Love Spells

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Summary: AU: Sakura's in love, but not with Sasuke. And why does he tolerating Sakura's crazy antics?

It was another boring Monday night for Sakura. The Konoha Hospital is not that busy these days and after her final rounds for that night, there is nothing else she can do. It was only 7:00 pm and Sakura is already preparing to go home. She made a mental note of asking the Hokage of something she could do besides her hospital work. A mission out of town or another set of medical training would help her ease her boredom.

She turned off the light in her office and closed the door before heading out of the hospital she met Shizune at the hospital's lobby gathering some medical charts from the nurse's station.

"Going home already?"

"Yeah, can you believe it? I already finished everything I needed to do and I still have a lot of free time. You are doing the night shift?"

"You're complaining about having too many free times and this is my only time for hospital work. During the day, I need to baby-sit the Hokage. Can you believe it?"

"I guess it▓s still not a perfect world huh?"

Shizune laughed at this and Sakura waved goodnight to her.

Once she was out of the hospital she contemplates of visiting Ino or Kakashi-sensei since she does not have anything planned for the night. She decided to visit Ino since her house was nearer to her apartment. Before she reached her destination, she passed by a bookstore and after seeing advertisement posters of the newest books available she decided to go in for a while. She saw a familiar face at the check out counter of the bookstore and she approached him.

"Hey Itachi!" She greeted him with a friendly smile on her face.

Itachi smiled back. ⌠And how's my favorite doctor and future sister in law?"

"Itachi I told you to stop teasing me and your brother. I'm not in love with him anymore."

Itachi laughed at this, he really enjoyed teasing her and it was more fun when Sasuke is around.

"What are you doing here? Are you with Sasuke?"

"I got off early from the hospital, I was just going to see check out some books."

"Well, don't stay out too late my brother will be very worried." He said as he grabbed his purchases and gave Sakura a little wave goodbye.

When Itachi was finally out, she went to the bookshelves with the latest books on. She browsed some novel books, cookbooks and some medical books. She decided to buy a new cook book featuring Asian cuisine so that she can cook something new when Naruto, Sasuke or Kakashi decided to drop by her house for dinner. She was about to go to the counter when she noticed a book lying on the ground. She bent down to pick it up and read the title of the book. It reads 'Magic and Love Spells'. Intrigued, she flipped the black cover and read the contents. According to it, the book contains love spells to help you with your love problems. The one caught her eye was the spells that will help you attract your loved one and eventually fall in love you too.

At first, she thought these kind of things are silly and are for those who are too afraid to confess their feelings directly. She remembered that day when she was twelve and did not know any better when she told Sasuke that she loved him with all her heart. She shook her head at the memory and smile. It was simpler before. Thank God, that phase in her life was over. Sasuke did not take her seriously and now seven years later they were still good friends.

She brought both books at the counter. It was time for her to try something new. Who knew what if this time her loved one will her back?

When she got out of the bookstore, she decided to go home instead of dropping by to Ino's house. She was excited to try out the first spell of the book. After opening her front door, she saw Sasuke sitting comfortably on her sofa watching TV while eating some fried rice in a box.

"Where have you been?" Sasuke asked lifting his eyes from the TV to her.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have your own apartment?" She asked instead of answering his question.

"But there's no one there, besides I know you love it when I come visit."

"You live alone, of course there's no one there. Why don't you get a ghost or go back to your parent's house if you really don't want to be by yourself."

"You're funny today." He answered dryly. "And you didn't answer my question."

Sakura placed her newly purchased books at her coffee table before she grabbed a box of fried rice and plastic spoon and sat next to Sasuke. Once she learned it was seafood friend rice, she began to fish for the fried shrimps and place it in Sasuke's box because she does not eat those.

"I went to the bookstore and I saw Itachi there."

"I didn't even know he's home."

When Sasuke turned seventeen, he decided to rent an apartment in a building next to Naruto's while Itachi lived on his house inside the Uchiha compound. A house given by his parents as a present so that when he decided to marry someone there was already a house ready for them. Their parents have another house for Sasuke but he said that he would live on it once he was already married. Now he was practicing independency by living alone.

"It was your mom's birthday this weekend right? Why don't we go to your parent's house together huh?"

"Who invited you?" he said teasing her.

"Come on, your mom loves me like a daughter." In addition, it was true. Sasuke and Itachi do not have a sister and so Sakura was like the daughter their mom never has.

When Sasuke finished his dinner, he stood up to go to her kitchen to get some sodas.

"I swear I'm going to get your next paycheck. You and Naruto ate everything in my fridge." she said putting her dinner down on the table to drink the soda Sasuke gave her.

"You don't need to get it, I'm going to hand it you."

Sakura laughed. "I'm just kidding." The truth is that almost everything she puts in her fridge was for them; she knew that both of them are too lazy to shop for food.

Sasuke gave her his famous smirk.

"Don't you smirk at me." she warns him as he picked up the plastic bag containing her new books.

Sakura stood up to go to her room so she could change into something more comfortable totally forgetting about the book of spells. She changed to her pajama pants and white sleeveless shirt. She also put her hair up using her scrunchy. When she went out from her room Sasuke was already busy reading her book of spells.

"Sasuke what do you think you're doing?!" she asked while trying to take the book from him.

"What do you need this for? Are you trying to make me fall in love you?"

"Ewww ... no! You are so full of yourself Mr. Uchiha!"

"Then why do you have that book? Are you going to use it?"

Sakura took a deep breath before answering. "If you must know, yes, I▓m going to use it." she said now smiling at him.

When Sasuke did not say anything and just gave her a look that says 'are you kidding me?', she moved again to sit next to him. In addition, with all the seriousness she could muster, she looked him in the eye and said, " Sasuke, I'm in love."

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