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Of Fathers

Chuck stared at the paper, his eyes flashing over the words, 'get to know his secrets' and 'more details'. He scowled and looked at it disgustingly. He seethed as he went over his conversation with Humphrey.

"Is it unimaginable for a son to just want to sit and talk with his father?"


"Father." An eight year old Chuck Bass greeted curtly.

"What is it Charles? I, as you can see, am busy." Bart icily replied. Chuck cringed, not at the harsh tone that his father used but at the godforsaken name that his parents had given him. Chuck then started to shift his weight between his left and right foot, for he hadn't planned on getting past his fathers' twenty-five year old secretary to sneak into his office.

"Charles if you didn't have a reason to come then I suggest you leave be-"

"I wanted to know if you wanted to play a round of squash." Chuck said, already knowing the answer.

"I am, as I have previously stated, quite busy. I don't know how you got the idea of me completely changing my schedule and canceling dozens of meetings to 'play a round of squash'." Bart sneered and pressed a button labeled 'secretary'. "My son has entered my office." He said icily, his penetrating glare boring a hole into the intercom.

End Flashback

"What was your father like?"

"Me. Only older and meaner."


Bart tightened his tie, scrutinizing his appearance and finally giving a grunt of approval. Chuck glanced at the mirror, straightened his shirt out, and smirked. Bart crossed his arms over his chest. He glanced to his left and did the same, smiling in triumph. They boarded their private jet; Bart strode in confidently and Chuck trailed behind, holding his head high and giving curt nods to the pilot and the many flight attendants as he walked past them. One of the attendants gave him a sweet smile and made a funny face; Chuck smiled happily but it fell once his father gave him a reprimanding look.

End Flashback

"He can [hate me] when his beloved wife died giving birth to me."


"Sir..." a tentative nurse murmured. She hesitated when he didn't respond but she stood her ground.

"Sir. It's been three hours. Your son is in stable condition. Surely you would like to see him." she said. Bart gave a snort but didn't move.

"Sir, your son is waiting. Ignoring him will not bring your wife back." she insisted, stepping closer to him and giving him a stern glare. Bart didn't make any gesture that he had even heard her.

"Sir. I'm sure that your wife wouldn't want you to ignore your son like th-"

"Do not speak of my wife." Bart said menacingly, facing the nurse and giving her a cold stare.

"Your son has been in stable condition for quite awhile now. His heart is beating normally and his breathing patterns are normal. You should see him." she persisted.

End Flashback

"Bart had to fly to Beijing on business but he sends his best."
"As he has done since kindergarten."


"Father, are you coming home in time for tomorrow?" Five year-old Charles Bass asked his father over the phone.
"No, son. I have important business in Tokyo, you want me to get this deal, right?"
"Yes, father. But-" he persisted.
"No buts, I'll be coming on Wednesday. Tell the nanny to take you outside and wait until the chauffer comes." Bart interrupted.
"Yes father." Chuck replied.

"I'm busy. I'll see you on Wednesday." Bart said, hanging up before Chuck could even say goodbye.

End Flashback

Chuck stared into the fire and clenched his fist over the manuscript and threw it into the flames, watching stoically as the paper started to burn at the edges. Dan Humphrey would pay.

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