

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