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Chapter 1- Wal-Mart…

I wake up to the most hideous sound in the world… it is my alarm clock blaring. I look at the alarm clocks green illuminating lights, and it is unfortunately 9:00 am. I got out of bed and the first thing I hear of course is my mother yelling.

"CLEAN YOUR DAMN ROOM…It is so disgusting I don't know how anyone can live like this?!"I answer how any son would answer. "Yes mom I know I will do it in a little while." After that little white lie I decided I needed a cigarette and a Monster energy drink, to wake me up before I dreadfully have to go to work. At this point I am just waking up looking like crap, my hair looking a mess, and to top that it is so cold I think my nuts are frozen. After my smoke I traveled up to the shower, to take the hottest shower I could stand. When I got out I realized I left my clothes downstairs in my bedroom. I headed back downstairs into my bedroom to see that my clothes where already on the bed. Then I realized my overly hyper sister Alice laid them out. "Thanks Alice" I said out loud as I get dressed. After I finish getting dressed Alice comes in.

"You're welcome it is the least I can do since moms yelling woke me up. Want to go out for a smoke?" she asked waiting impatiently. "I just had one but another wouldn't hurt." When Alice and I finished our cigarettes we realized it was about 9:30 am. "Alright Alice I am off to work in the wonderful cold. See you after 7pm. Peace." I started to walk to the garage when Alice corrected me.

"Actually see you after 9pm did you forget I start hairdressing today? You know at Academy DiCapelli." She said way too cheerfully. I walked into the garage disappointed with myself because I forgot that my twin sister was starting cosmetology school today. I climbed into my already warmed up 1995 Jeep Wrangler, but before I left the house I flipped through the cds I have and finally decide to listen to Breaking Benjamin. I arrived at Wal-Mart and light another cigarette as I walked to the entrance. (A/N: I cringe when Wal-Mart is brought into conversation.) When I am almost inside I remembered that my neon yellow vest was still in my car, so I went back to my car and grabbed it.

As I say to myself "I hate this thing it makes me feel pitiful." I make my way to the back of the store to clock in and notice they hired yet another cart pusher that had to work my shift. His name is Jasper and he doesn't seem like the type of person to be able to do the job let alone handle the cold. As I made my way out to do my job I told my managers I was there and they stopped me.

"Emmett we need you to train the new kid Jasper." Russell my manager said. I replied rather quickly.

"Tell him to find me I am not waiting around for the new kid." I walked away with a pissed off look on my face. All of a sudden I hear the new kid running in my direction, saying to hold on but I keep walking. He catches up with me and introduces himself. "Hi I'm Jasper, you must be Emmett." I don't answer him but he keeps pestering me anyway. Then I replied trying to shut him up. "Ok yes my fucking name is Emmett. You won't be here long so why don't you go push carts for an hour by yourself. Then come find me when you're done." Then Jaspers response mad me laugh on the inside. "Where are you going to be and what is with the attitude?" I turned and stared at him and he looked up at me.

"I'm pissed because you're probably the tenth guy I have seen that they have hired in the past month. Everyone they hired doesn't know how to work." Then Jasper being the smartass I could tell he was replied. "Well haven't you heard the saying don't judge a book by its cover?"

"No that is a new one I guess ill show you the ropes." I shrugged as I walked to the corrals. I started by grabbing a row of 70 carts. "Alright kid before I call you by your name and give you some respect lets see if you can handle this job."Well he ends up moving the row with no problem. "What did you say you name was again Jimmy or James or something like that??" I asked honestly not remembering. "No the name is Jasper but you were close." So we ended up cleaning the lot in half an hour, and then had no work to do. So I decided to walk around looking for carts while smoking a cigarette.

"Come on Jasper nothing else to do." Then Jasper asked a stupid question. "So do you like being a cart pusher?" I laughed and replied. "Fuck no I hate it here the only plus side is I can smoke a cigarette when I want to."Jasper said. "That is a good plus to this job…that is if I smoked." I looked at the time and noticed that we were bullshitting for an hour and a half. I turned to Jasper and said.

"Time for break man lets go."

"Where do we go?" Jasper asked innocently.

"Just follow me." I said and started on my way inside.

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