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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...you'd do well to remember that.


A Woman's Wrath...or not?

It ended in an instant.

Nnoitra Jirruga bloodstained corpse-pieces of it-littered the sands, scattered about in a macabre fashion of blood and bone. Only his severed head remained intact, its features twisted into a rictus of despair and fury. His scythes lay shattered. His body battered. His soul tattered.

Mitarshi Anko licked the last remnants of blood from her fingers, savoring ever drop. Her dark eyes sick with satisfaction. She smiled, a gorgeous white streak in the blackness and tilted her head back. She laughed; it was a deep, throaty sound, dark in its exultance.

"Damn, that felt good."

Naruto gawped, the last remnants of his mask crumbling from his visage.

"The fucking hell?"

Despite all that he had seen and done over the last thirty two chapters this left him speechless. How the hell had she done that! It was a complete cluster fuck! What the hell was the author thinking? There was no way an espada like Nnoitra could be so easily defeated? Right?

Anko sighed.

"Maybe I overdid it a bit," A grimace of self castigation. "Ah well, at least I killed the bastard." She turned, regarding her lover sensually. "Well now...now that I finally have a better body, Naruto, you like what you see?"

The hybrid managed a dumb nod.


She was about to say more when her body vanished in a plume of smoke. Her released form simply ceased to exist, vanishing in a comical poof. In its place a young Mitarashi Anko stood, her jaw slightly agape. She glanced at herself. To Naruto. Back to herself again. Her eyes grew large and wide with dismay; unable to believe, unable to think, nor to see or undersand what had just happened.

"Waaaah!" She cried, her voice rising in shock and surprise. "What the hell! I'm short again!"

Nel snickered.

Naruto wasn't of the same mind.

'Damn you Neonzangetsu!'

He bit back a sob.

"I guess it was too good to be true, after all...

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