These are HEROES Ficlets that I wrote for various Kink Memes.

REQUESTED: Sylar/Claire - stillblonde!Claire, angry!sex, in a car, Claire tops

Sylar/Claire "She Couldn't Believe Her Luck"

I can't believe I'm this lucky... Claire thought as she held her newer taser in front of her and inched around the car. She'd thought for sure that since her first botched attempt at taking in someone for the Company she'd never get her chance at him. It was even harder now since her Dad was the bastards new partner.

"Lovely how things work out." She whispered as she watched Noah Bennet disappear into the building. Her father was getting sloppy and so was Sylar. Who left a maniac like him in the car while you investigated someone? Not only that, but Sylar looked like he was sleeping! He seemed so damned smug about his safety that he had time to nap in the open in a car.

Claire inched her right hand onto the door handle and paused. She took several deep breathes and then yanked on the mechanism while springing up and firing all at once. The backseat was empty. "What the hell-" She was cut off as the taser was ripped out of her hands and thrown to the side. She felt him behind her and so she spun around with her fists up ready for an attack. None came.

"What are you doing here Claire? Noah would be very upset if he knew." Claire glared at him. He seemed confident that the taser had been her only weapon, but she quickly twisted around him and kicked him squarely in the back, knocking him forward. His head his the door frame and then he crumpled into the backseat.

"You should never let your guard down, Sylar!" She spit his name as he turned over on the seat and whipped the blood off his forehead. His face held a look of disbelief and betrayal.

"Ow! Claire that hurt." He said with a touch of sarcasm. He was lying on his back on the seat as his facial expression melted into a smugness that made Claire grate her teeth together. "So Noah's little girl has come to take out the big bad wolf?" He asked as Claire's nails dug into her own palms.

In a flash she'd jumped onto his stomach and hammered punches at his face, chest, and neck. She was in a blind rage and she didn't care where her fists hit. Eventually blood appeared, but she didn't know if it was his or hers. She felt nothing but the rage. For the most part his hands and arms had covered his head, but since she didn't intend on stopping anytime soon, Sylar flailed his arms around trying to catch her wrists. "I. Don't. Want. To. Hurt. You!" He panted between fists and breaths. This enraged Claire even more.

"Why not? Why not? Why not? I. Don't. Feel. Anything!" She screamed and punctuated each word with her fists. Finally Sylar found her wrists and though her arms pumped up and down the blows were contained. Her vision was blurred as she realized she was crying and had she been able to see the expression on Sylar's face would only have made her scream more. Still trying to hurt him, but knowing it was futile, Claire barely heard something Sylar said before she felt a mouth on hers.

Caught off guard for only a second, the moment Sylar pulled back she rushed forward and latched onto his bottom lip, biting down hard. Another "Ow!" was wrought from hem as she let go, but he didn't back down as he crushed her mouth with his again. He was kissing her and she was trying to bite anything that came close to her teeth. She thought him completely stupid when he stuck his tongue in her mouth because she immediately bit down.

At that his hands released her wrists and she used her nails to scratch long bloody trails down his arms as his hands enveloped her face pushing her long blond hair back. She still had his tongue, but as far as she could tell he wasn't caring. Releasing it she sat back as he sat forward. She was confused at the look of ecstasy on his face. "You sick fu--" but her words were cut off as Sylar's mouth once again overtook her own. This time however she didn't have time to barrage his lips and tongue with bites because he was the one biting. He latched onto her bottom lip and she almost collapsed as a wash of pleasure flushed through her. The bite didn't hurt, no injury hurt, but where was the pleasure coming from?

Claire didn't care anymore as Sylar's mouth released her and she made a guttural frustrated sound. Her fingernails were back on his shoulders leaving their marks again and she was pleased to see his face contract in pain. She moved quickly then taking only seconds to remove the tank top he'd been wearing, never pausing to wonder just why he wasn't in a suit like her father had been. Chest bare Claire snarled an angry cry as her nails left pleasing bloody trails, which of course healed right after, but she wasn't looking at the wounds she was looking at his face. At first that grimace of pain and then the melting of features into a sated bliss that was intriguing and frustrating all at the same time.

Pausing gave Sylar time to recover and his big hands came up to rip her buttoned blouse to shreds. The buttons bouncing every-which way. Then without pausing to admire the view her bra had joined the shredded cloth. The wrenching the cloth against her skin laid open several gashes, but again no pain came. Surprised a bit at the turn of events, but feeling no less hatred at Sylar (whether for what he'd did to her or the fact that he was able to enjoy the feeling of pain when she could not, she didn't take the time to analyze it) she raked her nails down his arms again as he sat up completely. He paused only long enough for the initial wince from the pain, but the other facial expression was stolen from her as his head dipped down to her chest. She felt the wetness and then a weird sensation before she was floored with a mind-numbing blast of euphoria.

Her hands latched onto strands of his hair and pulled as she rode the pulsing bliss, whimpering when it began to subside. Only then was she aware that her arms were around Sylar's neck and she was clinging to him for dear life. The hatred was still there, still simmering and she smiled at that knowledge. "I asked," Sylar paused as her mind fuzzed around his words. They didn't seem to make sense. Had he asked her something before? Yes... Yes he had... She thought, but she couldn't remember what it had been. Sylar pulled his face away from her and looked into her eyes. Again that rush of hatred for him flared inside her heart and her eyes narrowed. He on the other hand smiled, "I asked you if you could feel that..." He said trailing off. The next moments felt like hours or weeks as she passed from numbness to ecstasy and then back again. Eventually she ended up riding him... Hard and using her nails and teeth to hurt him, but it only frustrated her more when his face passed faster and faster from pain to pleasure.

When she screamed in frustration because her last wounds she'd inflicted faded and he remained motionless while riding his own euphoria, his eyes snapped open and a devilish smile spread across his face. In the blink of an eye she was on her back and his mouth was everywhere. Dampness, cold from the air on the dampness, then that weird sensation of pressure and then she was screaming orgasmic-like as pleasure exploded through her mind. The point at which Claire passed out was when Sylar dipped his head between her legs and chuckled before biting very, very hard.