A/N: Here's my newest attempt at a story. It's based around vampires so I'm hoping I'll do better with this than a few of my other ones.

This does not follow any of the books really. Sirius isn't dead and neither is Dumbledore or anyone else that I like…


Disclaimer: I wish I owned this but then it'd be centered around vampires instead of magic…


I sighed in disappointment as I stared at the silhouetted castle in the distance. Harry and Ron pulled my arm and boarded the train, calling for me to hurry up. Just as I stepped foot on the Hogwarts Express calls of, "Miss Granger!" caught my attention and I turned around. Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape were rushing down the path to the boarding platform.

"Miss Granger," the head of Gryffindor House panted as she reached me, "you must come with us."

With my mind flying through reasons that I'd be pulled from the train I followed my two professors up to the Headmaster's Office.

"Is something wrong Headmaster?" I asked as I saw that the usual twinkle in his blue eyes was absent.

Professor Dumbledore sighed and leaned in towards me. "Hermione, we have come across some most unfortunate news. It seems as if the Death Eaters have taken to randomly killing Muggle families and-" My ears buzzed, blocking out his following words. I didn't want to hear whatever he had to say next.

Eventually I returned to my senses and whirled on Professor Snape. "This is all your fault!" I screamed at the man. "How could you let this happen to them? You're supposed to be on our side!"

The Potion's Master caught me by the wrists as I started swinging at him. "Believe me Miss Granger, I had no idea that this was going to happen or I would have done everything possible to keep them safe."

"Why do you even care?" My mind was beyond logic and all I needed was a way to vent my anger and depression.

"Because I am indebted to the Grangers." The dark man said softly. "Not long before you were born they took my wife in their protection while she was sick. Not long after you born she died in their care."

"That gives you every right to go after them." I argued.

"That gives me even more right to keep them safe seeing as they were taking care of my daughter for me. Raising her to be a respectable young lady while I remained in the Dark Lord's service."

I stared up at him blankly while his statement sunk in. As my mind processed it I turned to the Headmaster and he nodded. "But that means I'm a…" I trailed off and looked up at my 'father'.

"A Snape." He finished for me and I nodded. "I wasn't going to tell you until it was closer to your sixteenth birthday but as the Grangers died I'm taking you to live with me."

All the shocking new information stored in my brain became too much and I fainted on the spot.


A/n: I know it's short but it's just leading up to the story. Any guesses on what the importance of her seventeenth birthday is?

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