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He opened his eyes. There were only bright lights rushing around. Way too bright.

"He's awake." An unknown female voice said.

"Thank God! He had made it." A male voice responded. He tried to move his head in the direction the voices came from, but he wasn't able to.

"Shhh, don't move honey." Don't move didn't sound to be a bad idea.

"Is this your passport?" The male voice asked.

"Y…" Speaking was hard. He didn't remember speaking being that difficult.

"Yes?" The female voice asked again.

"Hmhm", he wasn't able to pronounce more. Hopefully they understood.

"That's good. You know who you are?" The male voice went on.

'Of course I know that', but he wasn't able to speak this thought. He only could agree with some unarticulated sound.

"Do you know where you are or what has happened?" 'No, but maybe someone would be pleased to tell me' He disagreed.

"Retrograde amnesia. To be expected." The male voice concluded.

He had no idea how long all this took, but it must have been long. He felt tired. He closed his eyes again.

"Don't worry honey. You'll be okay soon. You just need some time to rest." A hand passed gently through his hair, before he was surrounded by darkness again.