What's Wrong With You?

by Stessa

She could easily make a list. She had often wondered, silently, to herself when she was about to go to bed at night, or right after he had done something very stupid, she had often thought What is wrong with you? She never really got an answer though, because she only had her own thoughts and she had never asked the question out loud… until now of course.

And even then, he wouldn't answer her properly.

But she could easily make that list. Ten Things That Are Wrong With Charlie Crews, she called it. Ten things… She had to be able to find ten things, right? She usually complained about him all the time, so ten things wouldn't be too hard.

Putting the pen to her paper in the faint light from the moon outside, the woman bit her lip in thought.

1. He often repeats what I say. E.g.: When I say one thing that has to do with something, he says it in a different way and it gets a whole new meaning. Sometimes, I wonder, does he do it just to annoy me?

2. He has to touch everything, and even if it's not on purpose, it always breaks (and yet for some odd reason I don't want a new partner).

3. He says inappropriate things, and people ask me if he does that a lot, and all I can do is nod (it's so humiliating), but I guess I've sort of gotten used to it by now.

4. He humiliates me in front of every kid we come across, too. Like that time when he told that girl how I never let him drive the car. It's really not my fault I'm scared of his driving, he can seem pretty rational, and even if I don't want him to drive, I want him to drive now, so he can stop making fun of me. Eh… maybe I should just drive myself and drop it?

5. He always speaks, even when he knows I want to have peace. (He does that on purpose, I'm sure of it. Well, of course it could be because he just is that way, and I'm not, but he should seriously respect that!).

6. He's too Zen (no explanation needed).

7. He eats organic fruit all the time, he grows organic fruit, and like most things, I have to listen to him talk about organic fruit a lot (I actually, once, tasted one of his small pineapples, but I don't want him to know, he might think I don't find it weird if I tell him how good it tasted).

8. He is so infuriating, I am staring to act like him (ew!), enough said.

9. He is incredibly annoying and he knows how to push my buttons and yet I can't help but love him for it (that, I really don't get).


She put her pen down again, staring blankly at the '10' written on the button of the page. She couldn't get herself to write the last one down, she knew exactly what she wanted it to say, but she wouldn't be able to write it. At least not right now.

She swallowed loudly and took her pen again. She had to. She had to finish the list. She told herself that she would be able to do it, and she was not backing out of a challenge. She just had to find the strength somewhere in herself to write it down. She moistened her lips and placed the tip of her pen right next to wrong thing number ten.

10. He doesn't love me… at least not in the way I wish he did.

Dani Reese placed her pen onto the table again and stared intensely at number ten. How could she have been foolish enough to fall for a man like Charlie Crews? They were partners; she could never date a partner, they were just becoming friends; one shouldn't date friends, he was working to take down her father; family should always come first, and he was still desperately in love with his ex-wife; but she just wanted him.

She fell for his annoying self, and had to admit that… that she loved all the things she thought were wrong (and yet she still wouldn't have it any other way).

Weirdo, much?

Hey, thanks for reading. I realize that this is rather short, but it was meant to be like that since it was pretty much just the list that was important. I love, love, love this show and Dani and Charlie have incredible chemistry. I hope you can all agree with me on the ten reasons I came up with here ;b

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