Author's Note: This was my first fan-fiction, all criticisms welcome!


What has happened to the world?
Where did these fleshy ants come from?
Why have the oceans gotten so small?
Where is my mummy?

I was sleeping for so long
The days have turned to years
I thought I was safe here
Knowing my mother was with me

Then something crashed from the sky
And the ants began to make so much noise
I finally awoke to a fright
My mother was nowhere to be found

These ants were hovering around me
Freeing me from my bed of rocks and reefs
But they began to prod and poke me
And I didn't like that feeling

I wanted them to stop
To leave me alone
So I went to the surface
Roared to scare them off

Their little village made such a racket
And began to fire fireflies, stinging my skin
I had to make them stop
So I dragged their village to the sea

I am so scared, this world isn't real
Where is my mummy, why can't she protect me?

I've searched the oceans
Found no trace
Perhaps I may have better luck
Searching the dry world

This long object was in my way
And the ants looked similar to the ones at the village
Their faces rekindled the rage
And I knocked their boat over

Something large stood on this smaller island
Mother, was that you?
But it was green creature with a steel flame and dress
Angry, I swiped her head, her face so ugly and crying

I stood on dryer land
The bigger stretch of this island
It was huge and polluted
And the ants flickered massively here

I just want to find mummy
These ants better stay out of the way
But their screaming startles me so
I had to quiet them now

I stepped into something hot and smoky
A giant fire roared in front of me
It burned the little ants around the flame
And destroyed the monoliths they had created too

The flame was hot and scary
I forgot all about the head I carried
It flew from my hand across the monolithic island
As I fanned away the fire

I continued my search for mummy
Only to meet ants with hostility
These ants were covered in brown and green
And they brought with them their fireflies

Big ones and small ones zoomed at me
Stinging my skin like the ones before
I wanted them to stop, it pained me so much
I had to crush the ants and the mobile fire flingers

My stomach itched badly, but not from the fireflies
Little travelers from the deep hitched a ride with me
They poked at my skin and was draining my blood
A quick rub against a monolith eased the itch

I was rid of many of these bugs
Relieved that the painful itch was gone
They found a immediate taste for the ants below
Scampering for their meal and keeping the ants busy

I searched almost all the island, but mummy is not here
I want my mummy so much; I'm scared in this ant infested world

Morning seems to come
And with it come more pest
Black birds from the sky drop their eggs
And they explode in fire on top of me

The eggs hurt so much
But they cannot pierce my skin
But they don't seem to care
And continue their bombardment

More eggs drop, massive loads this time
I'm pinned to the earth, the pain too much to take
But I can still move, and their hostility is now too much
I leap from the smoke, dragging a nearby bird in revenge

I come across open land, finding I am hungry
But mommy isn't hear to feed me
I find an ant frozen beneath me, holding something small in its hand
Out of frustration and hungry; maybe this ant was tasty

More fiery eggs come again, but now there are more
And this time it surrounds the entire island
In a flash the fire and force knocks me off guard
And for a moment I give up, the pain too much

I want my mommy, where is she?
I so scared, this new world frightens me
Please mummy, protect me
I'm so scared, can't you hear my cry?

The flames are hot, the island is sinking
Rubble and water surrounds me
They've finally stopped, the eggs no longer dropping
When it's safe I'll leave hear and try the oceans again

I will never stop searching till I find you mummy
No matter how much the ants hurt me
Their fireflies and exploding eggs can't destroy us
And my roars will continue to sound

…until we are reunited, mummy.