That night, Dad decided to take me out for dinner as a father-daughter night. He took me out to Friendly's. We even had free ice cream after our meals. We shared a double cone; I had vanilla and he had chocolate. We always have fun together.

After that, back at home, Sharon met Dad at the door and said, "Randy called awhile ago and wants you to call him back immediately when you get back."

"Okay, thanks, my dear," said Dad.

I went upstairs to get into my nightgown while Dad calls Randy back. Twenty minutes later, Dad came up to me.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"He called me to tell me to take over for him for a few weeks because his mother is dying & has three weeks to live and he needs to go see her in Idaho first thing tomorrow morning, so I'll be working late until eight or nine-thirty, but the office will be closed on Saturday and Sunday," explained Dad.

"That's a shame," I said.

"She's been struggling with cancer for a long time," said Dad.

Then, I had an idea to help Randy's mother. The next day, I called an emergency meeting at lunch and told the girls about Randy's mother.

"We can do book drives with our old books that we don't read anymore for about a dollar per book or three for five bucks," I added.

"That's a good idea, we can mention it to Mal and Jessi after school," said Kristy.

"We can do it for a week," I said.

"Or we can do the money drive while we have the book drive like we did when we had the bake sale," said Claudia.

"That's a good one, too," I said.

After school, we talked to Mallory and Jessi about it.

"We can talk about doing it tomorrow until Friday if there's enough time," said Kristy.

"There should be enough time. Like Dad said, Randy's mother has three weeks to live," I said.

Later, at Claudia's, we talked to start doing it tomorrow through Friday. We made flyers to take place at my and Dawn's house from three to six on Tuesday and Thursday & three to five on the BSC meeting days. We figured we can let the clients come and buy some books for themselves or their kids or they can just add money or both. We figured we do the money drive for five to twenty bucks. In fact, we could add the five in the money drive jar if they want us to. That way we can use ones for change. We figured that we'd use our own money to give them change as well starting with a twenty bill, so we broke it into twenty ones. We decided to keep the twenty dollar bill in case we need to break it again.

The next day, after school, the book drive started and it went well. I found the books that were babyish for me like nursery rhymes and some other childish books with Sharon and Dad's help. He probably told Randy my idea because he told me it was very thoughtful of me to do so. Dawn had the books that her father gave her as a young kid and isn't into them anymore since she's getting too old for them. She only kept the ones that are about ghosts.

A few days later, on Friday, we did it and sold all of those old books. The clients also added money in the jar. We finished at four-thirty after the last book was sold. Mallory made her own stories and Vanessa helped to write a book with poems in it. Everyone was impressed with Mallory's writings and Vanessa's poems. Her siblings helped out by giving her their old books. Jessi didn't want to get rid of hers; she gave some to Becca and the other baby books to Squirt. So, she was the only one who didn't bring any of the old books and that was okay.

We were at Claudia's early counting the money. Stacey wrote it in the logbook and added all of them separately before including the money drive amount. Here's the total for each day:

Monday: $35.00 – money drive total: $50.00

Tuesday: $50.00- money drive total: $80.00

Wednesday: $25.00- money drive total: $35.00

Thursday: $60.00- money drive total: $40.00

Friday (today): $80.00- money drive total: $55.00

Book Drive total was $250.00 and the money drive total was $260.00.

"The book drive total was $250.00 and for the money drive, we made $260.00 and the subtotal is $510.00," announced our treasurer.

"That was more money we made last time," said Jessi.

"Exactly," I said.

"Maybe we can do more fundraisers to add more," said Kristy.

"That's a great idea," said Stacey.

"Once we get paid after our sitting jobs, we add that to a special piggy bank until next Friday," I added.

"That's a smart idea," agreed Mallory.

"Yeah," said the rest.

"Who's with me?" I asked.

"I am!" exclaimed the others as we laughed.

We decided to do so in my piggy bank. We agreed to hand their money over to me to put it in there. That's what they've been doing after school unless they didn't baby-sit yet. And, the next meeting on that Friday, we counted it and we had $100.88 and the total was $610.88.

We also decided to do more money drive at a store like Wal-Mart and Stop & Shop. We decided to split to do so: five of us were doing at Wal-Mart and six others-including Kayla and Kaylee- would be doing it at Stop and Shop on the same day: On Sunday from ten in the morning until five in the evening. That's what we did and we all did really well. The costumers did it on the way out and most others would do it going in.

After the money drive ended, we gathered at Claudia's to count the money. The five of us made $400.00 and the rest of the others made $600.00. The total of the money drive was $1,000.00 and the final total was $1,610.88!

"Wow," I said.

Mrs. Kishi offered to make a check to write that down to mail it tomorrow.

"You can keep the rest of the money to treat yourselves," said Claudia's mother.

"That's what we're planning on doing anyway," said Claudia.

We all laughed. The next day, at school, Claudia told us she mailed to the Cancer Society Foundation on her way to work. A few days later, at home, the phone rang as I answered it.

"Hello," I said. "Oh, hi, Randy."

He was telling me something and I couldn't understand it because I could hear he was very excited. So, I had to tell him to slow down a bit so I could understand what he was saying. He was telling me that I saved his mother's life: why? She got cancer free. She hopes to continue to live longer: she's an eighty-four-year-old widow and lives with her daughter & son-in-law and their three teenage kids. She only has Randy and his sister, Mandy. They're fraternal twins. Really, I'm serious. They were two of the triplets, but their brother, Manny, was stillborn and grew up without him. They didn't even remember their parents were supposed to have triplets. I can't wait until I tell Dad later on and he didn't even know about it because Randy wanted to be the first one to be told and wants me to tell him & my friends about that.

After we talked, I was happy about that we saved Randy's mother and we found out the others all over the world lived, too. Some were cancer-free and the others still have it. No one's been dying thank goodness. Doing fundraisers are really fun to do especially to help those who are fighting to live. Later on, at Claudia's, for our BSC meeting, I told the girls about Randy's mother and they were very happy about that!

"Dad doesn't know it yet since Randy wanted me to know first," I told them.

"He's going to be happy so he won't be working late when Randy returns from Idaho," said Kristy.

"I know, he's been tired when he comes home from work," I said. "He's been having dinner at work as well. He was happy when he's home on the weekends."

"I believe it," said Claudia.

Later on, at home, I was cooking dinner when to my surprise, Dad, came home early.

"Hi, you're early tonight," I greeted him.

"I know, for a change and I'm glad about that," said Dad.

"Randy called me today," I said.

"How's his mother doing?" asked Dad.

"He called to tell me the good news: his mother ended up beating her battle with cancer," I explained as I continue telling him about it. "He wanted me to the first one to be told."

"That's wonderful and I bet he was glad of what you did," said Dad.

"He sure was," I replied. "You should've seen the total that we made altogether; $1,610.88."

"That is great," said Dad.

"Mrs. Kishi mailed it as a check a few days ago and told us to keep the money to treat ourselves," I continued.

"That's a good idea, you all deserved it," agreed Dad.

"Dawn's baby-sitting the Pike kids with Mallory and won't be home for dinner, so it'll be you, me, and Sharon," I told him. "Dawn will be home sometime after eight."

"Okay," said Dad.

That was when Sharon came home.

"Hi, Sharon," I greeted her.

"Hi, honey," said Sharon. "Hi, Richard, this is a nice surprise that you're home early for a change."

"Cindy offered to take over since I've been working late for three weeks straight," replied Dad.

"That's good," said my stepmother.

"Mary Anne was just telling me that Randy's mother beat her battle," said Dad.

"Wow! Is it because of what you girls did?" asked Sharon.

"Yes," I replied.

"That is wonderful," said my stepmother.

Randy came home two days later and thanked me again for saving his mother's life. I'm glad I did the same way when Kayla was battling leukemia. I'm still glad that we saved her life, too. That's all it matters. My friends and I had dinner at the diner with Kayla and Kaylee. I just pray that Kayla would live longer.