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At Coop and Phoebe's wedding the Angel of Destiny pulled him aside. Coop was so happy as he was now married to the woman he truly loved, so he really wasn't listening. The Angel realized this and brought him out of his reverie as this was official business. She really hated to do this on their special day, but it had to be done.

"Ahem!" , she said rather loudly. Coop turned his full attention to her. After all she was the one who had just married him and his gorgeous bride.

"Sorry," Coop said blushing.

"I first want to say how very happy I am for both of you. You both deserve this happiness. Secondly, I have to tell you of a future event that the Elders will be having you deal with. It has to do with your new nephew Christopher." Coop's eyes widened. New nephew. Wow, that sounded wonderful. But what could they possibly want with this little guy? He wasn't even three yet.

"Trust me when I say it isn't bad. We want you to tell Piper and Leo that they don't have to worry about losing Chris in the future. He will not die on his 23rd Birthday. They get to be reassured of this now so that they won't be worried." This is so strange. Aren't there future consequences they needed to worry about. As if she had read his mind the Angel replied, "No future consequences apply to this case."

Coop was relieved. It will make the whole family happy not to have to worry about losing this amazing little guy. "So, the Elders are letting us know this. I am so grateful that I get to be the messenger of this news. Not only did they bring me to Phoebe, but I get to give her family the best news they could possibly ever get. I am so Blessed. Thank you, Angel." Coop went to leave to tell his new family all he knew, but the Angel stopped him. He turned back to face her now worried that his blessing was going to turn into a curse.

The Angel had to smile. She knew that look all too well. Fear. Fear of what is to come makes everyone have that same lost, lonely look. "The Elders want to give Christopher a reward for saving his brother from turning evil. Just as Phoebe sacrificed herself, so did Chris. Although it was a different timeline, the Elders know he would save Wyatt every time. I can't tell you everything just now, but just know that Chris is destined for a great love. This love will be pure good and will save not just his life, but his soul."

That seemed very vague to Coop. Although, it sounds great , as pure good love always does; why couldn't he have all the details now. "Why can't I know everything now?" He asked this because he was actually afraid the answer would be because they really weren't sure Chris would live.

Again, as if reading his mind the Angel replied: "Chris' life is safe. He will live. But as for this great love, it is not his life that we are worried for, it is hers. She is a good witch, a year younger than Chris. She has beautiful red hair and hazel eyes that turn emerald when she is sad or has been crying. The two will meet officially on Chris's 17th Birthday. When it is closer to the time, if everything is going as it should, the Elders will summon you. I wish I could say everything will be well, but her destiny is not yet set making it so Chris's is not as yet set. I am sorry I wish I could tell you more, but I have said all I can."

Coop was resigned to the fact that this was all the information he was going to get. He was happy though. After all, if everything went right Chris would find his destined love at 17. He turned to the Angel and said, "Thank you. Thank you for everything." He then left her and went back to his bride and her family. He could at least give them the news that they didn't have to worry about Chris dying on his 23rd Birthday. He gave the news to his family. Through laughter, hugs and tears the sisters and their husbands felt truly Charmed.