Anko shifted uncomfortably, as she sat down at the bar, huffing impatiently as she called to the bartender for a drink.

That mission had been a disaster.

Right now, she needed a good drink...


( Hours Later)

"Drink up, guys!"Shouted the amber eyed jonin.

"Drinks are on me!"

A chorus of cheers went up from men and women alike.

A light red blush upon her face, indicating that she was MORE than drunk.

The woman beside her, a brunette shook her head, red eyes flashing in disdain, her long dark hair swaying back and forth from the motion

It was Kurenai, having arrived moments before.

Before her sat two bottles.

One was her sake, the other a medical elixir that she was delivering to the hospital.

But when she had seen Anko like this at the bar...

Well she figured a little side trip wouldn't hurt.

The genjutsu mistress sipped at her cup, scrunching her nose in distaste moments later.

It tasted absolutely foul. She set the cup down and looked to Anko.

"Hey, maybe your overdoing it a bit...

Her eyes widened as she felt someone's hand on her ass, and whirled about to slap said lecher-

Knocking the vial of medicine into Anko's cup.

Said jonin was completley oblivious to this, as she was completley hammered at the moment.

"Heeeey, this iz pretty good," said, after drinking a healthy amount.

She took another pull at it, and licked her lips...


(Later, apartment with Kurenai)

Kurenai poked her head in the door, having just returned from her errand.

And she looked worried, as she saw Anko, sitting on the bed, nursing a hangover headache.

The nurse had told her that the vial was empty.

And so she had come racing back here.

"Anko, you didn't DRINK that vial I had earlier, did you?"

The snake mistress groaned, a cup of hot coffee in her hands, as she sat at the kitchen table.

"What? No." She said, putting down her cup. Only then did Kurenai notice something strange about her freind, but she couldn't identify it...

She tried to recall the name of the vial, and after moments it came to her:

'Experimental youth potion...

Her eyes widened as she took a closer look at Anko.

And her crimson eyes widened as she saw a strange sight.

She was...

Getting younger?!

For indeed this was happening

Anko looked to be about eighteen now, her face having lost some of its former twenty-plus maturity. As Kurenai watched, she seemed to be de-aging more rapidly.

Her features became thinner, more youthful, and her chest began to recede.

Anko's full chest, which was displayed most prominently by her tight shirt, started to seem less impressive. She didn't immediately notice this, but unconsciously readjusted her bra.

"Stupid thing...

Whatever it was that was causing this transformation continued to take its toll; Anko's bust continued to shrink, her features became even softer, her legs and butt thinned, she became slowly shorter, and her hips surrendered their womanly proportions.

About when she reached the physical age of fifteen, she finally noticed something was wrong.

"Guh, I feel weird." she said, standing up. She was wearing a pair of low-riding, hip-hugging pants, and as a result of her decreased dimensions, they lost their hold on her and crumpled to the ground.

Kurenai was afforded a brief view of Anko's purple panties before she hiked her pants back up.

She looked down to see what had caused her pants to fall, and saw her diminished breasts. Letting her pants drop, she pulled her collar open and looked into her shirt.

Her eyes widened as she saw...


She was horrified to find her breasts, once plump globes, reduced to modest growths resting within the spacious confines of the bra they once filled.

Anko was shrinking rapidly, suffering from a reverse growth spurt. Her shirt billowed on her, slipping down to cover her flattening ass.

She was at a loss for words as her legs became thin and boring, her little breasts became even littler and melted into her chest, leaving her bra hanging uselessly on her small shoulders. The process stopped, leaving her an awkward, semi-tall thirteen-year-old, feebly looking up at Kurenai, whose mouth was open in a silent 0

Anko's voice, no longer low and sultry, but more high pitched, shrieked out into the night.