John Bender, at Prom, wearing a tux. Yes, a tux! It was his choice. Claire didn't make him do it. In fact, Claire didn't even know she was going to Prom until John showed up at her house that evening …

Hey Breakfast Club people! This is my first time writing for this fandom. I wasn't going to release this story just yet (I have a few other projects that need finishing), but I wanted to see how people respond to the first chapter. I've got this fic listed as Romance/General, though I'd say it's more of a Romance/Dramedy. Please review, and enjoy!

As of 21/10/08, the first chapter of this fic has been edited. I've notably added quotes from the original movie to each section. They're quotes I feel are relevant to what's happening with each stage of the story (and they're obviously not mine, they belong to John Hughs!).


Saturday Afternoon, March 24th

"I can't believe this is really happening to me ... "

– Claire Standish

"Who was that boy?"

As Claire's father drove them away from Shermer High, Claire knew this question would surface sooner or later. Doing her best to sound nonchalant, she answered: "just a guy I met in detention, daddy."

"Oh. It's just he seemed … "

"He seemed what?"


Poor dad Claire thought, without too much pity. The last thing he expected when he came to pick up his princess from detention was the sight of her kissing John Bender. Yes: heavy-metal dope-smoking John Bender. The guy who would be on detention until he graduated (if he graduated). Not that Claire's dad knew John's colourful backstory. Hell, just to look at John … you knew the guy was trouble. Those dark intense eyes, the ripped denim, that knife he kept in his pocket –

Oh my god Claire thought to herself, smiling. One day ago anything to do with someone like John Bender would've totally disgusted me!

Claire's dad caught her smiling to herself, and grew even more concerned. "Claire, are you dating this boy?"

"Dad! I only met him today. Relax, or you'll get a permanent worry crease in the middle of your forehead."

"It's already permanent," he remarked offhandedly. "I just think if you are dating somebody they should come to the house and introduce themselves."

"Sure! If this was 1950 … "

"I mean it, Claire!"

"All right," Claire droned. "I got it."

Claire suddenly got the funniest mental image: John Bender in her house, sitting down to dinner with her dad at one end of the dining table and her mom at the other. Her mom offering John a glass of wine with his cracked crab … she giggled.

"What's so funny?" her dad asked, executing the worry crease again.

"Nothing," said Claire, covering it up with a fake cough. "Nothing's funny."


Monday Morning, March 26th

"You won't accept a guys tongue in your mouth and you're gonna eat that?"

– John Bender

Claire spent all of Sunday alone, anxious about Monday. She didn't even answer any calls from her friends. They were probably only ringing her to ask why she didn't go to Stubby's the other night …

She knew Brian, Andrew, Allison and John must be feeling anxious as well. A huge part of her never wanted to leave that Saturday detention. Just the five of them, hanging out and talking … really talking. Nobody being fake, all guards down. Who knew detention could be such a life changing experience?

But Monday had come, and Claire was late for English.

She'd made herself late on purpose. Being late meant she'd be completely preoccupied all morning rushing around, and she wouldn't have time to think about the Breakfast Club properly. Would the spell of Saturday be broken? Were they all going to ignore her? Would she ignore them? And John … what was going to happen between her and John? Maybe he'd pretend the kiss never happened? Asshole!

Frantic, Claire ran down the school hall. She was only two minutes late – hardly cause for concern, right? With her leather bag on her shoulder, and a copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in her arms, Claire dashed to the left and abruptly entered the classroom.

"Sorry Miss Brunswick!" she said breathlessly, closing the door behind her.

Miss Brunswick, the small, thin-faced forty-something English teacher stared at Claire through her reading glasses from the blackboard, where she was writing a series of notes. Luckily for Claire, she didn't seem too angry.

"Sit down please, Miss Standish," she instructed.

Taking a breath, Claire scanned the classroom for an empty seat …


Looking as if she'd seen a ghost, Claire spotted John Bender sitting in the back row. He was wearing the exact same thing he'd worn on Saturday: torn denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up, red flannel shirt underneath, and black leather biker gloves. He saw her see him, and he looked pleased to have caught her by surprise. He even had the indecency to give her a curt little wave. Asshole! Since when was he in my English class?

"Are you all right, Miss Standish?"

Claire had been so shocked by John she hadn't moved from the door. The whole class was staring at her, snickering to their neighbours behind their hands.

"S – sorry," she stuttered, and walked directly to a seat in the front row. Talk about humiliating! A near silent 'pst!' came from her left as she sat down. She turned; it was Brian. He grinned at her widely, silver braces gleaming. Claire smiled weakly, still recovering from her humiliation.

Guess they're not ignoring me she thought, opening her notebook. And I guess I'm not ignoring them …

For today's English lesson, the class was to watch a film. Miss Brunswick turned off the lights and set up the projector, playing a recording of a stage production of Romeo and Juliet for the students. Claire liked Shakespeare and was happy for the distraction. She didn't dare turn around and look at John … even though it was tempting. Towards the second half of class, Claire swore she heard snoring. The next thing she new, the lights were on and Miss Brunswick was yelling –

"Mr Bender!"

Feeling safe to do so, Claire turned around. John, the culprit, was shocked awake by the sound of Miss Brunswick's voice. He looked disorientated a moment but regained his cool with expert timing. Flicking his hair back, he replied with a feigned tone of politeness: "Yes, Miss Brunswick?"

"Mr Bender, you have been sleeping all through the film!"

John gave her the puppy dog eyes. "My deepest apologies, Miss Brunswick. I admit I was having a little shut-eye, but it was only because I find the film's material gratuitously offensive."

"I beg your pardon?"

From the front row Claire cleared her throat, signalling for John to give it a rest. If he heard her he didn't take the hint.

"Romeo and his pals are wearing beige tights. Beige, Miss Brunswick. Doesn't leave much to the imagination. Are you aware there are virgins in this classroom?"

Brian wheezed and dropped his pen. Claire closed her eyes and bit her lip. Everyone else was laughing. This only spurred John further.

"I am shocked Miss Brunswick, really I am! That you would corrupt their minds in this way."

"Out!" cried Miss Brunswick suddenly, pointing to the door.

"Then again," John carelessly continued, "if you wanted to expose us to a bunch of guys in tights with their wieners poking out, you could've scheduled English in time with the next wrestling meet."

More laughter. Even Claire and Brian tried not to laugh, remembering John's anti-wrestling stance against Andrew the previous day. Thank god neither Andrew nor any of his friends took this class.

"OUT!" Miss Brunswick shouted for a final time, cracking.

At least she didn't send him to Vernon's office Claire thought, as John slipped on his shades and waltzed out of the classroom. She quickly leaned over to Brian and whispered: "since when did John take this class?"

"Bender's always been in this class," Brian whispered back, thrilled to have Claire talking to him. "He just never showed up, that's all."

"Oh," said Claire, as she wondered what suddenly made him show up today.

"Miss Brunswick!"

Claire had her hand raised. This probably wasn't the best time for her to be disturbing the teacher, but she couldn't help herself. She had to go after John.

"What is it, Miss Standish?" said Miss Brunswick shortly.

"Can I go to the bathroom please?"

To her immense relief, Miss Brunswick nodded in consent. Claire could feel Brian grinning at her. Ignoring him, she stood out of her seat and left.

John was walking on up ahead down the empty hall. At the sound of the door opening and closing he spun around. He saw Claire, and removed his shades.

"Speaking of people who never did it … "

"Oh shut up!" Claire hissed, stalking towards him. "Are you trying to get yourself expelled?"

"I don't like beige tights! It's a thing I've had since childhood – "

"Stop it! I'm being serious. You're already in more trouble then anyone else in school, so why do you keep screwing up? They'll kick you out."

"And that's your concern … because?"

Now he was giving her the puppy dog eyes. Claire gulped, and quickly noted that John was wearing the diamond earring stud she'd given him on Saturday, in his left ear lobe.

"It's not my concern, but it should be yours," she said hastily. "Why did you take English today?"

John suddenly looked uncomfortable, tucking his hands in his pockets.

"I was chucking an Allison," he said at last, with an evasive hair flick.

"You were what?"

"I had nothing better to do."

"You had nothing better to do? You could've come up with a better excuse then that!"

"Like what?"

"I don't know! Like you ran out of dope?"

"Why do you care if I get expelled?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"That wasn't changing the subject, princess. This is changing the subject … "

Before Claire could see it coming, she was in John Bender's arms with his lips pressed against hers. Claire's first reaction? To push him off her and slap him – mostly out of shock. But her second reaction … her gut reaction …


She could taste cigarette smoke in his mouth, but not even that could've stopped her from kissing the crap out of him. Her hands seized the back of his head; fingers entangling in his hair, meshing both their faces even closer together. John responded by pinning her against the lockers behind them. Then, coming somewhat to her senses –

"Wait!" she panted, breaking their kiss abruptly. "John, what are we doing? We can't make out in the hall during first period!"

"I'm just following your lead, Miss Standish," John purred, staring tempestuously into her eyes.

"My lead?" Claire was outraged. "You kissed me, you jerk!"

"After which you thrust your tongue into my mouth – "

"I did not!"

" – and grabbed the back of my head like you were clutching for life support."

"You pinned me against this locker!"

"That's protocol for when a girl attacks my tongue with hers!"

The school alarm sounded off, signalling that first period was over. Claire pushed John away from her, as students began to stream out into the hallway. Nervously fixing her appearance, Claire attempted to tidy her hair and smooth her shirt. John smirked at her all the while … licking his lips.

"You look better come undone," he said in a low voice, causing Claire's cheeks to redden.

He's enjoying this! But then again … so am I.

They exchanged a look reminiscent to the one they shared when Claire went to 'rescue' John from the closet Principal Vernon had locked him in, during detention on Saturday. Moments after they'd shared that look, Claire had gone over and kissed John on his bare neck …

"TBC, cherry," he said, with his smirk in tact, as he turned and walked away.

TBC? Claire wondered, making her way back to Miss Brunswick's classroom to collect her things. She thought for a minute TBC must mean 'The Breakfast Club'. Then she realised, with butterflies in her stomach, that it most likely meant 'To Be Continued'.