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Alice took Edward's hand and bounded away from me towards him, practically wiggling in excitement. Feisty little kitten! I gave her ass a good smack before she left me, making her squeak and glance around at me, winking. Oh yeah, I knew I was THE MAN!

'Hey Bella, do ya wanna try me on for size?' I winked at her as she was lying over Jasper's shoulders. 'I'm much bigger than these other two.'

'Bigger isn't always better, honey,' said my wife as she sauntered past me towards Jasper. 'Didn't Edward just prove that?'

'Hey!' I pouted. 'I can be just as awesome. Stupid mind-reading git.'

I looked up from my pout in time to see Bella and Rosalie exchange a passionate kiss. Hamana! These girls were so fucking hot! Bella was walking towards me, a predatory look in her eyes.

'I want to ride you, big boy,' she smirked. 'I want to be in control of when you cum.'

Bella pushed me down on my back onto the bed, grabbed Jasper's cowboy hat from one of the posts, and crawled on top of me. I swear my eyes crossed as her full breasts brushed against my hard-as-fuck cock. She climbed all the way up my body until her pussy was above my face.

'I want you to make me scream with just your tongue,' she commanded, and she lowered her pussy to my salivating mouth.

I was definitely up to the challenge! I blew hotly onto her lips, making her shudder, and a little of her juices dripped down her lips to hang tantalizingly in front of me. I flicked out my tongue and touched just the tip of it to that tiny droplet. It trickled down my tongue rushing past my tastebuds and driving me insane with its flavour. I needed more! Bella had shivered at the contact of my tongue. Now I attacked her in earnest, thrusting my tongue deep into her depths, sucking all the cum I could get from her. Hell, I wasn't a vampire for nothing! I could suck a bear dry in two minutes flat, and I was going to get as much juice as I could from Bella before she left my face. Bella herself was shaking and moaning above me. She fell forwards onto her hands and knees, presenting my mouth with a new plaything - her plump clit! I continued to pleasure her, sucking her clit into my mouth, biting down gently and rubbing it with my tongue by turns. Screams of pleasure were meeting my ears, and not just from Bella. I grinned into my treat, enjoying the sounds of Rosalie, Alice and Bella reaching their climaxes at the same time.

Exhausted from the massive high I had sent her on, Bella collapsed onto my face, her juices gushing down my chin. I couldn't let that go to waste! My hands grabbed Bella's waist and lifted her up higher so that I could have access to her pussy again. Heaven! I could eat this all day. Especially if I could alternate between all three girls. My eyes rolled back into my head as I thought of the banquet I was having today.

But Bella wasn't done with me yet. She tore herself from my grip and lowered herself down my body until she was hovering over my gigantic cock. I could still see her pussy, glistening with my saliva and her juices. And then she lowered herself onto me and I saw stars. Such beauty! She leaned down and kissed my lips, grinding her lower half against me over and over again, tasting herself on my tongue as we danced together. I didn't even remember that there were other people in the room as Bella milked me for all I was worth.

And then! I felt a hand on my balls! Who was that? Bella's hands were both in my hair, pulling with such fierceness - it felt so good! The hand was firm and strong and definitely masculine. Bella let out a gasp and threw back her head, and I could see over her shoulder. It was Edward! He was no longer with Alice.

I glanced over to see where she had disappeared to, and saw Jasper on his back, Rose riding his cock. Alice was on Jasper's face, opposite Rosalie, and they were making out for all they were worth, little mewling noises coming from their throats. I groaned. That was hot. I glanced back at Edward, and he winked at me.

'I think Bella is too cocky for her own good, don't you?' he asked me. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I played along and nodded. 'I think she can handle two cocks inside her.' My eyes widened. Was Edward hinting at what I thought he was hinting? Edward's smile got even bigger and he nodded at me. Bella's face was hovering over mine, a look of concentration on it, and I knew now why she had stopped kissing me earlier. Edward had started preparing her for his entrance.

Now, Edward pushed her down onto me and had stepped right up to the edge of the bed. 'Bella love, are you ready for me?' he asked her. Bella nodded her head and I held still while Edward pushed himself into her tight hole. I could feel every inch of him against me as he entered her. His cock filled one hole as mine filled the other. Edward didn't stop until his balls were pressed hard against mine. Holy SHIT! I had never been this close to another guy, but damn if it didn't feel SO fucking good!

Edward smirked over Bella's shoulder at me, then bent over her to give my lips a soft kiss. I don't think I'd ever been so shocked. I think my mouth fell open. And then Edward thrust his cock out, and back in. My eyes rolled into my head, I swear it! Bella gave a low moan of pleasure, and started to rock her own body back and forth, rubbing her hard peaks along my chest. I growled. This was almost too pleasurable to bear!

I started rocking my own hips in time with Edward and Bella, wanting more friction, wanting to feel Edward against me again. I could feel his cock sliding against my own, separated by only a thin layer of skin inside Bella. Fuck! I stretched my arms out, down towards where I was joined to two other people, and grabbed Edward's ass. He moaned appreciatively, and I quickened my pace and his, grinding our balls together as we filled Bella to the hilt. Bella was getting louder and louder, screaming 'FUCK' into my ear with each thrust inwards. I thought I was going to pass out when this was over - the tightness of having another cock inside the woman I was fucking making it so unbelievably tight - I could hardly stand it!

'Fuck it Edward! Make her cum with me!' I growled deep in my throat. I felt a surge of lust from Jasper's direction, and it pushed me over the edge, Bella milking my dick for as much cum as it could give, and Edward groaning above both of us. I could feel his cum pulsing through his cock, because we were pressed so tightly together.

I kissed Bella's temple, and Edward's lips, not having to move my head very much to reach either one. I could still feel Edward's balls against mine, and the thought almost made me hard again! I was pulsing weakly.

'Well, my dear! I guess we should go away more often, or should we stay for the next time our "children" get the urge to have an orgy?'

Fighting the weight of two people on top of me, I attempted to look at the doorway. I thought I knew that voice!

'Carlisle!' gasped Alice. 'Esme!'

Rosalie added, 'we would love for you to join in next time, sugar!' I knew that tone of her voice. It meant she was at her most seductive. And most satiated. I smiled proudly. Then I saw Esme as she entered the room running her hands through Alice's short hair and down Rosalie's back. They had collapsed sideways off of Jasper and were petting each other's hair, Jasper at their feet.

Carlisle's voice surprised me when he spoke. It came from behind Edward. 'Well, Esme darling. I would definitely like to try this position with you. Bella has been entered by BOTH men. She seems to have particularly enjoyed herself.'

Esme's delicate laugh pierced the air. 'Next time, I promise we shall give it a try.'

Cries of delight, although sounding a little tired, came from every one of us.

'I volunteer to participate in this position with you, Esme!' I said, and everyone laughed.

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