AN: Hey guys, I havent uploaded in awhile but ive got alot of stories needing to be finished, sittin' around on the o' laptop. So heres one, a oneshot for all the Narusaku-ians out there.

This ship hit me like a ton ofbricks back in Febuary and ship Zutara sank ( Im still on the island of zutara, dont worry) Narusaku has become my new obsession. Enjoy this one shot, and dont worry, Theirs plenty more where this came from!

" Hey Naruto"


"Naruto, Wake up"


"Naruto, its time to wake up and I need to ask you an important question"

"Am I in trouble"

"It depends on if you answer it correctly"

"I love you, credit cards in the wallet, sorry I didn't do the dishes last night, and Its your turn to make the bed…right?"

"I love you too, ill make the bed, and I have your credit card."

" Oh yeah…Why?"

"Because last time you were entrusted with the card, you bought 10 pounds of carrots, 30 cases of pickles, and, God knows why, a set of garden gnomes."

" But its was all on sale!"

"Just because its on sale doesn't mean you buy it. Remember what we went over?"

"Oh yeah…"

"So About that question.."

" Fire away my beautiful sakura-chan!"

" Ive been thinking. Weve been married for quite some time, 5 ½ years almost…"

" That's odd, it seems longer…OUCH Sakura-chan why'd you do that?!"

"Because you're an idiot"

"Am not, Hokage's aren't idiots!"

"Which just goes to show that there are exceptions to every rule"

" Ouch…My feelings"

"Naruto listen, we've been married almost 6 years.."

" 5 ½"

"…together for a lot longer than that, and Ive just been wondering…"

" Sakura, what is that"

"It's a yellow blanket"

"Sakura, Blankets are for babies, we don't have any…"

" Naruto get up you fell off the bed"


"Naruto get up I know your faking it"


"Naruto don't make me do it"


"Im ganna do it"


" Your asking for it…Naruto! Your drooling on the hard wood floors!"

" Do you think im capable of being a dad?"

" Oh for christ sake, of Course! I wouldn't have married you if I didn't think you weren't capable of producing perfect offspring. That fact that your fairly attractive and have a fabulous ass is only a perk."

" Yeah but what about…"

"That thing wont even come into the equation, you've learned to control it."

"And what about… "

" Your great with them, I mean, you spend at least one night a week at the orphanage making up ninja stories and telling them they happened to you"

" And…"

" I wouldn't worry to much about that either, Ill take a leave from the hospital"


"That's covered too,"

"So you think…"

"That you'll make a wonderful, handsome, perfect father? Yes."


"Ill take that grin as a yes, id love too, besides its alittle too late for doubting now fox, because im already…NARUTO GET OUT FROM UNDER THE BED!"

The Endof peace