Rated "T" for safety.

Firstly, this is a novelization of the first Kingdom Hearts-WAIT! This does not mean this story is entirely old-hat to you. There's quite a bit of new, touched up, cool stuff in these pages that you might enjoy. Kingdom Hearts, the game, was a wonderful, beautiful, amazing story-but directly copy and pasted, it wouldn't make a good book. Therefore, here, I have attempted to adjust the story somewhat: adding some there, removing some here, cleaning some up way over there.
This is Kingdom Hearts I, but it's more than a game.

Secondly, I originally wrote this work in 2008 as a spare-time hobby. By now, in 2016, I have gotten through much of Kingdom Hearts II and have decided to return to this story and update the grammar, writing and style in small ways. Hopefully it is a more readable project now!

Thirdly, and continuing this point, much of the content I have added reflects the fact that this work is the first part in a 4-or-so part series which I envisioned back in 2008. Thus, additions and retractions have also been made for the goal of fitting it within a new continuity—one that imagines a whole different world. This was all envisioned with onlh KH1, KH2 and CoM in mind, and therefore does not reflect anything of Birth By Sleep or any other following game, excepting what we knew back in 2008 from the 'Birth by Sleep' teaser video at the end of KH2.

With that out of the way, welcome! Pease, have a seat, grab a cup of your preferred drink and enjoy this wonderful story that I can only humbly reinterpret. I'm hope it is enjoyable and, perhaps, brightens your day. I hope you enjoy this adventure with me!

Chapter I: Destati-A Dive to Heart
I've been having these weird thoughts lately.
Like is any of this for real?
Or not?

A young boy floated through darkness, his body weightless, his heart bright.

Slowly, but rapidly gaining speed, this boy sunk through dark, murky water, yet, he could breath. Suddenly, though, the water faded and his cerulean eyes opened, at which point he found himself on a beach. The sun blazed down, forcing him to squint to see another boy standing knee-deep in the clear, bright blue water in front of him.

This boy, silver hair glinting in the sun, had his back turned toward the bright boy and seemed to be watching a giant wave form further out in the ocean. As the wave approached, he turned calmly toward the bright hearted boy and reached out his black-gloved hand. His turquoise eyes, occasionally blocked by silver bangs, met those of the bright boy. He seemed to be inviting him out into the ocean.

The bright boy stepped forward and felt his foot touch the water. The urge to run out and meet the other boy surged through his heart and pushed him forward. Behind him, the wave crested ever higher, yet the boy's arm was still stretched out, unmoved. He showed no sign of recognizing the wave behind him. The bright boy sprinted through the water with all his might, trying to reach him before the wave did. Just as he reached him, however, the wave crashed down, sending the bright boy flying back, head-over-heels.

When he came out of his tumble, he found himself buried underwater. The other boy floated a few feet away, arm outstretched, completely unperturbed. The bright boy flailed through the water, trying to reach the other boy, but a strong current flowed past his friend and shoved him mercilessly backwards. He attempted to fight it, but the current was too strong.

The bright boy soon felt himself moving upward, surprised at the depths to which he had been tossed, and soon broke the surface of the water. Instead of its former blaze, the sun was setting behind him, painting the clouds with rays of red and pink. He heard a voice call to him from the shore and he looked over to see a young girl about his age waving to him. The girl's auburn hair bounced as she waved to get his attention, her dark blue eyes communicating relief.

The bright boy waved back and trudged to shore. When his feet hit sand, he had to lean on his knees to catch his breath. Oddly, he was tired. The girl giggled at his being out of breath in such short a time. Suddenly, something above him caught her attention and her jaw dropped. He straightened and looked up. Meteors were falling. He wondered what she had found so shocking about it, until he noticed that one of the falling objects was definitely not a meteor. Looking back at the girl for direction, the bright boy saw she had her mouth covered in shock. He turned back and looked closer. Whatever it was it was coming toward them-

It was him. Himself.

The bright boy couldn't say anything; he could only stare. What does one think when you see yourself falling from the sky?

It was at this moment that he lost all sensation of the ground beneath him and felt himself begin to fall. The girl looked away from the meteor shower and stepped back in surprise as he began to flail. She reached out a hand to grab him, but by then it was too late. He was falling through the ground and into the sky. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed was the girl looking down after him, then she disappeared in a ripple; like someone had thrown a stone into the water of the sky.

The bright boy felt the sensation of wind rushing past him, and his body passing through dark water again. He hadn't felt when he entered the water, there had been no transition from the air to the liquid. He felt his body righting itself as his feet touched down on something. His eyes snapped open and he found he was standing atop a huge, circular green stain-glass mural. There appeared to be a woman portrayed in the center of the glass. The bright boy looked around for something, for anything, but there was nothing but darkness on all sides.

Suddenly, a voice spoke.

"So much to do...so little time..."

He spun around, looking for the source of the voice. It was deep, yet it was light. It was hearty and yet soft. It was kind, yet hard. It was ground-shaking, yet it was as quiet as the whisper on a late summer's evening.

"Take your time, don't be afraid," the voice from nothing continued.

What was he doing here? Where was this voice coming from?

"The Door is still shut"

What? What door?

A light began to shine from above and he walked out into its clarity.

"A power sleeps within you."

Within...him? What was happe-

Before his thought could be finished, the green stain-glass crumbled below him and he fell and fell and fell.

He could have fallen for hours or it could've just been minutes. But the boy finally crashed into another stain-glass platform, this one with a purple-blue hue and different woman shown in the middle.

"There will be times when you have to fight." the voice spoke.

Him? Fight what?

"You must keep your light burning strong"

No sooner had the voice finished speaking than shadows began appearing on the purple glass, writhing and moving two dimensional forms.

The shadows began to grow, and as the bright boy looked on in surprise and horror, they took on three dimensions as small beings with bright, glowing yellow eyes atop a short body. Their heads jerked around every few seconds, like an animal that could sense something particularly delicious. Its long claws and twisted feet twitched and snatched out toward the empty air.

He had closed his eyes and braced himself for an attack when he felt something heavy materialize in his hands. He blinked open his eyes to find that he now had a sword in his hand. He held it up firmly and slashed at one of the shadows, which had leapt at him. It disappeared in a puff of black smoke. The rest of the beings faded back into the ground as well, unprepared for prey with a weapon.

He didn't have long to revel in his "victory", though, because the blue on the floor slowly was turning to darkness and the darkness was sucking him in. He began to struggle against it, as if he was drowning, but it seemed to be choking him. Could someone drown in darkness?

But as soon as the sensation had started, it ceased, and he found himself laying on another platform. A red-pink shade was displayed on this one and yet another woman in the center. His light hand told him that the sword was gone and a twinge of fear brushed him.

Across the platform, a white colored door appeared, about twice the height of the bright boy.

He made his way warily over to it, and upon opening it, found himself bathed in blinding-white light.

The Voice returned.

"The day you will open the door is both far off and very near."

He found himself walking onto a red and yellow platform, with thorns etched into the stain glass. Yet another woman was portrayed in the middle of it. Mere moments after entering, more Shadows appeared.

His eyes widened, wondering why they were back. He took a ready stance that he had learned from-

Oddly enough, he did not remember who.

Who was he again?

The sword reappeared without any call.

The shadows charged at him and he charged to meet them. A few hacks and slashes later, all the shadows had dissipated back into black smoke.

He turned to find a staircase of multicolored stain-glass that had not been there before. He followed its direction with his eyes and found that it led to another platform higher up. A yellow one this time. Curious, he began to climb.

Upon reaching the yellow platform, the voice returned.

"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes."

The bright boy looked behind him and found, just as the voice had said, his shadow had grown longer.

Very normal when someone is standing close to light, right?

But then his shadow began to grow, and stand up; taking physical form. This shocked him, who knew that this definitely was not normal behavior for one's shadow.

The voice, seeming to sense his worry, continued.

"But don't be afraid."

The bright boy stumbled back, and the shadow continued to grow taller and change.

"And don't forget..."

He finally broke and turned to run, but found that the platform wasn't nearly as big as he'd thought, as he only just caught himself before tumbling over into nothingness. The shadow was now at least ten times his size. It had glowing yellow eyes, and long black tentacles where hair should've been. But, by far, the most prominent feature on this behemoth was a huge heart-shaped hole right through the center of its torso.

The bright boy expected the voice to continue, to give him some sage advice or to tell him how to proceed, or to at least to finish telling him what not to forget, but the voice remained silent. The shadowy monster lifted its fist and brought it down toward the boy.

Now knowing he was on his own, he dove to his left to escape. Just when he thought he had escaped the falling fist, an aftershock from the impact shook the ground beneath him and threw him off his feet. When he got back to his feet, he saw that the same sword from earlier had found its way to his hand.

Given a bit of new courage by the sword, the boy charged through the puddle of darkness about the hand and began to slash at it.

The monster, reacting not at all to his assaults, leaned away. Wary, the bright boy stood back and watched. A swirling black and purple light began to shine from the heart-shaped hole in the monster's abdomen, and while he tried to figure out what this meant, large comets of black and purple energy flew forth from the swirling light, bee-lining it straight for him.

The bright boy's eyes widened and he began to dodge the lights, back and forth, knowing that it would not be a good time for him if they made contact. In his side vision, he noticed that the monster's hand was close enough to the ground to try and assault. Maybe he could-

He screamed as one of the projectiles took advantage of his distraction and slammed into his back. He felt sheer cold spread down his spine, and from there to the rest of his body.

Maybe he should just focus on dodging the flying darkness lasers...

The monster again brought its fist high into the air and again down toward him. He dodged out of the way just in time and when the shadow beast's fist struck the ground, the bright boy made a jump toward the hand and brought the sword down heavily upon its pillar-like wrist. The giant howled in pain as its hand separated from its body in a puff of smoke. It swung the stubbed arm into the bright boy, sending him tumbling away. The sword disappeared from the boy's hand.

Well this wasn't good.

"-But don't be afraid."

The Voice.

The monster reared up for a final strike, darkness oozing from it like blood.

"You hold the mightiest weapon of all"

A vortex of darkness appeared below him, and he slipped down into it. He struggled to pull himself out of, to no avail.

"So don't forget:"

The monster's swing came down just as the bright boy's vision was covered by darkness. He saw nothing more. No monster, no swords, no platforms and no shadows.

Just restful darkness.

"You are the one who will open the door."

Welcome to the Beginning.
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts.

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(In addition, if this chapter seemed disjointed and oddly written, fear not. It was meant to be like that)