Hoshi no Kaabii


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Chapter 1: Meeting Call

It was a peaceful moonlit night in Dream Land, a first in weeks for its protector: Kirby. The pink Star Warrior was quietly gazing up at the star filled sky while sitting next to his best friend and big sister figure: Tiffany Fumu Ebrum. She's about twice Kirby's height, has pale yellow skin and long hair (which she keeps in an ornate ponytail held by purple and orange clasps), along with large and expressive green eyes. Her clothing consists of a one-piece outfit which is pink on the top and green on the bottom (separated by a zigzag) and rounded orange shoes.

"It's nice out tonight," Tiff sighed with relief, glancing over at Kirby, "I guess King DDD finally decided to give up on getting rid of you."

"Ha, you could say we bonded awhile back," Kirby laughed, memories of his exploration through Subspace with King DDD resurfacing, "Though he'd probably deny it if you asked him…"

Tiff smiled at him before returning her gaze to the stars and the bright, glowing full moon. She let out another sigh and shifted slightly in the grass while Kirby yawned, feeling his eyelids getting heavy.

"Ugh…" Kirby grunted as he gazed at his right 'hand.' He tilted his head in confusion when he noticed a faint glow on it, resembling a triangle upon closer inspection.

It looked oddly familiar.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

"W-what is," Kirby asked, confused before he followed Tiff's finger as she pointed to a glowing object in the sky and nodded in agreement, "Wow…what is that thing?"

"It's a shooting star, Kirby," she told him with a smile, "It kind of reminds me of when you first came to Dream Land…It was a bit awe inspiring, watching your ship light up the sky as if it were trying to take the sun's place."

She paused for a moment before clapping her hands together and grinning at Kirby, "Let's make a wish, Kirby."

Kirby nodded slightly and watched as Tiff closed her eyes. She seemed to be humming, but Kirby brushed it off as just being his imagination and stared up at the star. The young Star Warrior raised an eyebrow when he noticed that it was getting bigger and bigger.

Tiff clapped her hands and opened her eyes, immediately turning to look at the pink puffball. "So, what did you wish for," she asked her distracted friend.

Kirby continued to stare at the growing star.

"I hope that star doesn't hit us…" he absentmindedly answered the girl.

"Kirby, that's…" Tiff began, pausing when she noticed how big the star had gotten.

Their eyes widened as the star grew larger, causing the grass around them to pale under its unbearable light.

-In Hyrule Castle-

Zelda was silently brushing up on her Latin reading, occasionally glancing out a nearby window to watch Link and Marth's training sessions. She smiled slightly as the two men constantly parried each others' attacks with growing intensity.

"Stay sharp, Marth," Link grinned as he caught the blue haired swordsman off guard.

Marth quickly reacted, barely blocking Link's oncoming attack. "Don't worry about me, my fellow swordsman," Marth replied before pushing Link back, executing a series of graceful slashes that put the blonde swordsman on the defensive, "You should be more concerned with yourself!"

Marth's slashes became more aggressive, causing Link to lose his balance. Marth smirked as everything seemed to slow down around him and Link, the latter's eyes widening as he realized he was wide open, "Looks like I…?"

Marth felt a strange presence surge through the air, which caused him to scan the area and left him wide open as Link quickly recovered.


Marth left out a small "Huh?" and returned his attention to Link, pausing for a moment as he stared at the glistening weapon a few inches from his nose. He freaked out, resulting in him taking a reflexive step back that caused him to trip onto his back.

"See my point," Link laughed as he sheathed the Master Sword.

Marth let out a nervous chuckle and scratched his head, frowning when he heard a familiar laugh and clapping. He sighed and shot a glare at the red head approaching him and Link.

"Looks like you lose, Marth," Roy laughed as he helped his friend up, "You're usually more focused, what happened?"

"I felt this strange presence…"

"Huh, so I wasn't the only one?"

"That was just Pit," Link shrugged, yawning as he stretched, "He comes around here sometimes to gather some of the fruits Hyrule has, so you'll get used to…"


As if on cue, the angelic general of Palutena's Centurion Army, Pit, made his presence known as he ran towards the group of swordsmen. His appearance raised concern among the swordsmen, as he seemed panicked and tired.

"What's wrong, Pit," Link asked the exhausted angel.

"Goddess Palutena has requested that I gather several of my comrades to attend a meeting of grave importance to the safety of Overworld," Pit quickly explained.

"Overworld," Roy questioned, cocking an eyebrow, "Is that like angel-speak for 'Heaven'?"

"Actually, Overworld is the realm all mortals, whether from different planets or otherwise, reside in," Pit explained.

"Do you know the details of this meeting, such as what the threat might be," Marth asked.

"Perhaps the meeting may center on Master Hand…" Pit guessed, receiving shocked looks from his peers.

"Are you sure," Marth questioned the young angel.

"No, it's just a guess…But, please, consider coming..."

"Of course we'll come, Pit," Link assured him, placing a hand on the angel's shoulder, "We should go get Zelda and then we'll go round up the others."

"Thank you, Link," Pit nodded, smiling as Link led the group into Hyrule Castle.

Its interior looked like what most castles' would look like, with its fine silk curtains for every window, beautiful furniture for hallways and rooms, paintings hanging from the walls, and well crafted statues.

One statue in particular caught Pit's eye: it consisted of three triangles forming a single one and creating a triangle shaped hole in the middle. Though it was simple in design, the statue represented one of the greatest legends in Hyrule and perhaps even farther.

"Link, is this statue an accurate depiction of what the Tri-Force looks like," Pit asked his blond haired friend, receiving a nod from the Hylian as he opened the door leading into the castle's library.

Link raised his right hand to show Pit a triangle giving off a golden glow on its back, "The Tri-Force, like its name suggests, is made of three parts. I have the Tri-Force of Courage, Zelda has the Tri-Force of Wisdom and Ganondorf has the Tri-Force of Power."

"Which is highly unfortunate," Zelda added as Link's group approached her. She let out a small sigh and placed the book she was reading onto a nearby stand, "Hello, Pit, what brings you here today?"

-Aboard the Great Fox-

Fox was silently pacing around the bridge of his grand ship while Slippy and Falco argued over how to fix a stereo. He attempted to ignore their argument but, after dealing with over an hour of complaining and whining and asking him to choose sides, he was finding it hard to remain patient with his twp friends.

"I'm the ship's mechanic, Falco," Slippy argued as he twisted a few bolts here and there, causing Falco to scoff loudly at him.

"I can fix this stupid thing myself," Falco replied, attempting to swipe the stereo from the expert mechanic, but to no avail as Slippy was quite strong despite his looks.

"I'm more qualified!"

"As if, Slipper!"

They both continued their tug-of-war, resulting in the stereo being tossed across the room. Fox paused for a moment and glanced over his shoulder before the stereo nailed him in the spine, causing him to topple over.

A long silence ensued as Krystal and Peppy stared at Falco and Slippy, who in turn stared at their fallen commander. Krystal let out a long 'oooohhhh you're gonna get it now' whistle and looked away from the two, as did Peppy.

"Falco…Slippy…" Fox began in a frighteningly calm tone.

"Y-yes, Fox?"

"Why is this stereo on my back?"

"Uhhh, relaxation techniques…You looked a little tense and everyone knows how relaxing being nailed in the back by a stereo is, so we, uh, just thought you might wanna relax or something like that…" Falco nervously laughed, as did Slippy.

"Oh…Why don't I show you guys how much I appreciate your help," Fox growled as he began to get up while the stereo slid off his back and made a soft thud as it hit the bridge's floor. Falco and Slippy backed up as Fox calmly picked up the fallen stereo and smiled menacingly at them.

"Fox, put the stereo down," Falco commanded, but to no avail as Fox slowly progressed towards his two friends, "Hey, Krystal…Do something about Fox…"

The blue vixen merely shook her head as she watched Falco and Slippy cower in the presence of their commander.

"Beep! Beep! Beep," echoed throughout the room, causing Fox to stop his advancement and glance over at Peppy. His father's long time friend looked down at his computer screen and squinted at the blinking message on it.

"Incoming signal on the Hyrule communication link," Peppy stated, "Should I patch 'em through, Fox?"

Fox nodded, sighing as he dropped the stereo and turned to the bridge's view screen. "Nice to see you again, Link," he grinned as the aforementioned man appeared on the screen.

"Nice to see you too, Fox. I was wondering if you'd attend a meeting Goddess Palutena is holding."


"About…well…I'm not really sure, but Pit says it's a matter of grave importance to Overworld," Link replied, receiving a blank stare from the commander, "…As in, our realm of existence…"

"Oh, right…Well, do you have any guesses about what exactly might have sparked this meeting call?"

"Well, we think it may have something to do with Master Hand making a comeback," Roy interrupted, causing Fox to raise an eyebrow. He could have sworn that Master Hand had perished at Taboo's hands.

"Are you sure," he questioned Link, who had regained control of the view screen.

"It's just a guess, Fox," Link answered, "We won't know what's really going on until we speak to Palutena."

Fox paused for a moment, shifting his attention back and forth between Link and the black vacuum that is Space.

"I'll attend this meeting. We'll set a course for Hyrule imme-"

The ship's lights began to flicker as a wave of static interference over swept the ship, causing the comm. link to fail and other electronics to scramble.

"ROB, what's going on," Peppy questioned the robot.

"It seems as though static interference has swept through the ship, causing various malfunctions."

"Oh really, thanks ROB," Peppy sighed, "But would you mind telling me what is causing the interference?"

ROB paused for the moment as his built in scanners searched for whatever source was to blame, before pointing out the window at a sandy colored planet, "It seems the interference is being caused by a strange, violent surge of energy coming from that nearby planet."

"I have also detected Team Star Wolf in the planet's vicinity," ROB added.

"Ugh…pardon my stereotyping, but whatever Wolf and his cronies are after is now our top priority. Anything able to produce effects like that can't be allowed into Wolf's hands," Fox mumbled as he, Slippy, and Falco headed to their Arwings, "That meeting will have to wait…"

-Hyrule Castle-

The group stared at the scrambled view screen. Link frowned and smacked the computer in front of him a few times before turning it off.

"Do you think they're all right, Link," Zelda asked the swordsman.

"Fox can handle himself, so they'll be fi-"

"Pit…" a voice echoed throughout the room, causing the group to set their sights on the brown haired angel. He slowly extended his hand and produced a glowing orb of light.

"Yes, my Goddess? I have been attempting to bring together my comrades for the meeting you have-"

"There is no time for that, child of Icarus," she politely interrupted, "Please bring those with you at the moment to Skyworld."

A beam of light appeared outside the window and into the training grounds, "Please hurry, young one…Their attack has already begun…"

The orb slowly faded away, leaving the group to ponder who 'they' are.


Beautiful couldn't even begin to describe Skyworld, with its grand architecture resembling those of Greece and Rome and beautiful fountains of clear blue water. Walking Skyworld's beautifully paved streets were angels of various shapes and sizes, clad in various robes.

"Wow…" Zelda mumbled as she began to wander away, stunned by the beauty surrounding her, until Pit gently grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Everyone, I must ask that you stay close to me, so as to not get lo-"

"Hey, where's Link," Roy questioned, interrupting Pit. The angel paused, counted his friends, then recounted them before letting out a small sigh as he scanned the immediate area.

Link was missing.

"How, except by the will of my Goddess, could he have wandered so far away already?"


Link was slowly wandering around Skyworld in an attempt to find his group, receiving glances from many of Skyworld's inhabitants. As he moved further down the street he was on, Link noticed that the buildings surrounding him were different and there were fewer angels.

"Halt," someone commanded Link. The swordsman turned to see another angel, but this one was clad in gray armor and loomed over the swordsman in an authoritative manner. She also didn't seem happy to see Link, judging by the frown on her face and the fact that her hand was on the hilt of her long sword.

"I'm going to have to ask you for your license and registration, sir."

"What seems to be the problem, officer," Link asked, laughing nervously, "I wasn't jaywalking, was I?"

"No, but you are trespassing in a foreign realm," the officer answered, not amused by Link's humor as she slowly unsheathed her sword, "And I am authorized to use lethal force if necessary."

"Okay, okay…" Link said, digging around in his pocket, "Does a fishing license count?"

The woman frowned as Link showed her the license, "Oh, so you're a comedian? Well, I have a joke for you: you're going to come with me, either of your own free will or not, and then I'm going to jettison you out of Skyworld should you have no legitimate reason for being here."

"But…" Link stammered, watching as a pair of handcuffs appeared in the woman's hands.

"You may remain silent, if you wish, and anything you do choose to say can be used against you, in a trial or otherwise…Hmm?"


The woman and aforementioned man turned their attention to the blue-haired swordsman running towards them followed by Zelda and Roy. "Where have you been," Zelda panted as she glared at Link, "We and Pit have been looking all over for you."

"P-Pit, as in the General Commander Pit," the woman stammered, looking at Link, "You know the Commander?"

"Yes, he does."

The woman immediately bowed when Pit made his presence known, something that embarrassed the young commander, "Commander Pit, you know this young man?"

"Yes, I brought him here," Pit nodded, laughing in an embarrassed manner as he scratched the back of his head, "I'm sorry if you were inconvenienced by it."

"No, not at all, sir, and I'm sorry to have distracted you, sir," the officer apologized to Link before she left.

"Thanks, Pit," Link said, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, "I kinda got lost looking for wherever the meeting is…Speaking of which, where is the meeting supposed to be?"

"That's the ironic thing…" Pit said as he walked past Link, opening a giant temple door. He led the group into a circular room with a white stone altar in the middle of it. At the end of the room was a large throne, in which sat the Goddess of Light, Palutena.

Pit bowed graciously in her presence, prompting the others to do so as well. "My Goddess, I have brought four of my comrades to the attendance of this meeting," Pit humbly began, "Now, may I ask what matter is so urgent as to make a meeting such as this necessary?"

Palutena smiled at her soldier's curiosity.

"The revival of Master Hand…"


Notes: "The electrical interference doesn't affect ROB because he's one of the most technologically advanced things on the Great Fox."