(AN) I'm so glad everyone loved EoF! I'm really excited to start this story :-) It's probably going to be exuberantly long, though. Hope you enjoy it! The song lyrics in this preface are from the song Rooftops by Lostprophets.

Preface: Time's Up

When our time is up

When our lives are done

Will we say we've had our fun?

Will we make a mark this time?

Will we always say we tried?

Something was very wrong. I paused to try and figure out what. We'd had a plan, as far as I knew the plan was working. Echo was frozen, her eyes wide…frightened. What did she know that I didn't?

"Echo?" I asked as the fear began to seep into my bones. "Echo, what's wrong?"

"Eva." She whispered, her lips barely moving, deep in shock. It didn't make any sense, Eva was the safest of us all far away from battle, and with Paul to boot.

"What about Evie? Echo?" My voice raised an octave in panic. Echo didn't answer me. A tear fell from her eye, making its way down her smooth cheek. She quickly pulled me behind her, assuming a defensive posture.

Red eyes looked at the two of us venomously, but they skipped over me without much thought. The face, even full of hate, was the most beautiful in the world. I clutched Echo's arm tightly. "Do you feel it now?" Pandora asked my sister as she approached like a snake. "The numbness, the darkness, oblivion, the power…"

Something had gone very wrong. We were all about to die. Echo was shaking, but besides that neither of us moved. We were the calm in the middle of the storm of my family doing battle. I could hear my name, Echo's, shouted among them. Did they recognize the immediate danger we were in? Were they trying to save us? Pandora slithered closer. Echo didn't move. I wasn't sure she could. Pandora's hand stretched out, reaching for Echo's heart.

All the love I've met
I have no regrets
If it all ends now, I'm set

Suddenly, I grew and changed. I wasn't a thirteen year old girl anymore, in those two seconds, long enough for my uneven thumping heart to steady, I lived a lifetime. I could see my future if we lost this battle, if I lost Echo. Hadn't I always known that it would come down to the two of us? Even if I hadn't been warned, didn't it still make sense?

Instantly, I threw myself in front of Echo, my arms spread out protectively. Pandora's hand stopped centimeters from my own heart, held away by my shield, pulsing with my heartbeat. Pandora looked up at me. I knew she saw the change there too. I went from being nothing, no concern, to being a threat, someone worthy of a challenge.

"You're still a child." She snarled. My shield pulsed with the sudden rush of blood lust. This thing was trying to destroy everything I loved. I narrowed my eyes. A wolf howled in panic, and that was the last thought I had, before Pandora threw every ounce of power she had at my shield.

Standing on the rooftops
(Wait until the bombs drop)
This is all we got now
(Scream until your heart stops)
Never gonna regret
(Watching every sunset)
We'll listen to your heartbeat
(All the love that we found)

Scream your heart out