Welcome to my 02 drabbles.
A drabble is one hundred words, no more, no less.
The first six drabbles are personality profiles.
The rest will become random.
How random, you ask?
Oh well, you'll see.
Members of the forum know what the titles are.
They know what to expect, and it's quite scary.
What I can tell you is that most pairings and every emotion possible are written.
That's right, every one.
Well, enjoy the 02 drabbles.
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Oh, look, this intro is also one hundred words!

Disclaimer: For this and all future chapters, I do not own Digimon.

- jasmine!

Courage? Ha.

I don't deserve these goggles, that title.
He does.

He always does the fighting, the work.
What am I, a spectator or something?

I wish I could take his place in a few of those battles.
It's not for the glory, it's for him, it's always been for him.

I wish I could protect him like he could for me.
I want to be the best friend possible for him.

Friendship, my other crest.

Maybe if I brought the friendship half – if he brought the courage half – just maybe, we could create something greater.

We could create miracles.