Jason's Birthday Bash

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One day, upon learning of Rita Repulsa's escape from her space dumpster, the good wizard Zordon has his robot Alpha 5 teleport five teens to his command center. The five teens, Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini, were model citizens with very good grades, a knack for helping out and volunteering in the community, and a strong sense of loyalty.

Zordon explained to the group all about how Rita and her minions Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo had escaped and the dire threat to the Earth. He then went on to tell them that he had chosen them to defend the Earth and be heroes. They were reluctant at first but soon they had become the Mighy Morphin Power Rangers!

They were each given power coins and power morphers to morph into the Rangers when they each called out the name of the dinosaur from where they'd gotten their power. Zack's was the Mastodon, Kimberly's was the Pterodactyl, Billy's was the Triceratops, Trini's was the Saber-Toothed Tiger, and Jason's was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. When they did this, they were instantly transformed into their alter egos with sleek jumpsuits and helmets. They also had various weapons at their disposal including Blade Blasters the Power Blaster.

They also were given Dinozords to handle really big problems, like when Rita makes her monsters grow. The Dinozords were giant robots that they piloted into battle and joined together to for the Megazord.

When Tommy Oliver moved to town, Rita captured him and put him under her spell to make him evil and gave him the Green Ranger powers to which she had held for a long time. After a long and ferocious battle, Jason broke the spell and Tommy joined the Power Rangers. Tommy controlled the Dragonzord which rose up out the water when Tommy played the Dragon Dagger, to answer his call. It could also join with Triceratops, Saber-Toothed Tiger and Mastodon to form Dragonzord in fighting mode or with the Megazord to form MegaDragonzord. It could then join with Titanus, the Carrier Zord, to form the Ultrazord; a very powerful force indeed.

Together they battled numerous monsters and saved the planet countless times. They were the greatest heroes the Earth had ever seen.

Chapter 1

One beautiful day in Angel Grove, Kimberly and Trini were drinking juices at the juice bar in the Youth Center. Jason's birthday was in a couple of weeks and they were planning a surprise bash at the youth center. Tons of people were invited including dozens from school and various programs where he volunteered.

"So did Tommy ask you to go to the party with him?" Trini asked Kimberly.

"Yes! This is going to be so much fun!" Exclaimed Kimberly. "I can't wait!

"I know", Trini replied. "I heard Billy asked Marge to go with him and she said yes. "

"Morphinominal!" Kim shouted. Just then Zack walked in with a big grin on his face.

"Hey guys, guess what? Angela said she'd go to Jason's party with me!" He told them excitedly. "Man, this is going to be so much fun!"

"It will be the party of the century", Kim agreed. "What time will Billy's Science Club meeting be over?" She asked.

Trini checked her watch, "In another half an hour," she replied. "When is Jason and Tommy's karate tournament over?" They had been doing karate ever since they were really little and both were black belts.

"Should be anytime", Kim replied. "Hey, what's wrong Trini?" She asked her best friend, noticing that she looked a little sad.

"Nothing really, it's just that it seem that everyone has someone to go with except me."

"Cheer up, Trini, we still have two weeks. Someone will ask you", Zack told her.

"Yeah Zack's right", Kim added. And you always have us."

"I know, It's just that everyone is talking about their dates and I feel a little left out", She told them.

"Not everyone does. Bulk and Skull don't," Zack said.

"Yeah, who'd go with them anyway," Kim added.

"Someone who is out of their mind," Zack cracked and they all laughed.

"Still, I wish someone-"

"Shh, hissed Kim. Here comes Tommy and Jason!" They all looked to the doorway and sure enough, Tommy and Jason were walking in. Both were carrying trophies and grinning.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Called Tommy as they walked over to where the girls were sitting.

"Nothing much, replied Kim as Tommy sat down next to her. Jason took a seat next to Zack and gazed at Trini for a moment. She looked even more beautiful than normal, he thought.

Zack looked at the trophies the other boys were holding. "I take it you guys won?" he asked.

"Yeah, Jase took second and I took third," Tommy said. 'It was a really close competition."

"Congratulations!" The others replied and there were hive fives all around.

Then Zack suggested they get something to eat so they did just that while getting a complete recap of the tournament from Tommy and Jason. Billy walked in somewhere in the middle and there was more congratulations and Tommy and Jason had to begin again. Soon after the recap they all left the Youth Center agreeing to meet at Jason's locker before school the next morning.

Meanwhile in a palace high above the Earth on the Moon, Rita Repulsa was watching everything on her repulsascope. "So, there going to have a surprise party for the Red Ranger!" She sneered. "I think I'll give him a surprise of my own," she said, grinning evilly. "Finster! Get in here!" She yelled to her chief monster maker.

"Yes, Your Evilness?" Finster replied while hurrying into the throne room.

"Finster, I need a monster that will destroy the Red Ranger once and for all!" She cried. "I want no screw-ups this time Finster," she threatened him softly. "I want this to be Jason's ultimate birthday present."

"I have just the one, Your Evilness!" Finster said gleefully. "The Electrifier! One jolt of pure electricity will have Jason unconscious for days, thus you will be able to do what you want with him!"

"Yes! Make it immediately, Finster!" Rita cried excitedly.

"Yes Evil One. I will get started right away," Finster replied, bowing. He turned and headed for his lab to start making the Electrifier.

"Finally, the end of the Red Ranger as everyone knows him is at hand. It's so fitting that this will happen on his birthday!" Rita said softly to herself. "Say goodbye to the Jason you all know and love, rangers, because soon his destiny will be changed forever more!"